The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 524

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Chapter 524: Dark Horse!

Sitting on the back of a flying demon beast, looking down from above, one could behold an array of magnificent peaks, each with its unique and diverse posture.

"Here it is, Spirit Sword Peak ahead!"

Zhang Qing spoke, and his gaze and expression instantly became somewhat nervous.

Today, they were not here merely to watch the confrontation, but to actively participate in it.

Following the gaze of Zhang Qing and the others, Su Yi's eyes also turned towards the front.

Amongst the cluster of peaks, a towering mountain stood abruptly, as if it had been cleaved in half, seamlessly connected to the surrounding range, creating a vast open plaza.

In the distance, several mountain peaks were partially engulfed and veiled by clouds and mist, leaving only their summits exposed. When viewed from afar, it resembled an ethereal realm.

"Boom boom..."

On one side of that enormous plaza, there were two colossal mountains. Amidst the lush greenery of the two mountains, a magnificent waterfall gushed through.

A colossal stone sword, towering tens of Zhang high, juts out from the rushing waterfall, resembling a thundering stampede of mythical beasts descending from the clouds. It crashes directly onto the massive stone sword, creating layers of colossal waves, akin to tens of thousands of untamed stallions galloping recklessly, causing towering crests to soar several Zhang high on the colossal stone sword.

The surroundings are splashed with water, unfolding like tens of thousands of pure white pear blossoms, truly a breathtaking sight!


The Fierce Wind Golden Eagle soars and circles around the edges of Spirit Sword Peak, while senior disciples of the Divine Sword School maintain order. Demon beasts as mounts are not allowed to approach.

After Su Yi, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and others descended from the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle, it flapped its wings and circled before departing, eventually landing on a nearby mountaintop.

On the densely-packed towering trees atop that mountaintop, numerous demon beast mounts are currently perched and lurking.

"It is Su Yi!"

"It is Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and other outer disciples from the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. This time, they have acquired the Sword-patterned Stones, making it within the top twenty rankings!"

"It's them, the outer disciples have unexpectedly obtained so many Sword-patterned Stones and have entered the top sixty-eight!"

"They, like Su Yi, are all disciples of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. Su Yi and that Situ Muyang seized so many Sword-patterned Stones and distributed them among them."

As Su Yi, Xu Jiahui, and others appeared, the surroundings were immediately filled with numerous intricate gazes.

Some individuals were engaged in discreet discussions, and with Su Yi's current reputation, the moment she emerged, she effortlessly became the center of attention.

"Is he Su Yi? He seems quite young, yet remarkably handsome."

Among the crowd, there were numerous female disciples whispering and giggling with lowered heads.

Many people had long seen Su Yi, but only from a distance, never up close. As they gazed upon Su Yi in this moment, it immediately captivated the attention of many graceful female disciples.

In this world where strength reigns supreme, coupled with Su Yi's handsome appearance, naturally, he possesses an irresistible charm to many of the opposite sex.

A young lad of tender age, possessing a graceful figure and an unlimited future, the allure he holds for these blossoming female disciples is beyond imagination.

Sensing the gaze of those around him with acute soulful power, Su Yi, however, didn't pay much heed. Instead, he immediately surveyed his surroundings.

The vast square, exceeding imagination in its size, could probably accommodate over a hundred thousand people. The atmospheric fluctuations in its surroundings indicated the presence of restrictive enchantments.

From Su Yi's perspective, he could only see a portion of the square.

In the center of the square, there is an open space that has been cordoned off, where disciples clad in armor stand in orderly fashion to maintain order.

These armored disciples of the Divine Sword School exude a formidable and solemn aura, indicating that each of them has undergone genuine baptism in blood. Their presence alone evokes an inexplicable sense of trepidation.

Within this spacious area, there are already dozens of disciples present at this moment. They stand tall and straight, emanating an extraordinary presence, with their eyes slightly closed.

On the square, there is initially a raised platform, adorned with numerous seats, laid out with fresh fruits and precious elixirs. These provisions are undoubtedly intended for the elders who have gathered here in person today.

At this moment, with the sun climbing high in the sky, there are already numerous disciples who have arrived at Spirit Sword Peak. The densely packed figures amount to no fewer than forty to fifty thousand.

The bustling and clamorous sounds, fueled by discussions about today's final showdown, gather together into a resounding wave that pierces the sky.

In such an atmosphere, the blood within Su Yi's body couldn't help but boil even more.

Surrounded by mountains, the plaza of Spirit Sword Peak is ancient and weathered, with the entire expanse covered in a floor of massive stones, intricately adorned with mysterious patterns.

However, at this moment, the lineup of tens of thousands of people drowns out the ancient tranquility, filling the air with a lively clamor that brims with various passions and expectations.

"Today's true pinnacle duel is undoubtedly a clash of the top ten rankings in the Sword Tower!"

There are disciples who are eagerly anticipating the real showdown, which will feature disciples from the top ten rankings of the Sword Tower, providing a great opportunity to broaden their horizons today.

"Don't forget, there are also some dark horses emerging, such as Su Yi, Situ Muyang, and Mu Yao. The Sword-patterned Stones they obtained are among the top three!"

A disciple spoke up, stating that based on the ranking of the quantity of Sword-patterned Stones this time, there have been quite a few dark horses emerging.

Among them, Su Yi, Situ Muyang, and Mu Yao emerged out of nowhere, making a stunning debut!

"The representation of Sword-patterned Stones is not exhaustive. While obtaining a large number of Sword-patterned Stones does indeed reflect strength, it cannot completely encompass it. Otherwise, this pinnacle duel would be unnecessary, and the ranking in the Sword Tower could simply be based on the quantity of Sword-patterned Stones!" A disciple made a fair comparison, stating that the quantity of Sword-patterned Stones obtained within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords does, to a certain extent, represent strength, but there are various factors involved, which prevent drawing absolute conclusions.

"I heard that Senior Liu Yunchuan only managed to secure a spot within the top sixty-eight with the Sword-patterned Stones he obtained this time, so the quantity of Sword-patterned Stones cannot truly represent one's actual strength!"

A disciple attested that Liu Yunchuan, who is currently ranked first in the Sword Tower, only managed to secure a spot within the top sixty-eight with the Sword-patterned Stones obtained from the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords this time. Liu Yunchuan even emerged from the battlefield at the very end. Does this imply that Liu Yunchuan's strength is merely marginal?

"It is said that Situ Muyang is the son of the sect leader!" Someone mentioned Situ Muyang's identity, and this rumor has long spread within the Divine Sword School, causing quite a commotion.

It is not surprising that Situ Muyang possesses such formidable strength at such a young age; after all, he is the son of the sect leader.

At the forefront of the crowd, several mature young disciples of the Divine Sword School are standing, ranging in age from their mid-twenties to early thirties.

They are all disciples from the previous term of the Divine Sword School, but they have chosen to remain within the school for further cultivation.

These disciples are also attracted to such grand events, wanting to see how strong the junior disciples of this term are.

"The identity of Mu Yao is also extraordinary. It is said that she is a direct disciple of a senior elder, with a very high seniority, even higher than that of the sect leader."

A senior disciple whispered, having spent a long time in the Divine Sword School, they are aware of far more things than the disciples of this term.

They heard many rumors, one of which was that the remarkable Mu Yao is a disciple of a senior elder, with a seniority surpassing even that of the sect leader.

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