The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 505

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Chapter 505: It's None Other Than Su Yi!

However, these are merely outer disciples, with not even a single inner disciple among them.

Situ Muyang speculated that all those inner and direct disciples had indeed been completely deceived by Su Yi.

"These space bags are for you to hold onto. Inside, you will find some gains from within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, as well as Sword-patterned Stones. Whether or not you will ultimately qualify to ascend to the Spirit Sword Peak will depend on your own abilities."

Before the spatial teleportation gate, Su Yi's figure paused. He took out several space bags from his hands and handed them over to Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others.

"So many Sword-patterned Stones... and... oh my, this is a fortune!"

Situ Muyang, being the first one, swiftly took the space bag and inspected it. These space bags had no barriers anymore, and he could open them directly. Instantly, his facial expression turned astonished, filled with unbounded joy.

There are forty-five Sword-patterned Stones, a massive pile of cultivation resources such as elixirs, and several space bags that are all filled to the brim. Even though Situ Muyang has been accustomed to seeing good things since he was young, these are gains obtained within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. They represent the achievements he personally accomplished within the battlefield, which holds a distinct nature.

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others initially didn't have any space bags on them, although they had seen space bags before. However, at this moment, when they opened these space bags, they felt a little unfamiliar with the process. Nonetheless, they ultimately managed to open them successfully.

"So many..."

While witnessing everything inside the space bag, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji, Qing Chao, and Wang Fan, at this moment, had expressions of even greater astonishment compared to Situ Muyang!

In the space bags that Su Yi handed over to Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others, there were also about ten pieces of Sword-patterned Stones for each person. As for whether they would be able to enter the top sixty-eight, that could only be determined later.

Su Yi also understood that although Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Wang Fan, and others had experienced a tremendous surge in their cultivation levels, undergoing a transformative breakthrough, their true strength was still far from being sufficient to engage in the ultimate battle of the Grand Swordsmanship Competition in the short term.

Su Yi gave them Sword-patterned Stones, only to enable them to make a presence in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition.

If Xu Jiahui and others can catch the attention of some elders, it would be quite beneficial for them.

Besides, Sword-patterned Stones also serve an important purpose and can be exchanged for points.

And everything obtained within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, Su Yi shared a considerable portion with Xu Jiahui and others, with these cultivation resources, it is enough to allow Xu Jiahui and others to practice with peace of mind.

"Come, let's go out first!"

Su Yi spoke up, urging Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and others to leave. The spatial teleportation gate has already opened, and direct disciples will catch up immediately.

"Let's go, let's get out first!"

Situ Muyang put the space bag into his arms.

Amidst numerous astonished gazes from the surroundings, the group walked directly into the spatial teleportation gate.

"Isn't that Su Yi?"

"It's him, no mistake, and the one next to him, is that Situ Muyang?"

"Not everyone went to besiege them, did they? How come they unexpectedly showed up here?"

"Could the terrifying scene just now be related to Su Yi?"

Many outer disciples were astonished. With tens of thousands of disciples, plus all the direct disciples, how could they fail to surround just two individuals?


The Divine Sword School, on the square surrounded by mountains on three sides, a spatial portal opened.


The void fluctuated, radiating dazzling light, distorting the empty space, as waves of aura ripple out.

Surrounded by many disciples of the Divine Sword School, Dharma Protectors, and elders, their gazes now converged on the exit of the spatial portal, each filled with anticipation.

Among the presence, there was a significant assembly, composed entirely of disciples hailing from the esteemed Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.

Although the Grand Swordsmanship Competition is the overarching event of the Divine Sword School, it also involves the internal competition among the various major sword peaks within the Divine Sword School.

Of course, in reality, everyone only believes that it is the Thirty-Five Sword Peaks secretly vying for supremacy.

Because the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak has always been taken into account.

"I wonder who will be the first to come out this time?"

"It should be Liu Yunchuan and Yun Lingfeng, those terrifying fellows!"

"I wonder who will have the most Sword-patterned Stones on them."


Many disciples were discussing, even some Dharma Protectors were engaged in whispered conversations.

Everyone was speculating and wondering, unsure which disciples would be the first to emerge, and which disciples would acquire the greatest number of Sword-patterned Stones.

To some extent, the disciple who emerges first may also represent strength.

For the most powerful, it is highly probable that they will possess the greatest number of Sword-patterned Stones.

"Inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, perhaps those disciples have already fought each other, and some dark horses are likely to emerge," someone whispered.

According to the circumstances within previous Grand Swordsmanship Competitions, there is often intense competition for the Sword-patterned Stones throughout various fortuitous encounters, even until the opening of the exit.

You should know that the direct disciples are all at an age of youthful vigor, and they usually have various conflicts and disagreements, so it is natural for them to collide with each other from time to time.

However, if these people were to know that in this Grand Swordsmanship Competition, not only are there various opportunities to contend for, but even the rivalry over Sword-patterned Stones is absent, and everyone is swarming to besiege Su Yi, diligently searching for him, what they would feel in their hearts?

Dharma Protector Hou Changming stood alone on the side, appearing nonchalant but his gaze intentionally and unintentionally kept glancing at the exit of the spatial teleportation gate, his expression secretly tense.

"Look, someone is coming out!"

Finally, within the spatial teleportation gate, a figure appeared, instantly attracting a wave of fluctuating gazes, all focused on the exit.

Unbeknownst to anyone, some individuals began to feel anxious. Deep inside their hearts, everyone naturally hoped that the first person to come out would be a disciple from their own sword peak.


Under the gaze of anticipation, several figures emerged from the exit of the spatial teleportation gate, as if being chased by something from behind. Each of them hurriedly appeared, running as if in a frenzy.

The figures initially appeared blurry but soon became increasingly closer, becoming clearly visible.

Under the gaze of hopeful eyes, the first one to emerge was clearly not the person everyone had been anticipating, not even one of the familiar extraordinary figures.

Regarding the gaze of the entire audience, those several figures who emerged first seemed somewhat unfamiliar.

"Hmm... it seems to be Su Yi!"

Elder Yu Changqing's thin, wrinkled face displayed a hint of surprise as he recognized the figure at the forefront, with a striking emblem.

"It is that lad, Su Yi!"

Elder Shangguan Hu's steady gaze, with his eyes as bright and luminous as obsidian, exuded a resolute and keen aura. His sharp, penetrating gaze reflected upon those figures, reminiscent of the piercing gaze of a predator. How could he not recognize that lad?

"Su Yi, it is indeed Su Yi!"

"This fellow is actually the first one to come out!"

"There are several people who seem unfamiliar, they all appear to be outer disciples, right?"


As they caught sight of the figure of a leading young man, astonishment filled the gazes of the entire crowd.

On the Heavenly Stairs, the awe-inspiring figure of Su Yi remains vivid in their memories; it is something they cannot forget at this moment.

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