The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: Is the Chance Really Gone?

Su Yi arrived by Situ Muyang's side and handed him a healing pill. The demon beast from earlier was very powerful and most importantly, it was elusive and good at hiding. This made Su Yi very cautious. While he was not afraid for himself, he had to worry about people like Xu Jiahui around him.

Situ Muyang didn't hesitate and placed the healing pill from Su Yi directly into his mouth. After all, his space bag was all with Su Yi.

The group continued on their journey, being extra cautious after the surprise attack.

Especially Zhang Qing and Liu Ji, who previously felt absolutely safe with Su Yi around, now felt fearful and had to be even more careful.

Fortunately, it seemed that the savage beast had moved further away and didn't appear again, for the next while.

After more than half an hour, Su Yi found a high-level spirit medicine in a crevice. It was almost ripe and of significant value. He carefully pulled it up with the roots and happily put it into the space bag.


Suddenly, a dazzling white light flashed and a colossal creature rushed out. Its huge blood-red mouth was opening and closing, emanating a strong smell of blood, as it charged towards Su Yi, ready to swallow him whole.


Almost at the same time, Su Yi shook his arm and clenched his five fingers into a fist. A terrifying surge of elemental energy erupted like a volcano from within his fist, causing a bright red light and his fist seemed to expand.


Above the crisp sound of wind and thunder, there came a ringing sound from a fist strike, just like a thunderbolt, booming with a supreme power. The tremendous pressure of a conqueror awakening and the arrival of a monarch resounded through the entire space.

In the next moment, a fist collided with the fierce beast's huge blood-red mouth. The fist roared, and the surrounding space seemed to fluctuate with a kind of energy. Suddenly, an extremely violent force exploded inside the beast's monstrous mouth.

"Bang! Bang!" The tremendous gusts of wind formed waves of air that went shooting away like a storm. Wherever the storm passed, it produced a series of muffled, astonishing roars that sounded like thunderclaps exploding.

Su Yi stumbled slightly and took a step back, causing the ground beneath his feet to crack.

The fierce beast, on the other hand, was directly overturned, and its huge blood-red mouth was shattered and sprinkled with blood mist.

With a wave of his sleeve, Su Yi released a burst of Qi that filled the air, isolating the blood mist outside.


Accompanied by the spraying of blood mist, a white giant python fell in front of Su Yi's eyes, already dead and its bones decayed.

This fierce and intimidating scene not only frightened Zhang Qing but also shook him to the core.

Observing the corpse of the giant python in front of him, Su Yi concluded that the python had a cultivation level of fourth stage in the Demonic Spirit Realm, based on their previous fight. Indeed, wherever there were spirit medicines in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there were demon beasts guarding them, making it difficult to obtain.

"It's a pity that this giant python won't be eaten."

This giant python had the fourth stage cultivation level in the Demonic Spirit Realm and its blood and meat were valuable supplements. Although Su Yi felt a little reluctant to leave it behind, the area was not safe, as there were still other strange beasts around, such as the one that attacked him earlier.

Finally, Su Yi had to give up and pack over a hundred pounds of python meat into his space bag. Meat from demon beasts at this level was a precious commodity, and it was not easy for it to spoil.

Several people continued on the road, searching for the entrance to the dangerous place that was most likely to appear.

But until dusk, besides discovering a few medicinal herbs, the group didn't make any other findings.

"The entrance to the dangerous place changes all the time, and each appearance is different. Also, the timing is uncertain, and we may not be able to find it even if we want to," said the Wolf-headed Demon Bat. It also mentioned that this area had been searched thoroughly, but according to its knowledge, the entrance could not be found easily and would depend on our luck.

"Is it really that I don't have that kind of luck?"

Su Yi murmured, also understanding that things like this depended on luck and could not be forced.

"Let's eat barbecue and search again tomorrow. If we still can't find it, then forget about it."

Later, Su Yi spoke and asked the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and Wolf-headed Demon Bat to keep an eye out, especially around the area where they were. The python meat in the space bag must not go to waste.

After washing and preparing the meat, they started roasting it on the fire pit. After an hour, the mouth-watering aroma of the barbecue drifted for ten miles, permeating the ancient mountain range.

Situ Muyang, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and the others were already familiar with each other. They had long dispensed with formalities and were now wolfing down the food eagerly.

Su Yi ate the meat voraciously, not to mention that the flesh of this python was really delicious.

Of course, the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and Wolf-headed Demon Bat were guarding by the side, and they were not forgotten. Su Yi threw each of them a big piece of meat, causing them to salivate and eat voraciously.

After finishing the barbecue, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and the others sat confidently and began to refine the benefits contained in the flesh and blood of the demon beast.

Situ Muyang, who was already injured, started to use his energy to heal himself.

Su Yi, however, didn't dare to relax. That demon beast that had launched a strange attack during the day made Su Yi remain vigilant and sit cross-legged with his spiritual power closely monitoring the surroundings and his soul force spreading out.

Dark Golden Demon Falcon, the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats also perched high up. Its sharp pupils emitted a radiant glimmer as it scanned the surrounding area like a radar.

As time slowly passed by, in this ancient mountain range, there were several figures shrouded in a glow, flickering and emitting a wave of energy.


At the Divine Sword School, many powerful figures gathered on the mountaintops.

The bright moon hung high in the sky, casting its moonlight.

"The Dark Spirit Fruits should be ripe by now. They are lucky to have arrived just in time for the Dark Spirit Fruits to mature."

"Yeah, we don't know if those people will be able to get their hands on the Dark Spirit Fruits. With dozens of Dark Spirit Fruits up for grabs, it's probably going to be a fierce competition!"

"The Wolf-headed Demon Bat guarding the Dark Spirit Fruits is not easy to deal with. Getting hold of the Dark Spirit Fruits will not be an easy task!"

"This is all part of training. However, with the strength of Liu Yunchuan and his companions, there shouldn't be any major issues."

"Getting hold of the Dark Spirit Fruits is surely their lucky break. It is destined to provide them with a more solid foundation than others of the same level. Their future is limitless!"


Strong figures with expectant smiles exuded powerful auras, all of them hoping that their disciples would be able to obtain the Dark Spirit Fruits.

"This time there was an unexpected incident at the Heavenly Stairs. I hope it doesn't cause any chaos at the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords as well."

A senior-looking elder couldn't help but worry that if there were problems at the Heavenly Stairs, there may be unforeseen events happening inside the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords as well.

"The Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords will definitely not have any problems. Everything is meant to toughen up the younger generation. I'm actually curious which individuals will show exceptional performance this time!"

An elder spoke with eyes shining bright, resembling stars.

"Those disciples Yun Lingfeng, Liu Yunchuan, and Gu Chenyou are destined for greatness."

A middle-aged person spoke and said that direct disciples like Yun Lingfeng and Liu Yunchuan are destined for glory and cannot be compared to ordinary disciples.

Although it's called the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, in reality, the ones that truly caught people's attention, and the ones that the high-level members of the Divine Sword School paid attention to, are only the direct disciples Yun Lingfeng and Liu Yunchuan.

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