The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 451

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Chapter 451: The Bloodthirsty Enchantment Barrier!

This Wolf-headed Demon Bat was definitely not easy to deal with. Except for not using the Soul Tamer method and Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, Su Yi had already done his best.

If it were not for the surging vitality in Su Yi's Dantian Yuanqi vortex, he might not have been able to hold on.

This Wolf-headed Demon Bat is very powerful in both speed and combat ability.


In the low altitude, the man and the beast collided once again, and the beast roared like thunder, with a muffled rumble and a powerful gust of wind that swept away everything in its path.

Su Yi stood in the sky, with a crimson light shrouding his wings behind him, just like a war god.

The Wolf-headed Demon Bat looked somewhat miserable, with bloodstains all over its body, and it kept trembling and retreating.

"Come on!"

As the battle raged on, Su Yi became increasingly brave and inspired, determined to forcibly subdue the Wolf-headed Demon Bat. His true energy surged, his eyes flickered with a red light, and an unfathomable sense of majesty and destruction emanated from him.


Su Yi flapped his wings and took the initiative to attack, with his true energy surging and making a whooshing sound, striking fiercely!

the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats was alarmed and angry, with fear growing in its heart. However, it had no other choice but to act out of anger and continue the fierce battle.


Soon, the right wing of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat cracked again, spilling beast blood and appearing quite awkward.


Su Yi's fighting spirit was awe-inspiring, with a solemn expression on his face as he continued to kill.


The Wolf-headed Demon Bat roared fiercely, with no way out. This human boy was too terrifying. With a loud shout, a bloody mist suddenly spread from its body and mouth, instantly covering a vast expanse of the surrounding space.

"Clatter, clatter..."

The bloody light was like a crimson mist, with a terrifying aura that was frightening to behold. Amidst it, there were faint traces of ghostly howls and cries that made one's heart tremble with fear.


The surging blood mist was like towering waves, covering the body of the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

The shocking howl of the wolf, carrying a surging aura of bloodthirst, overwhelmed Su Yi with an overwhelming force.

"This is the ultimate move of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, the Bloodthirsty Enchantment Barrier, which can affect your soul. Be careful!"

In the distance, Situ Muyang exclaimed in surprise at the sight of Su Yi.

That is the ultimate move of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, which is said to be impossible for an ordinary Wolf-headed Demon Bat to perform.

The most horrifying thing about the Bloodthirsty Enchantment Barrier is that it can affect a person's soul.

Any attack that is related to the soul is feared by all and is the most difficult to deal with!


The billowing blood mist swept down, emitting light, causing the surrounding vegetation to wither quietly, and the bloodthirsty aura engulfed everything.

This is the ultimate move of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, Bloodthirsty aura destroys everything, devours vitality, and influences the soul.

Su Yi watched as the bloodthirsty aura rolled in, but he remained unmoved and his soul was affected in his mind.

The bloodthirsty aura is indeed very powerful and terrifying, as it can affect the soul in a strange and frightening way.

However, Su Yi's soul in his mind was immediately filled with a red light, and a huge aura surged in and directly wiped out the bloodthirsty aura in his mind.

"Is that all you've got? Let's finish this!"

Suddenly, Su Yi flapped his wings and the brilliant red light spread. In the amazed gaze of Situ Muyang in the distance, Su Yi actually flew straight into the blood mist.

In that instant, with Su Yi advancing instead of retreating into the blood mist, a mysterious aura surged out, accompanied by the faint sounds of wind, thunder and beast roars.


The blood mist surged and rippled like waves, carrying an immense and mysterious aura that could not be extinguished. It swept with a fierce demonic energy seemingly going to tear apart the blood mist.

The demonic energy was rolling, yet not evil or dark, but carrying a supreme might, as if capable of shaking the Nine Heavens and sweeping the vast sky.


Amidst the blood mist, the wolf howled miserably and incessantly roared, but as the wind blew, both the rolling blood mist and the oppressive aura of blood dissipated into nothingness.

In the stunned gaze of Situ Muyang, an even more shocking scene was immediately seen.

At this moment, Su Yi was already riding on the back of the massive leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, with his vital energy wings spread behind him, suffused with a bright red light. He punched fiercely, striking down with great force.

"Bang! Bang!"

Su Yi's punches fell one after another, hitting the flesh with each blow, causing blood to gush out with each punch, making the Wolf-headed Demon Bat scream in agony.

The blood-colored light on the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats dimmed, and its aura weakened as Su Yi finally crushed it directly to the ground.


The Wolf-headed Demon Bat screamed and roared, writhing in its final struggle, with its last breath of cursed blood emanating, trying to break free from Su Yi's oppression.

"Monstrous beast!"

With a deep shout, Su Yi's Qi wings on his back folded, but his fists didn't stop as he fiercely punched down again.


This punch smashed Wolf-headed Demon Bat's back to a bloody pulp, revealing its bones, and causing the beast blood to spurt out.

Situ Muyang was shocked, his eyes widened in disbelief.

The Wolf-headed Demon Bat of the Peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm was unexpectedly defeated like this. Su Yi appeared like a war god, riding on the back of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, and suppressed it firmly.

This scene made Situ Muyang rub his eyes in disbelief.

That was the Wolf-headed Demon Bat of the Peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm, yet that guy Su Yi turned out to be so fierce.

"You evil beast, considering your strength is not weak, submit to me, otherwise I'll kill you!"

Su Yi spoke, declaring that the powerful Wolf-headed Demon Bat of the fifth grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm was needed as a helping hand within the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords.


"You puny humans, you're dreaming. I am the Wolf-headed Demon Bat. How could I submit to such small-minded humans like you? If you don't let me go, I'll kill all of you. Do you few humans really think you can handle our entire clan?"

the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats roared in the language of beasts, with blood flowing from its mouth, adding to its ferocity.

It had already spotted humans in the distance, who must be with the youth beside it.

"How dare you threaten me? Do you really want to die?"

Su Yi's eyes sank, and he punched angrily on the wound on the back of the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.


With a piercing pain, the Wolf-headed Demon Bat roared in anger as a dark blood-colored light emanated from its body. In the language of beasts, it shouted, "Charge with me and kill all of them!"

The Wolf-headed Demon Bat roared fiercely, its face twisted with ferocity. Unwilling to bow down to humans, it was determined to make a final stand.

"This is troublesome. The Wolf-headed Demon Bat is the most difficult to subdue."

Hearing the furious roar of the leader of the Wolf-head Demon Bat, Situ Muyang felt a chill in his heart.

That guy Su Yi seems to want to subdue the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, but aside from the fact that subduing a demon beast is not an easy task to begin with.

This Wolf-headed Demon Bat is an extremely difficult demon beast to subdue, with a naturally cruel temperament. It would rather die than submit to humans.


At this moment, as the roar of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat leader fell, the thousands of Wolf-headed Demon Bats lurking in the nearby low altitude roared in unison and flapped their wings.

As those wolf-like beast roars thundered, the void once again shook violently.

With blood and killing intent raging, the aura of blood gathered and surged like waves, spreading out as the towering waves of blood energy surged and expanded.

Thousands of Wolf-headed Demon Bats, some staring at Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui and others on the back of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon in the distance, some staring at Situ Muyang, but most of them were focused on Su Yi.

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