The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 443

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Chapter 443: Great Harvest!

Su Yi's expression was calm, no longer speaking.

As night fell and everyone rested, Su Yi rode the Dark Golden Demon Falcon and departed.

With Situ Muyang around, Su Yi was at ease. With Situ Muyang's strength, as long as they didn't enter the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, there shouldn't be any particular danger.

After half an hour, when Su Yi landed on the mountain peak from the back of the Dark Golden Demon Falcon, dozens of demon beast leaders of varying sizes were already waiting for him.

"Master." The dozens of demon beast leaders bowed and showed reverence, submitting before Su Yi with awe in their eyes.

If this scene were to be seen by members of the Divine Sword School, they would be shocked and astounded by what it looks like.

Su Yi smiled slightly and instructed the leaders of these demon beasts to form teams and specifically target the inner disciples of the Divine Sword School, plundering their space bags but refraining from killing them when he left a few days ago.

This is the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, the territory of the Divine Sword School, and Su Yi knows how to behave.

If he had ordered these demon beasts to kill the inner disciples, the situation would be different, and it would definitely cause major trouble. Moreover, there was no need to take their lives.

Su Yi instructed that these leaders of demon beasts should not attack the outer disciples on their own initiative.

These outer disciples themselves are not particularly important.

Furthermore, Su Yi knows that the outer disciples have most likely been robbed of everything by the inner disciples, so there is no need to take action.

Immediately, dozens of demon beast leaders, large and small, handed a pile of space bags to Su Yi.

The densely packed space bags piled up before Su Yi like a stone mill, numbering nearly ten thousand.

"Hahaha..." Su Yi laughed, looking at the space bags, it seems that almost all of the inner disciples have been wiped out, with only a few survivors.

This was Su Yi's goal in subduing the demon beasts in this region.

With these demon beasts present, Su Yi undoubtedly had control over this area.

If these inner disciples join forces and face one of the demon beast leaders alone, they might have a slight chance.

But if they encounter several of the strongest ones, even the outer disciples of the Divine Sword School working together would hardly have a chance.

Moreover, Su Yi has united the leaders of these demon beasts of different sizes, gathering a horde that pillages everything in its path.

With the leaders of these demon beasts, Su Yi's intervention is unnecessary, as they are capable of devastating everything on their own.

Even if Su Yi were incredibly powerful, he could not find many inner disciples within a few days, and there are so many demon beasts here.

"Help me keep watch..."

With so many space bags, how could Su Yi let them go? He urgently wanted to see how much of a harvest was inside.

Then, in a hidden place, dozens of demon beast leaders served as protectors, allowing Su Yi to safely enter the mysterious space.

Although these wines on the space bag of the inner disciple have their own techniques, they are not worth mentioning in the face of the special effects within the mysterious space.


The slope was nearby, with ancient trees towering and twisting.

The bright full moon was high in the sky, casting its gentle radiance upon the swaying tree branches and creating a mosaic of light and shadow on the ground.


From a distance, there came the sound of a beast's roar.

"Su Yi is acting very mysterious. Do you know what he's up to?"

Seated cross-legged on a flat boulder, Situ Muyang asked Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing with hands folded. His clear pupils still shone bright under the night sky, and though his face still had a hint of childishness, there was an air of maturity that belied his youth.

"We don't know either. Su Yi is our leader and his actions are not for us to question."

Zhang Qing replied, very politely and courteously, to Situ Muyang. This is the son of the sect leader, so it's important to establish good relations.

However, in comparison, Zhang Qing not only doesn't know what Su Yi is up to, but also won't tell, after all, Su Yi is the eldest boy he recognized.

"Then let's wait for him. Tomorrow we will enter the inner area of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords. It is very dangerous there with many unknown dangers and powerful demon beasts. With your strength, you must be prepared!"

Situ Muyang told Xu Jiahui and others, with a seemingly cold temperament, but privately he is friendly and doesn't act like the son of a sect leader.

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others nodded slightly, with a slightly nervous and apprehensive expression.

They know very well that although their cultivation has recently improved greatly, their cultivation strength is still far from enough. Without Su Yi, they would not have come this far at all.

Situ Muyang didn't speak anymore. After a moment, he closed his eyes and breathed out. His handprints were condensed, and there was a white light slowly emanating from his body, enveloping his entire body.

As Situ Muyang breathes in and out, he centers himself and causes ripples of mysterious energy to emanate from his body.

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing also begin to breathe deeply, each enveloped in a vibrant aura of energy.


"The time is almost upon us; our fellow brethren will soon come to help us seek justice!"

In the valley under the cover of night, a bedraggled group of disciples from the Divine Sword School huddled together, looking wretched and pitiful.

After calculating the time, the direct disciples of each Sword Peak have arrived and are waiting. Only the direct disciples can deal with those powerful demon beasts.

"Once our senior brothers come in, they will surely uncover everything!"

In the dense forest, a group of disciples from the Divine Sword School stood guard in a tense and disheveled manner.

They are also waiting, as the abnormal group of demon beasts needed the arrival of the direct disciples from each Sword Peak to uncover the truth.


Under the half-moon, the nightfall shrouded the mountains in a mysterious and serene yellowish glow.

A tall and slender figure stood before them, dressed in a pale purple robe embroidered with intricate patterns of blue thread. He appeared to be around twenty years of age, with a chiseled jawline, clear eyes, and sharply arched eyebrows. His countenance was handsome and refined, and his bearing was remarkable, exuding an exceptional aura.

"Finally, it has begun. Yun Lingfeng, Gong Qi, Gu Chenyou, what stage have you reached now? I'm very excited!" The man murmured to himself, with a glint in his eyes.


Under the moonlight, an ancient palace stood with its roof adorned with fierce and grotesque beasts, carved in golden scales and armor, almost seeming to soar into the sky. The blue glazed tiles on the roof glimmered softly in the moonlight.

In the courtyard, a man stood tall and straight, with sharp double pupils resembling sword light, a calm and tranquil expression on his handsome face.

"It has begun!" The man gazed at the moon, whispering softly.


Under the moonlit night, on a mountain.

A figure sat cross-legged, gazing at the moonlit sky, murmuring softly, "Has the time finally come? This time, let's see how far you have progressed!"

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