The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 416

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Chapter 416: Fierce Battle Between Dragons and Tigers!

Elder Yu Changqing, with his lean and wrinkled face, his long eyebrows and a hint of white beard swaying, glanced at Bai Mingshan coldly and said in a displeased tone, "I believe it must be the Fifteenth Sword Peak that fears Su Yi, fearing that their disciples will be completely suppressed by Su Yi in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. They are afraid that some of their disciples will not be able to hold their heads up high, so they don't want Su Yi to participate, isn't that so?"

"Yu Changqing, you underestimate a nobleman's heart by having a villain's mind. Everything I do is for the Divine Sword School. The disciples on my Fifteenth Sword Peak are not so easily suppressed by anyone!" said Elder Bai Mingshan angrily.

"Elder Bai's words are reasonable, the Grand Swordsmanship Competition concerns the entire Divine Sword School. If Su Yi's background is unknown, we cannot simply hand over the benefits of our school to him." An elderly person pondered and then said that he also thought Elder Bai Mingshan's words made sense.

"If Su Yi has truly ascended to the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs through his own combat strength, it would be a boundless prospect. However, his identity and background are somewhat unclear," an old lady spoke with an invisible aura, her gaze shining and captivating.

"It would be good if Elder Su were here, then everything would be clear!"

A middle-aged strong cultivator spoke, but unfortunately, these days Elder Su is not at the Divine Sword School, and there is no telling when Elder Su will return.

"Su Yi has already become a disciple of our Divine Sword School. His ascent to the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs is a great fortune for us. Perhaps in no time, he will become a peerless talent, sweeping across the world, and bringing glory to our Divine Sword School. Such disciples must be well-cultivated!" Elder Mei Huaye spoke with a soft voice.

"If this is true, it could be a good thing, but it may also be a problem with the Heavenly Stairs. It is too early to make a conclusion and the identity is also unclear." Some elders' opinion is relatively neutral.

"Respected elders..."

Situ Liuyun looked at the many powerful elders in the main hall and finally spoke in a calm but imposing manner, saying, "Su Yi's identity will be known when Elder Su returns. As for whether Su Yi truly has the potential to reach the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs, let us test it in the upcoming Grand Swordsmanship Competition. If he is indeed Elder Su's disciple and performs exceptionally in the competition, it will be a great fortune for our Divine Sword School."

"The sect leader's words are reasonable!"

Listening to Situ Liuyun's words, the strong and old members of the Divine Sword School in the audience didn't say anything more.

"That Su Yi is bold and reckless. I hope he won't cause any trouble on the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords." Bai Mingshan said with hatred, his indifferent face showing displeasure.

"Elder Bai Mingshan, are you worried that Su Yi will wipe out all of your inner disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak? Haha..." Elder Yu Changqing laughed heartily upon hearing Bai Mingshan's muttering.

"I would like to see how far that boy can go in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. Talent is talent, and it cannot be replaced by short-term combat power!" Elder Bai Mingshan said solemnly.

The group of elders and powerful individuals scattered immediately, leaving only Situ Liuyun and Right Dharma Protector in the entire hall.

"Right Dharma Protector, what do you think?"

As he watched the group of bickering elders and strong individuals leave, Situ Liuyun let out a sigh and turned to ask Right Dharma Protector beside him.

"Is the sect leader referring to the Heavenly Stairs?" Right Dharma Protector asked, with bright eyes shining with radiance.

"Well, according to the investigation report of the Elder Council, the Yuan Testing Stone inside the Heavenly Stairs has been reduced to ashes, which caused malfunctions in the Heavenly Stairs!"

Situ Liuyun nodded, at this moment he could not be completely sure whether the malfunction of the Heavenly Stairs was caused by Su Yi, or it was the malfunction that allowed Su Yi to step on the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs.

"Actually, this issue is not important."

With a slight smile, Right Dharma Protector seemed to have already made up his mind. He looked at Situ Liuyun and said, "Since Su Yi entered the Divine Sword School, everything seemed quite unusual. But from his performance, at least it can be proven that he is indeed beyond ordinary, unfathomable."

"Not bad," Situ Liuyun nodded at the words.

"Since that's the case, why bother about whether or not he can truly ascend to the seventh level of the Heavenly Stairs? Besides, the Heavenly Stairs has lost most of its function, but no other outer disciple can step foot on the seventh level. Only five people can even set foot on the sixth level."

With a smile in his eyes, Right Dharma Protector continued, "Everything will be revealed during the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. However deep and hidden that kid may be, on the Grand Swordsmanship Competition stage, it will naturally be made public, and everything will become clear."

"Hahaha, not bad, not bad."

Situ Liuyun burst into laughter and looked at Right Dharma Protector, saying, "Looks like you are really as cunning as an old fox."

"Sect leader, please don't ridicule this old man. It's just that you bear the responsibility of the entire Divine Sword School, so there's just too much to consider at times, as the saying goes, the onlooker sees most of the game. It's probably like this," laughed Right Dharma Protector.

"In that case, the Grand Swordsmanship Competition will be exceptionally lively. Liu Yunchuan, Yun Lingfeng, Gong Qi, Gu Chenyou, Ou Luo, and Ying Qianqian, these young people have been waiting for five years specifically for this competition. The Grand Swordsmanship Competition was already a fight between dragons and tigers, and now with the addition of someone like Su Yi, I'm really looking forward to it!"

Situ Liuyun's gaze moved and there was a glint of red in his eyes. Each name of these youngsters he mentioned represented the hope and foundation of the future for Divine Sword School.

This time, the entire Divine Sword School holds great anticipation and hope for the Grand Swordsmanship Competition.

"Sect leader, have you forgotten about someone?" Right Dharma Protector reminded Situ Liuyun.

"Who are you referring to?"

Upon hearing this, Situ Liuyun's facial expression froze, then a bitter smile appeared as he said, "I forgot about that individual. If Su Yi is truly Elder Su's disciple, then wouldn't it be..."

Speaking of this, Situ Liuyun's imposing face was about to cry as he said to the Right Dharma Protector with a hint of unusual grievance, "How can I, as the leader of the Divine Sword School, be so wronged?"


The Right Dharma Protector, also helpless, looked at Situ Liuyun with a somewhat grievance and said, "If Su Yi is really Elder Su's disciple, then there are not many people in the Divine Sword School who are not wronged."

"That's true..."

Situ Liuyun was very helpless, with an expression of resignation, and then said, "I do think that Elder Bai's words have some truth to them. Although Su Yi is bold and reckless, he had better not go astray in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, right?"

"There shouldn't be any room for him to go astray in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords."

The Right Dharma Protector's gaze turned and said, "Moreover, in half a month, all direct disciples will enter. Naturally, someone will restrain Su Yi, and he won't be able to make trouble."

"Yes, indeed," Situ Liuyun nodded.

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