The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: The Grand Swordsmanship Competition!

The identity of being a direct disciple is too strong and it also proves absolute strength, which makes Xu Jiahui worried.

"Well, that Huo Dongqiu..."

Listening to Xu Jiahui and seeing the worry on her face, Zhang Qing couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Zhang Qing, what's wrong?" Xu Jiahui asked.

"Senior Brother Huo Dongqiu has also been defeated by Brother Su Yi..."

Zhang Qing reluctantly recounted what had happened at the Sword Hall.

Defeated Huo Dongqiu and all the inner disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak, disregarded the Court of Justice, and took away all the space bags and swords from Huo Dongqiu and his companions...

Upon hearing these words from Zhang Qing's mouth, Xu Jiahui and others were stunned, and their jaws dropped in disbelief.

"Su Yi, is this true?"

Xu Jiahui's eyes were full of disbelief as she stared at Su Yi and asked him to confirm.

"They provoked me first, I just taught them a lesson." Su Yi shrugged, indicating his acquiescence.

"Oh no, this is a huge problem!"

Upon hearing Su Yi's acquiescence, Xu Jiahui took a frightened step back.


All outer disciple on the spot sucked in a breath of cold air, as if they had seen a ghost, while facing Su Yi.

Others may not understand, but they know best - this is just a young boy who was rescued by Elder Su and is an outsider.

Huo Dongqiu is a direct disciple of the Divine Sword School and has reached an amazing level of cultivation at the Second Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm. He has exceptional talent and is highly renowned among his peers at the Divine Sword School.

And it was such a foreign boy that finally defeated Huo Dongqiu with just one move, what kind of background does he have?

This made Xu Jiahui and other outer disciples at this moment can't help but feel startled!

"We must come up with a solution, otherwise there will be big trouble. At least we have to wait until Elder Su comes back."

Xu Jiahui was anxious, and she didn't want Su Yi to get into trouble.

Moreover, Elder Su had entrusted Su Yi to her before leaving, and if anything happened, she wouldn't be able to explain it to Elder Su.

"It's okay, they can't bully me."

Su Yi smiled faintly, looking at Xu Jiahui and other outer disciples. It was clear to him that everyone's concern was not fake, and there were genuinely worried for him.

"Don't just talk about the Fifteenth Sword Peak, even the Court of Justice will definitely not stop now. They will definitely send stronger disciples of the Court of Justice."

Xu Jiahui glanced at Su Yi and thought, 'He dares to ignore even the disciple of the Court of Justice. This guy has too much courage.'

Throughout the Divine Sword School, she had never heard of anyone daring to ignore the Court of Justice, let alone anyone who could escape their pursuit.

"The disciple of the Court of Justice... well, they are just so so..."

Su Yi raised an eyebrow.

Of course, Su Yi knew very well that the few disciples he had seen were all young in age but had already stepped into the Yuan Spirit Realm, which represented their exceptional innate abilities. If they were placed outside, each and every one of them would be considered extraordinary.

Su Yi didn't underestimate the Court of Justice. He knew there must be more powerful disciples in the Court of Justice besides the ones he had encountered.

On the contrary, Su Yi was even somewhat looking forward to it. If he could fight against the strongest of his peers at the Divine Sword School, it would also be a kind of validation for himself.

As for causing such a big trouble, the situation had already come to this point, Su Yi had long stopped thinking about it.

Su Yi only hoped that what the mysterious beautiful woman said would be useful, and that he could use it as a corresponding strategy. As for what would Elder Su do to him in the end, it was unknown.

"Don't underestimate the Court of Justice, and the Court of Justice will never give up!"

Xu Jiahui gave Su Yi another white look, frowned her eyebrows, and kept muttering, saying, "Perhaps the people from the Court of Justice have already come, we need to immediately send you to a safe place, at least until Elder Su comes back, but we don't know when Elder Su will come back..."

"No problem."

Su Yi bitterly smiled. Xu Jiahui, this girl, indeed bears some resemblance to Wan'er.

Thinking of Wan'er, there was a trace of a glimmer in Su Yi's eyes, but it was fleeting. He didn't know how that girl was doing in the Su family now.

"I've got it, I have a solution."

Suddenly, Xu Jiahui's eyes sparkled with brilliance, her gaze brightened, and she smiled at Su Yi.

"What can we do?" Zhang Qing asked curiously.

"There are only five days left until the Grand Swordsmanship Competition!"

Xu Jiahui's eyes lit up as she said to everyone, "Before Elder Su left, he asked me to represent the Thirty-sixth Peak in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. But now I'm seriously injured, and there's no way I can recover in a few days. Even if I did recover, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to play any role in the competition. I wouldn't be able to pass the first stage!"

There was a slight pause in the conversation, and a hint of disappointment flashed across Xu Jiahui's delicate face. Her lips were tightly pursed as she looked downcast and melancholic.

Upon hearing "the Grand Swordsmanship Competition," Zhang Qing and others' expressions also subtly changed, feeling dejected within themselves.

"What is the Grand Swordsmanship Competition?"

Observing everyone's expressions, Su Yi asked curiously.

Soon, from the mouths of Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others, Su Yi learned that in five days, Divine Sword School would host a grand event that only occurs once every five years - the Grand Swordsmanship Competition.

Divine Sword School has seventy-two sword peaks, among which thirty-six peaks have outer disciples, inner disciples, and direct disciples.

Every Grand Swordsmanship Competition is aimed at the younger disciples, and all young peers from the thirty-six Sword Peaks can participate.

On the 36 sword peaks, all disciples together surpass tens of thousands of people.

You should know that apart from the special circumstances on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, the number of inner disciples and outer disciples on each sword peak, when added together, ranges from thousands to several hundred.

As for the direct disciples on each Sword Peak, the number of them is not too many.

What's more, not only the disciples from the thirty-six sword peaks, but also the miscellaneous disciples and named disciples, were also able to participate in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition.

It can be said that the Grand Swordsmanship Competition has a huge number of participants, surpassing tens of thousands.

All disciples will take part in this big competition, which is the liveliest event of the entire Divine Sword School and also a test for all the young disciples.

In the Grand Swordsmanship Competition, those who are able to rank the highest are said to receive great benefits and plentiful rewards from the Divine Sword School.

"Great benefits, abundant rewards!"

Upon hearing this, Su Yi's eyes suddenly lit up with excitement at the unparalleled benefits and abundant rewards of the Divine Sword School - he couldn't help but be tempted.

"I am utterly powerless to participate in the Grand Swordsmanship Competition. Even if I were to go, I would only end up embarrassing the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak!"

Xu Jiahui's lips slightly parted. Although the Grand Swordsmanship Competition was a grand event of the entire Divine Sword School, each competition was not just a comparison between individuals, but also a comparison between disciples of the various sword peaks.

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