The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 368

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Chapter 368: The Disciple of the Court of Justice


In an instant, Su Yi's figure seemed like a ghostly illusion, with red light bursting from his body and his hair flying backwards!

"Peng peng peng peng..."

With a series of low and muffled bangs, someone suddenly spat blood and fell back.

How could these inner disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak be Su Yi's opponents? Although they joined forces and their combined attack was powerful and difficult to deal with, their strength doubled, however...

Since Su Yi started cultivating, he had always been in the Forest of Demons and the Demon Woods, honing his skills in real battles and tempering himself in blood and fire. He had seen all kinds of battles.

These inner disciples of Divine Sword School were extraordinary, but how could they have been Su Yi's match?

Moreover, those inner disciples were not even able to compare with Su Yi in terms of their level of cultivation strength, let alone being his opponents.


The figures were thrown backwards and coughed up blood, mixed with cries of misery and anguish.


Swords fell one after another while radiance shot up from the square, and there was an outburst of energy.


Three young men who had reached the first grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm were condensing animal-shaped Qi in their feet. They emanated an intimidating aura as they conjured the phantom of two demon beasts -- a tiger and a leopard -- that were so lifelike they appeared to be real.

"Bang bang bang..."

Su Yi directly shattered the two beast-shaped phantoms with his fists. Taking advantage of the momentum, he leaped up and slapped out a palm with lightning speed, shattering the flying demon beast's phantom as well. The young man fell down and smashed heavily onto the ground.

Only for a moment, all the disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak were lying on the ground, scattered and screaming in agony.

These inner disciples were all in a sorry state and had fear written over their faces.

Su Yi approached and searched for the space bags in the arms of each disciple. Everything was very natural, and he skillfully collected them into his own arms.

Huo Dongqiu struggled several times before finally managing to get up, but he didn't have the strength to intervene.

And in the end, Huo Dongqiu's space bag was also taken away by Su Yi.

The space bag on the direct disciple's body was probably much richer than the one on the inner disciple's body. How could Su Yi let it go?

In Huo Dongqiu's unwilling scream, the space bag on his chest was also found and taken away by Su Yi.

The swords that fell on the ground were openly collected by Su Yi into his space bag.

All of this was carried out in front of everyone's eyes.

Everyone was shocked and amazed.

Is this really an outer disciple? He beat the direct disciple Huo Dongqiu in one move.

And this outer disciple seemed more like a bandit or a robber.

"Reckless! This is the Sword Hall, you are too arrogant!"

Finally, a flying demon beast perched in mid-air and spread its wings. Several stern and imposing young men were on it, and they seemed to have just regained their senses, their faces astonished.

The first young man in a yellow shirt stood tall with a distinguished demeanor and a graceful appearance. He gazed down at Su Yi below, his eyes flickering fiercely.

"The Court of Justice!"

Zhang Qing exclaimed in surprise to Su Yi, "I didn't expect the disciples of the Court of Justice to come after all."

Not even the direct disciples dared to provoke the disciples of the Court of Justice.

Once someone broke the rules, and fell into the hands of the disciples of the Court of Justice, it was no joke.

Su Yi raised his gaze and looked at the enormous flying demon beast, which was a Fierce Wind Golden Eagle of the Demonic Spirit Realm level, and its bloodline level was also not low.

"The Court of Justice, in the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm!"

Su Yi looked at the several youths on the back of the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle, each of them had a formidable aura and their strength was at the First Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm.

Looking at the leading young man in the yellow shirt, Su Yi felt that his strength was not much different from Huo Dongqiu, and should have also been in the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm.

"Did you need me for something?"

Su Yi faced the several youths and said calmly.

"I don't care which sword peak you come from. Starting a fight inside the Sword Hall was already a punishable offense. At that moment, you were still so arrogant in the Sword Hall, seizing fellow disciples. Your crime was very serious!"

Huang Changyu spoke, his face stern and fierce.

At this moment, Huang Changyu's heart was trembling. Such an outer disciple was too frightening. Huo Dongqiu's fate was still fresh in his mind, and he was afraid that he couldn't handle it either.

If it weren't for the identity of the disciple of the Court of Justice, Huang Changyu wouldn't have wanted to provoke this young man at the moment.

But at that moment, he was the disciple of the Court of Justice and also the captain of a small team of disciples from the Court of Justice. Huang Changyu had to come forward.

But he was also not too worried. In the whole Divine Sword School, whoever dared to provoke the Court of Justice, whoever dared to control the Court of Justice's pursuit, would be punished severely!

"You guys had already arrived, when others started to act, you turned a blind eye. When I started acting, you popped out. Was this intentional targeting towards me?" Su Yi stared at Huang Changyu. He already noticed those people far away.

The disciple of the Court of Justice was someone that no disciple of the Divine Sword School dared to provoke.

Su Yi was different. He had already caused trouble at the Divine Sword School, so he didn't need to fear the mysterious Court of Justice, given the trouble he had already caused himself.

It was precise because of this that Su Yi unabashedly looted Huo Dongqiu and the others' space bags and swords just now.

Anyway, he had already taken a lot, so he decided to take a little more.

Listening to Su Yi's words, several young men on the back of Fierce Wind Golden Eagle's back twitched their eyes.

Huang Changyu's face remained unchanged and he stuttered a bit.

At first, he was indeed there because of Huo Dongqiu.

Huo Dongqiu was not easy to deal with, so Huang Changyu deliberately delayed the time, but he never thought that the end result would turn out like this.

"Whoever it is, the Sword Hall is not allowed to take action. Therefore, go to the Court of Justice once with us. Otherwise, you will face the consequences!"

Huang Changyu's face darkened a bit. He had already stepped forward, so naturally he had to bring the person back, otherwise the Court of Justice's reputation would be ruined.

"Get down from there!"

However, as soon as Huang Changyu finished speaking, a loud roar erupted from Su Yi's mouth, mixed with a majestic and destructive aura, sweeping out instantly. His eyes turned blood-red, staring fiercely at the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle.


The Fierce Wind Golden Eagle screeched and its massive body trembled violently. Its sharp, fierce eyes showed fear and it plummeted from the low sky.

In the low airspace above the square, many flying demon beasts were hovering. At that moment, they were greatly affected and were trembling with horror, falling from mid-air.

"Bang bang..."

Several youths fell stumbling off the Fierce Wind Golden Eagle. Their bodies surged with energy, and they were covered in a qi shield for protection. However, they still landed on the ground in a miserable state.

Several young people seemed to have become much more experienced with age. While hurrying, they gathered Qi on their feet and conjured up the shadow of a beast. They used their strength to land but it appeared rather awkward and rushed.

"Regardless of whether it is the Fifteenth Sword Peak or the Court of Justice, I will not be polite to whoever dares to provoke me."

Su Yi showed his coldness, and his figure walked forward, making Huang Changyu and the other disciples of the Court of Justice unable to help but retreat in embarrassment.

Huo Dongqiu and his team were much more numerous, but the result was still so miserable.

These disciples of the Court of Justice, at that moment, didn't even have the courage to act!

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