The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 365

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Chapter 365: Too Arrogant!

As the words fell lightly, the surrounding people were already stunned and the whole scene was in an uproar.

In front of Huo Dongqiu, this guy was actually disregarding him. This is too arrogant.

The disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak were even more cold and fierce, with chills radiating from their eyes and their bodies emanating a powerful aura, causing the entire square to tremble in an instant.

"You are even more arrogant than I imagined. Maybe you have some skills, but today, your arrogance in Divine Sword School will come to an end!"

Huo Dongqiu's cold expression on his face changed, and at the same time, he looked straight at Su Yi with a gaze that was too intense to bear, casting a chill in the air.

Su Yi gazed lightly at Huo Dongqiu ahead, standing with arms crossed and a broken sword behind his back.

With a deep gaze, Su Yi looked around at the group of disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak and said, "I'll say it one more time, don't come to provoke me again!"

"How dare you!"

"You are too arrogant!"




As Su Yi's words were spoken, at that moment, a group of disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak could no longer hold back. They stomped their feet on the ground fiercely, some clutching swords tightly in their hands. Suddenly, powerful energy surged out of them without reservation.

A strong momentum gathered, forming a force that made the onlookers around stumble and retreat.

There were more than twenty breaths, among which there was the breath of the Yuan Spirit Realm level, which was quite strong!

"Oh no, oh no..."

Zhang Qing's eyes were staring blankly, and under that strong and powerful aura, he was already trembling.

Looking at the young man in front of him, Zhang Qing couldn't describe his mood. Facing a direct disciple like Huo Dongqiu and still being so arrogant, it's clear that Su Yi doesn't consider himself an outsider.

"I understand you. You want to rely on your skills and stand out in the Divine Sword School, so you will become an Inner Disciple as soon as possible."

Huo Dongqiu looked at Su Yi and his face gradually darkened. He coldly said, "But unfortunately, you won't have this opportunity. Your momentum will come to an end."

"Come forward together, stop making noise again!"

Su Yi looked around and it seemed that he couldn't leave without taking action today.

"That's just too arrogant!"

Su Yi's attitude no longer allowed Huo Dongqiu to restrain himself. His face grew slightly cold, and he shook his arm, tightly gripping a sword in his hand.


The sword clanged like thunder and a dazzling burst of light erupted, as a fierce aura swept through the square, causing people's hearts to tighten and making it difficult to breathe on the spot.


In Su Yi's deep gaze, a glimmer suddenly fell on the sword in Huo Dongqiu's hand, revealing a fiery passion in his eyes.

The sword in Huo Dongqiu's hand had an exceptional level of refinement, and Su Yi estimated that it was probably beyond the level of Yuan Weapons and Xuan Weapons.

"It is worthy of being a large and influential school!"

Muttering in his heart, Su Yi was quite touched. It's no wonder that it's a prestigious school. The weapons in the hands of each disciple are extraordinary.


As Huo Dongqiu tightly gripped his precious sword, he suddenly stamped his feet on the ground and pointed his sword straight at Su Yi. With a sharp and fierce aura, he immediately locked onto Su Yi.

The air around was wafting, and there was a tense atmosphere that could be felt invisibly throughout the small square, so dense that it couldn't be dissipated.

Su Yi stood with arms crossed and his body remained perfectly still.

Looking at Huo Dongqiu in front of him, Su Yi knew clearly that things were getting bigger and bigger. Since he couldn't get away and there was no turning back, he might as well let go and move forward.

Facing the entire Fifteenth Sword Peak, and even the entire Divine Sword School, although Su Yi didn't know how long he would stay in the Divine Sword School, the constant troubles had already begun. If he wanted to make himself more peaceful, he had to fully deter them.

Ba Yi's failure this morning was still unable to stop the people from continuing to come, which proves that the intimidation this morning was far from enough.

Moreover, this is the Divine Sword School, a top force in Central State, just located beneath the Sacred Mountain.

Divine Sword School, where there are countless talented disciples with exceptional aptitude.

Everyone's age is not too different. Facing the true peers of the Divine Sword School in front of him, Su Yi also has a surge of fighting spirit in his heart.

If even these troubles before him cannot be solved, how can he face the stronger Sacred Mountain?

Su Yi wanted to prove to himself what abilities a King Grade, Emperor Grade, and prestigious sects were capable of, and how they could perform in front of him.

Before his eyes was a direct disciple of the Divine Sword School, Su Yi treated him as his own limits test.

If he won this battle, it is a proof of his strength!

Su Yi plans to fight, as a manifestation of his arrogance today. This is because he wants to reap the benefits of his training, which took him from the Forest of Demons to the Demon Woods, and finally to the Divine Sword School. He wants to give himself a reward for all his hard work.

His body remained still, but Su Yi's thoughts were racing. He took a deep breath and calmly raised his gaze to Huo Dongqiu, saying, "Come forward together to save time instead of dealing with me one by one!"

The onlookers had already gathered around this small square, and there were now nearly two thousand of them. However, at this moment, they were exceptionally quiet.

Faced with the clearly enraged Huo Dongqiu, Su Yi at this moment even increasingly didn't take him seriously. People around them were thinking in their hearts that Su Yi might be crazy.

An outer disciple, actually not putting a direct disciple in his eyes. If this isn't insane, what else could it be!

Coldly staring at Su Yi, the anger of the people from the Fifteenth Sword Peak was almost uncontrollable. If Huo Dongqiu had not stepped forward, they would have likely started attacking.

Inside Huo Dongqiu's long sword, a dazzling blue light shone. He poured his internal energy into the sword held in his hand, and his eyes, cold and icy, stared at Su Yi.


At this moment, anyone could feel the energy surging within Huo Dongqiu's body, like a raging flood. A green light glimmers through his veins, eventually spreading through his entire body and shaking the square.

"The Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm!"

When such a breath poured out of Huo Dongqiu's body without reservation, someone in the field exclaimed that this was the Second Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

A strong and fierce aura enveloped Huo Dongqiu, and the surrounding energy was like a small storm roaring and opening up!

At this moment, it seemed that if he was to strike, he would unleash a fierce and powerful attack with momentum like a raging tide.

"Yuan Spirit Realm's Second Grade!"

Su Yi looked ahead and was not surprised at such cultivation. He already had an idea in his mind.

"Let me see if you have the ability to be arrogant in front of me. I'll give you a chance to make your move first, or else, you won't even have the opportunity to make a move!"

Huo Dongqiu's words were faintly heard, and his sword continued to emit lightning and thunder. His body was shining brightly with a dazzling and surging green light, causing the surrounding square to tremble inexplicably.

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