The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Elixirs

Su Yi grinned but the moment Su Wan Er shut the doors, the expression on Su Yi’s face also disappeared straight away.

“Strength, I have to become stronger, I need more strength!”

Both his hands clenched. Just today, Su Yi could feel the reality of the situation on how important strength was in the world.

If he had enough strength, when would it ever be Sacred Mountain’s turn to throw their weight around and bully others?

If he had enough strength, how would his Uncle and Grandfather be injured?

Facing Sacred Mountain, Su Yi understood that if Wang Quan De really fought with his grandfather, his grandfather Su Yun Tian would most likely lose in the end.

He could only watch with his eyes wide open while his grandfather falls, unable to do anything.

And now, his grandfather was heavily injured. He had sacrificed so much for him.

Su Yi swore in his heart, he could not allow things to go on like this. He must become stronger as soon as possible, he could not allow anyone to harm his loved ones!

“Supreme Chaotic Yuan technique, that mysterious sphere of light, what origins do they have?”

Su Yi mumbled to himself. Whether or not he could become strong may be all down to the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”.

Originally, it was hard for him to hold out against Ji Chao’s final attack back then, but somehow, a strange power burst out from that mysterious sphere of light, which caused his final move “Overlord’s Fist” to be like how it had been engraved in his mind.

Su Yi could still remember clearly the feeling when he had used “Overlord’s Fist”, it felt like all his meridians and internal organs in his body were bursting, pushing all the Yuan Qi from the whirlpool of Yuan Qi in the Dantian into a single fist. It felt like it triggered some sort of mysterious power of the heaven and earth. That aura was overwhelming and fierce, majestic yet destructive.

At that instance, Su Yi felt that he was a supreme emperor who did not tolerate any provocations. He must destroy anything and everything that dares to challenge his authority.

After he fell unconscious, within that horrifying scene, where it seemed that faint figures of colossal beasts filled the universe, that powerful figure which stood fast like a god or a Buddha, shocking the hearts of all.

Recalling about it now, it was all like a dream.

But Su Yi was very clear that it was definitely not a dream.

In that space where colossal beasts were everywhere, there’s also the azure dragon, white tiger, vermillion bird and black turtle, the four sacred beasts.

[T.N: The azure dragon, white tiger, vermillion bird and the black turtle are the four mythological symbols of China]

All of that was too shocking, even if he told someone, no one would believe it.

After he went into the coma, within that blazing hot aura, Su Yi knew very well that another huge piece of information appeared in his mind.

That was the complete “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”.

The “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” came from that mysterious sphere of light, and “Overlord’s Fist” came from the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”.

Su Yi was deep in thought. From the fight between him and Ji Chao, who had come from Sacred Mountain, he could be more certain that the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” which he had received from the mysterious sphere of light was something extraordinary.

Looks like all hopes of him becoming strong were on the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” now.

“Recover and gain insights from the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”!”

Su Yi made a decision in his heart. For now, the most important thing was to recover.

After examining everything in his body, Su Yi realized that although his injuries looked bad, his physical body did not have anything too serious.

This was all due to the forging of his body for the last three years.

He did not suffer an inhumane life for the past three years in vain. This also proved how strong the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” was.

Whatever General Grade Talent and King Grade Talent, Su Yi did not care about any of those now. For there’s no talent that could match up to the arduous training of that his body had gone through.


Su Yi picked up the jade bottle beside him. It had been left behind by his grandfather before he left.

Su Yi did not feel that elixirs were unfamiliar because he could not cultivate back then, his grandfather had made him eat many types of random stuff, but the expensive elixirs were in the end, all wasted on him. He still could not store any Yuan Qi.

But Su Yi was very interested in the alchemists who could concoct elixirs. If he was able to concoct elixirs, that would definitely be a great thing!

But from what Su Yi knew, those who could concoct elixirs were way too rare. Anyone of them was like a feather of a phoenix or a horn of a qilin. They were all fought amongst the various great powers to become distinguished guests.

In the entire city, from what he heard, it seems that there was only the Liu Family’s alchemist.

Su Yi still remembered back when he could not store any Yuan Qi, his grandfather, Old Master Su Yun Tian had even gone to the Liu Estate personally, paid a heavy price to invite the alchemist for him to take a look at his condition to no success.

Opening the jade bottle, Su Yi took out three elixirs. All of them around the size of a thumb, giving off a thick medicinal smell, enticing one’s saliva.

“Yuan Spirit Elixir”. Su Yi recognized the elixirs in the jade bottle, it was a type of healing elixir.

From what Su Yi knew about this world, the elixirs were ranked into seven grades: Heavenly Grade, Earth Grade, Xuan Grade, Yellow Grade, Star Grade, Mirage Grade, Moon Grade. Every grade was also separated into three levels: Beginning Level, Middle Level, and High Level pills.

Rumours have it that for elixirs of the Xuan Grade, you just have to take one of them and you will be able to become significantly stronger.

Yuan Spirit Elixir, although it barely eligible to be called a Moon Grade Beginning Level Elixir, its price was already unaffordable for normal people.

Looking at the elixir in his hand, Su Yi knew that after he consumes it, there will be some effects.

But since his injuries had almost been fully healed, after thinking a while, Su Yi decided not to consume these Yuan Spirit elixirs and just recover by cultivating.

“These elixirs are not cheap. Once I have the chance, I will return these elixirs to grandfather.”

These expensive elixirs, Su Yi knew that bringing them about was not a smart thing to do. While his injuries had almost been fully healed, he had used too much Yuan Qi and needed to recover them as soon as possible.

Su Yi knew where he could recover with the fastest speed, but he did not have the strength to go outdoors now.

Anyways, this was the Su Estate and his grandfather had already instructed that no one was allowed to disturb him.

After thinking a while, Su Yi started to form a hand seal and sat on his bed with his legs crossed, strange and complex hand seals started to form one after another.

And as soon as Su Yi completed his series of hand seals, a faint light fluctuated in between his eyebrows, like a rippling heavenly light. It spread through his entire body and enclosed him in an instant.

Blinding light expanded, covering the entire room. Luckily it was broad daylight, which made it harder for people outside to find anything strange.

In the room, once everything had cleared up, Su Yi was already in a mysterious space.

“Eh? What happened here?!”

When Su Yi appeared in this space, he took a 180-degree turn, the space which was originally around 10 meters in radius had now increased by three times to around 30 meters in radius due to some reason.

Not only has this space expanded, even the energy in this space was getting thicker and thicker, making the surroundings blurry and gave off a faint glow.

“What happened?”

Su Yi was shocked. This space had suddenly expanded so much and the energy inside was also so thick to the point of it being scary.

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