The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 336

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Chapter 336: Self-Destruct Demonic Core

Emperor Blazing Dragon didn't pay any attention to Su Tian Que, its huge body continued to dive downwards towards Su Yi; it's target had always been Su Yi.

Even across the void, Su Yi felt his heart pounding and held the broken sword on his back tightly.

Su Yi wanted to unleash the killing power of the broken sword, which had burst out with a terrifying force twice in critical moments. Su Yi hoped that this time he could do it again.

As for the other means at his disposal, including his Soul Tamer identity and the last move in the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, Su Yi hadn't even thought about them.

Because even if he activated his Soul Tamer skills and the last move recorded in the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, he was still no match for Emperor Blazing Dragon.

If he could summon the terrifying power within the heavy sword behind him, he might still be able to counter Emperor Blazing Dragon.

But for some unknown reason, this time in the face of crisis, the broken sword was completely silent, without the terrible killing intent and the horrible power erupting.

"Not good!"

Su Yi could only grit his teeth as a fierce aura surged out.

Su Yi triggered the Iced Shadows Sword Style, a martial arts skill from Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation. At first, Shangguan Chenfeng had also used it.

But Emperor Blazing Dragon seemed completely unfazed by Su Yi's attacks. Its ferocious dragon head suddenly raised and opened its huge wings, releasing a wave of blazing heat.


Su Yi's body was again blasted to fly directly, heavily smashing in the distance, with dust flying, and blood vomited again.

Su Yi jammed his heavy sword into the ground, standing up with support. His mouth was dripping with fresh blood and his body was completely stained red. His body had many wounds and gashes, and his hair was disheveled.

Looking at Su Yi who could still stand, Emperor Blazing Dragon's eyes twitched in surprise, but his eyes soon became cold again and his chill didn't decrease. His huge body swooped down.

When the immense figure of Emperor Blazing Dragon appeared before Su Yi, its body glowed and transformed again into that middle-aged man with crimson hair.


He reached out with one hand and shrouded Su Yi.

Faced with that terrible claw, Su Yi could not retreat. Gritting his teeth, his face became ferocious and his veins bulged. Roaring in his heart, he raised his right fist and struck furiously at the claw mark.

A terrifying surge of power burst forth like a volcano before Su Yi's fist.

In the blink of an eye, Su Yi's punch swelled up like thunder and lightning, echoing like a low rumble and booming with majesty, as if a king had awoken and descended with great power.

"Boom!" The two suddenly collided, with such a head-on crash, sand and stones were flying around, and the ground blew up.

Su Yi spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as he was sent flying again.


The figure of the Emperor Blazing Dragon appeared, and before Su Yi had even landed, his five fingers curved slightly and one hand pressed down onto Su Yi's left shoulder with a blazing force.

The sound of 'Kaka' bones breaking came to Su Yi's shoulder, as if the bones were cracking and spreading intense pain.

A terrifying force swept over, overwhelming Su Yi, wanting to tear him apart in an instant!

"Mankind, hand over my child, or I will tear you to pieces!"

Emperor Blazing Dragon stared coldly at Su Yi, and with a powerful power swept down, causing Su Yi's shoulder bones to crack.

Suddenly, Emperor Blazing Dragon's eyes changed, and he stared intensely at Su Yi.

In this moment, when Su Yi's shoulder was grabbed by Emperor Blazing Dragon's claw, his already feeble breath suddenly rose. On the body full of wounds, blue veins were exposed and his eyes gradually turned red. A breath of volcanic eruption came forth from within his body as well as majesty and destruction!

When such an atmosphere spreads, even Emperor Blazing Dragon was shocked and secretly anxious!

Only Su Yi himself was most clear about it, this was the familiar mysterious force, coming from the mysterious light group.

His Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique was like a sovereign who could not be provoked, it broke out and the mysterious power in the mysterious space also began to respond.

If the sovereign was provoked, he would erupt in an instant!

Mysterious power emanated from the mysterious light ball, surging into Su Yi's body, making his body tremble, and swell up as if about to burst.

"Ah!" With a loud shout, Su Yi's eyes were now bloodshot, his aura reaching its peak, his scarlet eyes surging, a terrible power poured into the broken sword in his right hand and he swung it towards Emperor Blazing Dragon.

The radiance engulfed the broken sword, the breath was rampant and fiery, exuding a kind of destruction.

Emperor Blazing Dragon was shocked as a terrifying force surged from the shoulders of the human and connected to him, sending chills down his spine.

Unconsciously throwing Su Yi away, Emperor Blazing Dragon was shocked and a surging wave of crimson flames burst out.


The sword light slashed through the sky, releasing a devastating gust of energy, radiating a blinding light that caused a crack to appear in the sheet of crimson flames in front of Emperor Blazing Dragon.

Emperor Blazing Dragon's face was shocked, he waved his sleeve and a red light like lightning struck out and shattered the sword light, but his expression had already drastically changed.

In that moment, it seemed like something had changed within this human kid and a feeling of unease and palpitation filled his heart.


A deep cry of rage suddenly burst forth, and Su Yi's figure rose into the air with a crimson glow. An imposing aura surged upwards, his right hand tightly gripping a heavy sword, which was like thunder and lightning flashing brilliantly. With an unparalleled ferocity, the sword split downwards.


All around, the demon beasts roared and trembled; their senses were overwhelmed by the aura emanating from Su Yi's body; their souls were suppressed and their hearts were thumping in fear!

"This power is not yours!"

Emperor Blazing Dragon discovered a clue. Such a terrible force, definitely not belonging to the human teenager in front of him.

Suddenly, Emperor Blazing Dragon opened his mouth and a shadow of Blazing Heavenly Dragon flew out. With a roar, the dragon collided with that terrible power from Su Yi.

The light shone brilliantly, while the fearsome gale raged like a hurricane.


Su Yi fell backwards, crashing heavily into the ruins below, and chunks of stone shattered.

Blood spurted from his mouth and wounds burst open on his body, emitting a red glow.

Under the dreadful force within his body, Su Yi found it hard to bear. His body seemed to explode anytime and he became a bloody person, too horrible to look at.

In the ruins, Su Yi clenched his teeth, rationality and the last consciousness telling him that he must fight to the death.

"In the end, it's not your own strength. You can't control it!"

Emperor Blazing Dragon coldly laughed. That was not the power of the human kid, and it was impossible for him to bear. Forcibly supporting it would be no different from courting death.

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