The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 334

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Chapter 334: Escaping From the Claws of Fate

"Nine Lives Cat Demon!"

Seeing Nine Lives Cat Demon's body, the middle-aged man with red hair was surprised. How did Nine Lives Cat Demon, of the Demonic Emperor Realm level, suddenly appear in the Forest of Demons?

Su Yi stood up, his body filled with energy and fury. He surveyed the chaotic surroundings and noticed an especially conspicuous white Ice Savage Wolf flying through the low sky. The echoing loud roar of the beast made him uneasy in his heart.


A beast about half a meter tall, yet with a length of several meters, emitted golden light from its body. It had sharp fangs and exuded a fierce aura, aiming its single horn on its forehead at Su Yi.

"Evil animals!"

Su Yi growled, stomped his foot and activated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique inside him. His left hand reached out with surging energy and firmly grasped the beast's single horn.

"Huo la la…"

Under the tremendous impact, Su Yi backed up several meters, his feet scraping the ground. The stones and mud sent out sparks, forming two cracks in the ground until he finally hit a broken wall. But behind him, the wall was filled with fissures, and then it collapsed, turning into ruins!

At the same time, Su Yi had already been ready and waiting to strike, his fist clenched tightly, a thick glow covering his fist unleashed a powerful and domineering wave of energy that then burst out!

Simple and direct!

The fist was close at hand, lightning-fast and striking the head of the fierce beast; the resulting thunderous sound was truly shocking.

"Kaka…" A majestic air of destruction spread, cracks appeared in the ground all around, spreading out in all directions, and rocks crumbled into powder.

This awe-inspiring aura of destruction caused many Demon Beasts around to tremble in fear, shaking their bodies, and looking towards Su Yi.


The ferocious beast let out a miserable howl, its body suddenly became soft and limp and fell directly down. Its hard head was smashed, the bones were crushed and blood burst out, splattering all over Su Yi.


The howling of the wolves never ended, one after another, echoing through the emptiness.

"Emperor Blazing Dragon, it's him, he's the human you're looking for!"

This is beastly language; an Ice Savage Wolf saw Su Yi, its eyes became bright with excitement, and suddenly howled.

"Not good!"

Su Yi's face suddenly changed.

The middle-aged man with red hair stared at Su Yi in amazement, his eyes flashing with red light.

Su Yi tremored involuntarily under the gaze, feeling like he was being crushed by a mountain. It seemed that the middle-aged red-haired man was Blazing Heavenly Dragon who had already survived the Changing Shape Tribulation!

At this moment, Su Yi seemed to be under pressure. The Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique ran at full power, and a rolling breath surged up.


Su Yi didn't stop but fully drove the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, causing waves of qi to begin emanating from within his body in an instant. The light was dazzling, like flames burning, emitting an immense majesty that was daringly tyrannical, awe-inspiringly destructive!

"Kid, you made me search for you so hard, and today I found you easily!"

This aura made Emperor Blazing Dragon secretly surprised, but more of it was rage, his face ferocious and daunting.

His egg was stolen by this human and he searched in the dark forest specifically targeting the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance, but to no avail. When he recognized this human this time, how could he let him go?

"Emperor Blazing Dragon, it was all a misunderstanding…"

Su Yi opened his mouth with a solemn face, overwhelmed with grief and regret. He hadn't expected that after Su Tian Que had taken everyone away from the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon, they would encounter the Emperor Blazing Dragon.

Su Yi also knew why Emperor Blazing Dragon was so furious; it seemed that his identity as the one who stole the Blazing Heavenly Dragon's egg had been exposed.

The Blazing Heavenly Dragon's egg is no longer in his own hands, but is now taken away by Mo Yue. What's more, he has no clue about the identity and origin of Mo Yue!


Emperor Blazing Dragon didn't give Su Yi a chance to explain, his figure flashed like lightning and swept away with a strong bloody smell. His five fingers were slightly bent, a claw mark twisted the void and descended towards Su Yi.

Su Yi felt the space around him solidifying, as if there was a great power coming at him from all sides, getting tighter and tighter, trying to crush and imprison him.


As Emperor Blazing Dragon just moved, Nine Lives Cat Demon also took action. A pure white cat tail flew through the air, carrying an icy yet fierce strength. It fiercely thrust forward and directly blocked the former's claw.

The Emperor Blazing Dragon looked gloomy at her, with a hint of dread. An imposing aura emanated from within and his breath surged, his claws clenched into fists, then he suddenly roared and clashed against the white cat's tail.


When the two forces collided, the collision was not as loud and powerful as expected, but the point of impact shone brightly, causing the void to tremble.

The white cat's tail was shaken, its body glowed dimly.

The Emperor Blazing Dragon's fist shook slightly, his gaze dimming, and he suddenly stared at Nine Lives Cat Demon. Immediately, the look of dread in his eyes was replaced by a cold laugh. "It seems you can no longer protect yourself. After burning your essence to the end, you are finished!"

"I know you, I didn't expect that you have set foot in the Demonic Emperor Realm. Quickly leave, I can pretend this never happened. Otherwise, hum!"

Nine Lives Cat Demon snorted coldly, her amber-like eyes like two full moons shining in the nearly dawning night sky, exuding an awe-inspiring aura.

"Jeje, I know you too. Nine Lives Cat Demon clan has been destroyed, and you should have been in danger by now. This human and I have deep resentment. Why bother to intervene? Leave before I change my mind!"

The Emperor Blazing Dragon looked upon Nine Lives Cat Demon, no longer feeling fear, for Nine Lives Cat Demon could no longer threaten him.

Nine Lives Cat Demon exuded an aura that was a sign of her attitude as she looked at Su Yi and Su Tian Que, who had already gotten up, and said, "Leave him to me. Go!"

"Want to escape? You can go nowhere!"

The Emperor Blazing Dragon's blazing eyes were blood-red, and a roar filled with rage and coldness echoed from his mouth, "Bind that human!"


As Emperor Blazing Dragon's voice fell, the beasts around roared incessantly, and many fierce eyes suddenly stared intently at Su Yi.

Above the low altitude, several mighty Demonic Void Realm demon beasts cross the sky, blocking Su Yi's way in the air.

"Oh no!"

Su Yi took a deep breath upon seeing this lineup; it was definitely going to be trouble.

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