The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 332

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Chapter 332: Your Daddy Is Here!


But soon, the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon's huge tail whipped out and without hesitation, it crashed directly into the blade of light.


Su Yi's blade was directly destroyed, and even his Spirit Weapon greatsword in his hand was directly shattered inch by inch.

In the next instant, the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon's giant tail was like a huge bolt of lightning that fiercely struck Su Yi. The light shone brilliantly and a loud rumble echoed throughout.

Su Yi tried to avoid it, but the area around him was like solidified emptiness and he couldn't move an inch.

This is the terrible place of the Demonic Emperor Realm's powerful beings. Their powerful aura could condense the void.


Su Yi spewed out a mouthful of fresh blood, as if he had been crashed by a hundred thousand mountains, and his whole body bones seemed to be dismantled.

Especially the half body that was whipped by that huge tail, the bones seemed to be about to break.

Su Yi was hammered to the ground like a cannonball shot from the sky under the mighty impact.


The ground cracked apart, the earth shook and the mountains trembled!

Nine Lives Cat Demon's shadow was ahead of Su Yi by half a step, cast downwards.

Nine Lives Cat Demon struggled to her feet, her white hair stained with blood, her gaze intense to the extreme.

Su Yi coughed up blood and with great effort managed to get back on his feet. It felt like his organs were about to burst and every part of his body was being scattered.

If it weren't for Su Yi's Indestructible Vajra Body, his body would have been blown up by now.

When Su Yi was able to get up even after taking such a beating, even Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon furrowed its brows. In its imagination, surely this human should have died ten times over.

"It's you, human. Seems a bit strange that you'd dare come back, but you're still an ant."

Although slightly surprised, the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon didn't pay much attention.

A human from the Yuan Spirit Realm is just an ant in his heart. An extraordinary ant and a common ant are both ants to him, and there is no difference between them.


The Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon struck again with a flash of great brilliance. The huge tail swept away with a dazzling red-green light and fiercely fell down towards Su Yi.

Su Yi's body was swaying unsteadily and he felt powerless to resist; his head was still groggy.

Nine Lives Cat Demon's situation seems to be pretty bad, barely managing to get back on her feet.

"Your daddy is here!"

Suddenly, the empty air was filled with burning heat, blazing fire spreading in all directions, blocking Su Yi's way.

The flames were rampant, the air was scorching, and there was a great majesty.

"A chicken…"

Surprised, the waves of fire spread apart to reveal a bright and clear vision-- a bald, red chicken flapping its wings as it approached with short claws, like eagle talons, sending out a red light.


Just a touch, and the sparkle of fire shattered with a thunder-like rumble.

But in the raging fire, a turkey fell like a meteorite and slammed hard in front of Su Yi.


With a pitiful wailing, the turkey's body was like an asteroid hitting inside, scraping out a long crack in the ground.


Dust flew, the ground trembling, ending up right before Su Yi. Who else could it be but Su Tian Que?


Blood was dripping from Su Tian Que's mouth, but his body immediately crawled up and towards Su Yi. With an expression of solemnity, and blood still dripping from his mouth, he said to Su Yi, "I told you we were no match for it, now we're in trouble."

"Su Tian Que, whether you are a chicken or a peacock, you are my forever brother from now on!"

Su Yi had blood in his mouth, looking at the bleeding Su Tian Que, yet there was a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Su Tian Que didn't leave, but instead ran over, which warmed Su Yi's heart; this guy is really loyal.

"I must be out of my mind to think that I could take on the Demon Emperor with you."

Su Tian Que gave Su Yi a look, then turned his gaze to Nine Lives Cat Demon with a solemn expression, saying, "Little cat demon, can you hold out for a bit? Just a bit. I need some time."

Being called "Little Cat Demon" by Su Tian Que, Nine Lives Cat Demon originally wanted to flare up, but under the present circumstances, looking at Su Tian Que's eyes, she silenced for a moment and almost gritted her teeth before nodding reluctantly.


Without hesitation, Su Tian Que was surrounded by a strong red light, and his expression suddenly became solemn.


The Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon looked at Su Tian Que with amazement again, wondering what was so strange.

"Hmph, go die!"

Being blocked in succession, even the Twin-Headed Dragon became displeased. Its expression sank slightly, and a vast breath surged forth. Its imposing manner increased greatly, and its huge tail swept across to viciously lash toward Su Yi and Su Tian Que, wanting to kill these trivial ants first.


Nine Lives Cat Demon moved, and a brilliance appeared on her body, she was divinely martial and awe-inspiring, with overwhelming animalistic might. The halo swept everything and she stood there with an amber gaze that seemed to be able to survey all directions!


Nine Lives Cat Demon rushed forward again, her breath pouring out like the flame of an oil lamp that had been refueled, the fire rising and her presence intensifying at that moment.

"Burn your blood? You're asking for trouble!"

Feeling Nine Lives Cat Demon's breath, the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon was stunned and his face became even gloomier.

Nine Lives Cat Demon said nothing, her large body flying straight at the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon. Her sharp claws were like hooks, her body was shining brightly, blocking its snake tail while emitting a strong authority. She was grand and agile, swift and dignified.

A muffled thunder echoed through the vast night sky.


Right now, Nine Lives Cat Demon's aura was surging and burning, her breath piercing the heavens; she had regained the true Demon Emperor Realm's strength!


It seemed that even the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon dared not act recklessly, and it also transformed into its true body. Its true body had two heads, one head as red as fire and the other head with green and white icy breath. Its four eyes were scarlet and its cold, containing a kind of gloomy atmosphere.

Su Yi grabbed a handful of pills from the space bag in his embrace and stuffed them into his mouth without caring what kind of pills they were, only knowing that they could heal and restore his energy. He watched the two giant creatures in the void, as if they were about to tear the void apart.

This is a duel between powerful people of the Demonic Emperor Realm level, and there's nothing he can do to intervene. If it weren't for the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon not using its full power just now, then no matter how strong his physical body was, it would still be useless.

"It's all for naught, no matter how much blood and sweat you put into it! You can't defeat me!"

The Twin-headed Ice and Fire Dragon soared across the sky; one of its mouths unleashed a blazing inferno, and the other mouth spewed out icy cold air, blanketing the empty void. Like a giant flying dragon, it suppressed Nine Lives Cat Demon.

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