The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 322

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Chapter 322: Encountering a Wave of Beasts!

One night passed, the morning glow pervaded, and the rising sun rose in the east.

Su Yi stopped snoring, stretched out a lazy waist, got up, and looked at the rising sun.

Su Tian Que fluffed his downy wings and asked, "Where are we going now? It's not very safe in the Demon Woods."

"Leave the Demon Woods!"

Su Yi spoke, already having plans in his heart. The Demon Woods wasn't a place he could easily wander around, after all, it was the paradise of demon beasts and the land of the demon clan.

As a human being, he has many inconveniences here.

Su Tian Que asked, "Where do you plan to go?"

"Chaos Realm!"

Su Yi answered.

Su Yi originally planned to go to the Chaos Realm, but then he went deeper and deeper into the forest until he reached the Demon Woods.

Su Tian Que was puzzled, "Chaos Realm, what is that place? It seems as if I have never heard of it before."

Su Yi asked Su Tian Que, "You don't know about the Chaos Realm?"

Su Tian Que shook his head, appearing somewhat disoriented, and said, "I don't know, this place doesn't seem to be in my memory."

"Anyway, it's a great place!"

Su Yi smiled and whispered that the legend said the Chaos Realm was like the demon forest, full of special beings.

Strictly speaking, the Chaos Realm is even more peculiar than the Forest of Demons.

According to Su Yi, the Chaos Realm is vast, not much different from places like six lands, three continents, and one ocean.

But for some reason, the Chaos Realm was an area independent from the One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects, and Four Schools.

At the same time, Chaos Realm is more chaotic than the Forest of Demons.

Most importantly, Chaos Realm is not only chaotic, but also exposed to endless dangers.

Chaos Realm is rumored to be a place where one person eats another, pure strong devouring the weak, no reason could be said, it is a paradise for solo cultivators.

The term "solo cultivator" is a term used for those who cultivate but don't join any force.

Su Yi is a sole cultivator too. Strictly speaking, apart from the Divine Demonic Sect, he doesn't belong to any sect. In the Chaos Realm, Su Yi wants to make a name for himself, although it is more brutal there, it can also help him become stronger faster.

Chaos Realm is a paradise for tempering oneself.

In five years' time, Su Yi knew that he had to keep honing himself in order to rapidly break through and become a strong one.

With his Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and as a Soul Tamer, as well as the mysterious space, he can fully display it without too much hesitation in the Chaos Realm.

Su Yi was confident that once he reaches the Chaos Realm, he can gradually grow and eventually become a powerful being.

Moreover, it is impossible to stay in Demon Woods. Su Yi would not be foolish enough to stay in the Forest of Demons after killing the Young Sect Master of Black Fiend School.

"So it's a good place, I'd like to see it for myself."

Su Tian Que was excited, as he had been stifled for the past period of time. All he needed was to leave this Demon Woods.

"Grandpa, I'm going to the Chaos Realm now. Take care of yourself and don't worry, I'll definitely come back to Man City soon!"

Su Yi's eyes were a little red as he looked in the direction of the Chaos Realm. He had been gone for so long and didn't know how his grandfather was doing, but there was still no way for him to go back. Although he had the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, he didn't know if it would be enough to heal his grandfather.

Subsequently, Su Yi's gaze was resolute, and his hands made a mark, behind him was a faint red light that flickered like flames, becoming brighter and brighter, like a red glow.

In an instant, a pair of scarlet red wings coalesced behind Su Yi, extending about a dozen feet and radiating a glorious glow, as thin as cicada wings, with an attractive arc.


With a flap of his wings, Su Yi' body suddenly rose up, accompanied by the dust and stones flying around, as if a bird was floating in mid-air.

"Let's go…"

At this moment, Su Yi wanted to try the mystery of his Hundred Transformations Step. With a flap of his wings, his body suddenly slided through the air.

"Wait for me."

Su Tian Que tried his best, flapping his short wings, but he couldn't lift off. He shouted out loud for help.


In the rolling Mngmng Mountains, a low rumble of thunder was heard.

"How come there are so many Demon Beasts everywhere!"

In the thick thorns, Su Yi and Su Tian Que hid themselves, restraining their breath, not daring to gasp even a bit.

The mountains and forests swayed, the towering trees swayed, many huge demon beasts swept across, crushing the tree branches, and wafting a fierce breath.

Su Tian Que raised his eyes, his small eyes searching among the bushes. "I don't know, it feels like something has happened."

"Are they looking for the Divine Demonic Sect?"

Su Yi frowned. There were so many demon beasts in a flock, it was not normal, he suspected they were still searching for the Divine Demonic Sect.

"It should not be."

Su Tian Que shook his head; these demon beasts didn't seem to be looking for someone.


There was a ferocious beast appearing, standing and walking, about several meters high, with a longhorn, moving at a very fast speed.


There were birds with wingspans of dozens of meters, flying through the sky.


Following close behind, a vast number of Demon Beasts surged out, roaring like thunder and shaking the ground. A massive horde of Demon Beasts roared past like a hillside flooding.

"It's the Beast Tide!"

Su Yi was stunned as the ground trembled and many towering trees were knocked down. The demon beast roared and galloped, flattening many mountain tops to form a wave of beasts.

"How come there are so many Demon Beasts, is it time for a battle?" Su Tian Que was very puzzled.


Everywhere there were earth-shaking animal roars, stones shooting, and mountains collapsing, creating a terrifying scene.

"There are powerful Demonic Void Realm demon beasts!"

Su Yi hid in the thorns, lifted his head from the crack and saw a huge strange beast hovering overhead, with a body full of black light and an intimidating aura.

Behind the beast, there was another fierce bird, its entire body glowing red and its wings brightly colored, gorgeous like fire, fanning out a sky full of flames.

"Stay away."

Su Tian Que took a few steps back, not daring to raise his head, afraid that the galloping beast tide would trample past him. Luckily, their hiding place was very remote.

Despite this, the Beast Wave was still too horrible. The after waves caused by their moves were like an earthquake.

When the beasts swept by in a roar, Su Yi and Su Tian Que were also engulfed in the dust.

One person and one chicken crawl out of a pile of dirt, looking disheveled and embarrassed.

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