The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: It's Not a Heavenly Phenomenon, It's a Thunderbolt!


Above the small cave, thunder roared incessantly, and eeriness filled the air.

The energy was like a whirlpool, spiraling more and more wildly, raging into the cave.


Within Cang Lan City, the roars of beasts were non-stop, deafeningly loud, accompanied by thunderous claps which shook the heavens and earth, piercing through the clouds.

Many powerful demon beasts were startled and followed the energy source, looking towards the mountain top.

Many of those of the Divine Demonic Sect who has been in seclusion have already awakened.

There are also some people who are cultivating are also awakened. Under this amazing movement, they come one after another, trembling and palpitating under the pressure, and looking at the small cave in horror.

"What's the matter?"

Elder Shangguan Xu and Elder Hu Bu stood side by side, trembling in awe at the sudden silence.

Dark clouds covered this part of the sky, lightning was ravaging. What a fearsome sight!

Chi Qin and the old man in the yellow robe paid no attention to any changes, their eyes were fixed intently on the cave, feeling the oppressive force inside, which was even more terrifying.

"There are changes!"

Looking far into the small cave, the old man in yellow robes suddenly shrank his gaze and, out of the blue, opened his mouth with a sudden tremor in his heart.

"Tock tock tock…"

Suddenly, the mountain top where the little cave was situated trembled like a volcanic eruption, blasting out countless rocks that shot through the clouds.

Dust flying, mountains breaking and ground splitting!

When this mountain top exploded, a terrifying breath spread all around, carrying surging demonic energy to the heavens.

At the same time, there was a burst of light from the mountain top, and a figure wrapped in heavenly and earthly energy, with a demonic aura surrounding it, lifting its body and suspending its body in mid-air while sitting cross-legged.

The figure was surrounded by dazzling light, like a divine radiance.

It is not hard to see that the figure was carrying a sword, fifteen or sixteen years old, with black long hair spread over the shoulder, and closed eyes, but could not hide his unique temperament, with a hint of arrogance and a little bit of evil.

This evil has nothing to do with the demonic energy emanating from this figure; it comes from within the figure itself.

Who else besides Su Yi could be this figure?


When Su Yi appeared, in an instant, the sky suddenly turned dark, and the black clouds spread, quietly covering the world, causing the earth to suddenly plunge into darkness.

When the dark clouds appeared, the old man in a yellow robe and Chi Qin's eyes both narrowed immediately.


In the void, an inexplicable tremor shook, and an invisible, astonishing pressure spread, causing people's souls to quiver uncontrollably.

The demon beasts of Cang Lan City seemed to have sensed something, and all the beasts suddenly fell silent, trembling on the ground!

"Chi chi…"

Dark black clouds churning, lightning flashing, illuminating the dark heavens and earth.

This piercing thundercloud, perched in mid-air, emanated an imposing thunder and lightning that stirred the hearts of all beasts and sent a chill down their spines.

"No, this isn't an otherworldly phenomenon; it's a disaster!"

Suddenly, Chi Qin could not help but tremble and exclaimed. His eyes were staring at the figure of a teenager sitting across his knees in the distant sky. His eyes fluctuated violently.

"Ci la la…"

However, before Chi Qin could finish speaking, a moment later, brilliant lightning bolts pierced through the dark thunderclouds, striking down directly on Su Yi, with terrifying intensity.

This was a disaster, not ordinary thunder and lightning, but a punishment from heaven.


In an instant, the dazzling thunder and lightning burst forth from Su Yi as the center, endlessly and fiercely.

Thunder and lightning from all directions were crazily descending, imposing awe-inspiring pressure, carrying with it the heaviness of heaven and earth, as if wanting to destroy everything.

"What is going on here!"

"Be careful, Su Yi!"

All disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect raised their heads to look at the horrible lightning that rained down, gulping down their saliva and inhaling a chill breath of air for Su Yi!

Just as everyone was taking a deep breath for Su Yi, the fearful lightning that could destroy everything stopped just an inch from Su Yi's head.

Lightning flashed across the sky, dazzling the eyes. One glance and one's heart began to tremble.

But at this moment, the terrible thunder and lightning which carried the pressure stopped one foot above Su Yi.

Thunder and lightning felt something, cowering in fear.

All eyes trembled, looking at the shocked faces, their gaze stunned and transfixed at the figure of the young boy sitting beneath the thunder and lightning.

At this moment, a strange light shone from that young man's body, inside and out.

This brilliant, hazy light emits a strong and compelling aura, as if it could isolate space and disperse a dazzling red glow.


At this moment, an imposing and domineering aura burst forth from that young man's body, as if a sovereign could not be provoked.

The thunderbolt loomed, and the rumbling thunder never ceased, but the brilliant lightning dared not come again, dared not approach that blurry glow.

This is the power of lightning, the lightning bolt, the power of heaven's punishment!

However, at this moment, facing Su Yi's body, it dared not get close!

This scene, seen by so many eyes at the moment, shocked everyone.


The old man in the yellow robe in the distant mountain peak was dumbfounded, his face showing an unprecedented look of shock.

Chi Qin was shocked too, with eyes wide open and mouth agape.

This is the heavenly lightning, the power of heaven's law of punishment, yet it is so dreaded that it dare not descend, as if it were scared to punish that boy!

When Chi Qin thought of this, his heart leapt with excitement!


Around Su Yi, the mysterious light glowed from within and spread outwards. As if feeling the thunder and lightning in the void, a red glow surged out, with an unparalleled aura of destruction surging out like a warning and a roar!

Under this tyrannical destructive power, the brilliant thunder and lightning started to tremble and retreat continuously.


At that very moment, Su Yi's tightly shut eyes suddenly opened, and his pair of originally deep and bright eyes shone brightly.

In a split second, an appalling breath emanating with ancient charm filled Su Yi's body. It was like the ebb and flow of raging waves, as if it could suppress the four corners and spread out in this space.

Staring at the lightning in the sky, Su Yi seemed to have just woken up, feeling the terrifying lightning, her eyes trembling with fear.

"Lightning tribulation… is this a lightning tribulation?!"

Su Yi trembled, recalling the dread he had felt when the Blood Spiritual Ginseng experienced its lightning tribulation.

The stillness at this moment was even more powerful when he experienced it in person.

This is fate, it's a lightning tribulation!

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