The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Mysterious Space

Though the upper ranks and experts of the big families were not affected, their eyes were full of horror.

As they looked at the violent winds rippling outwards, they could feel the presence of tyranny and fierceness in the aura. In its majesty was a force of destruction.

Emotions swirled in the eyes of Su Yun Tian, Su Jing Ting, the Grand Elders and the rest of the upper ranks of the Su Family. This horrifying aura could not be given off by any of the Su Family’s techniques.

“How could there be such a strong aura?!”

Wang Quan De was also astonished at this moment. He could not understand how did Su Yi, that little brat, have such a strong aura.

The aura of a Yuan Soul Realm First Grade cultivator was actually stronger than Ji Chao’s aura, a cultivator at the Peak of the Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade.

Especially the terrifying aura that was given off by Su Yi’s fist at the last moment, that overwhelming power and majesty, Wang Quan De knew in his heart that it was not normal.

“Is it the cultivation technique, martial technique, or is there something strange about that kid?”

Wang Quan De was deep in thought. No question asked, there was either something mysterious about Su Yi or it might be a far stronger cultivation technique or martial technique.

Ji Chao’s cultivation technique and martial techniques were all of King Grade and above but the aura that burst out of Su Yi was actually far stronger than Ji Chao’s.

If this was because of a cultivation technique or martial technique, then how terrifying was Su Yi’s technique? Thinking about that, how could Wang Quan De not be shocked!

That frightening storm caused everyone to be filled with shock, their eyes trembling.

Even spectators far away from the stage were still able to feel just how horrifying it was from that sheer power.

The experts of each big family were all intensely staring at the two youths who were the source of that storm.

After a confrontation like that, the victor and the defeated should be clear!

Under many sharp gazes, the whirlpool of black Yuan Qi and blinding Yuan Qi were getting more intense, colliding with each other, trying to engulf one another. Afterward, the force exploded and hit the two youths.


As the force hit them, Ji Chao and Su Yi spat out a mouthful of fresh red blood.


The bodies of the two people were blown back. After dozens of meters while having their feet rubbing the ground did they manage to stop.

When the two sources were blown back and the turbulent winds expanded till a certain distance, the winds also halted and vanished into thin air.

“Ji Chao!”

“Su Yi!”

Concurrently, the experts of Sacred Mountain and the face of the Old Master Su Yun Tian changed greatly as they rushed to the sides of Ji Chao and Su Yi.

But at that time, the corners of the Ji Chao’s and Su Yi’s mouth were stained with blood and they had already fallen unconscious.

Subconsciously, Su Yi felt that as he fired that mysterious one punch, his entire body felt like it had exploded and afterward his consciousness fell into a whirlpool of blinding light.

“Am I going to die again?”

Su Yi felt slightly sad. If he was going to die again, he may not be lucky enough to reincarnate a second time.

Even if he was able to reincarnate, Su Yi’s heart could not bear to leave.

Even though he was reborn in this world with the memories of the previous life, but in this life, he had a grandfather who loved him like no one else did and he also had parents who had met difficulties.

Though some people in the Su Family were just indifferent to him, it was normal for a large family.

Su Yi knew very well that there was the Grand Elder, Su Bai Han and many others in the Su Family who treated him fairly well. Just that some felt angry about how he did not try to do better.

And there were a few aunties in the Su Family who did not distance themselves from him due to his uselessness and his playboy way of life and had cared about him a lot since young.

And then there was still that little girl, Wan Er, an orphan who had been alone since young. If he died, she would be all alone in the world again.

In a flash, Su Yi recalled many, many things. He could not allow himself to die, he must continue to live on. Before he knew it, this world already had too many things which he could not bear to leave behind.

All this while, after reincarnating in this world, Su Yi had more or less looked at everything as an outsider, like a visitor of this world.

But only now did Su Yi understand that his previous life did not matter anymore.

He was living in the present, the present was the most important.

“I do not want to die, I cannot die!”

Su Yi hollered out at the bottom of his heart, but he could not make any sounds.


But it was unknown whether it was because of the unwillingness to die and desire to live, but something was triggered inside him. The whirlpool he was in suddenly exploded, the light was blinding and dazzling beyond measure, so much that one could not even glance at it. His sensation of endless falling immediately disappeared.

When his eyesight recovered, he still could not see what was in front of him clearly. Su Yi’s body was already beaten and battered, his skin burning with pain.

An extreme heat was filling the air like it was going to burn and wither away a person’s soul in the blink of an eye.

This horrifying high heat was enough to burn down everything to ashes. Su Yi felt like he was going to vaporize into the thin air.



The thunderous roars and howls by beasts were like they were going to tear the nine heavens asunder, piercing the clouds and shattering the rocks. They resonated in the air and felt as if they were going to blow apart eardrums and caused people to tremble with fear.

Everything became clearer in Su Yi’s consciousness.

When a clear sight appeared, Su Yi’s hairs stood on their ends and his bone quivered.

He could only see that his surroundings were an endless vast space. Crimson red fires blazed everywhere, illuminating the skies and the earth.

Blinding crimson light seemed to have descended from the inner reaches of the high heavens and like strings interweaved together, forming a piece of crimson red cloth which covered the void.

There were humongous demonic beasts laying firmly on the earth and in the skies, their horrifying aura surged through the entire space and everywhere was enclosed in a light as if there was a halo.

Gigantic beasts stretched their wings and filled the skies. Having a person stand in front of them was like comparing the sky with an ant, unmeasurably tiny.

There were gigantic tigers crouching, their bodies made of white light, hunching their backs in preparation for a lunge, their roars like thunder.

There were also titanic birds which filled the skies with their wings stretched. The flapping of their wings swaying the Seven-Colored Flames. Their two eyes like two seas of fire, instilling horror in one’s heart, threatening to burn down everything in its path.

Huge tortoises towered in the empty space as snakes coiled around them. Monstrous jet-black light radiated endlessly from their backs as if it was oppressing that vast space.

There were gigantic dragons coiled in wait. Rays of amber light like the dawn of a new morning illuminated the heavens bringing prosperity with it, creating clouds beneath their claws which were capable of ripping the heavens and shattering the earth.

There was a figure standing tall like a skyscraper as if it was a god overseeing that space, abnormalities appeared in the surroundings non-stop.

Galaxies fell and stars rotated around the space.

A humongous faint figure stood in that space. Constellations revolved in his palm. How shocking was that! It was like the feats of gods and Buddhas!

Rumble! Rumble!

Rumbles of thunder and wind sounded in this imaginary space. The rumbles were like the relentless sounds of heavens, deafening to the ears.

That kind of presence was too frightening like it was going to rip apart that universe.


Under that terrifying presence, Su Yi felt like his consciousness was going to be pressured to the point of bursting. Under that crushing pressure, he once again fell unconscious.

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