The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 263

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Chapter 263: Setting Off To The Tian Yao Cave!


Su Yi shot a glance at Su Tian Que while the suspicion in his eyes was undisguised. Then he left.

"You, what is the meaning of this? Do you still not believe me?!"

Su Tian Que angrily looked at Su Yi's back in a huff, yet there was nothing it could do.

Inside the room, Su Yi sat cross-legged while circulating his Yuan Qi and meditating to stabilize his cultivation.

The recent speed of his breakthrough made Su Yi unbearably honestly happy in his heart.

However, the speed of this breakthrough was too fast, and he was a little worried that his foundation was unstable.

Otherwise, those big schools and sects, no matter what level of the foundation, most likely there were countless and unexhausted amounts of cultivation resources and high cultivation treasures that could entirely allow their disciples to increase their cultivation and their speed of breakthroughs.

Not long after, on top of the bed, Su Yi's body was covered in radiance as though his entire person was bathing in a holy light.

A night without words. Early in the morning of the next day, when the darkness before the dawn had just passed, it was already lively inside of the Ancient Spirit Village.

At the square of the Ancient Spirit Village, a flying beast mount was waiting on order while Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, and the rest stood at the square with an elderly softly instructing them something. People could tell from their expressions that they were nervous, yet at the same time, looking forward.

"After entering the Tian Yao Cave, you guys will walk to the audience hall, which is the Demon Hall. There will be eight positions where you guys will find yourself a place to cultivate. After half a year, there will be people to take over you."

Su Yi had also been awoken by Shangguan Xi Wei early in the morning and reached the square. He had changed into a new robe and was now listening to Elder Shangguan Qing Ming's instructions.

Su Yi nodded his head, not daring to be careless as he listened attentively.

"Child, how are your wounds? Are you a little better?!"

"Brother Yi Su, you are so incredible. Too powerful!"

Many villagers came over and surrounded Su Yi with concerned eyes.

Even though on that day, they did not go to the square to witness the scene with their own eyes, they had heard about Su Yi's accomplishments.

Especially when they heard that Su Yi got heavily injured to the state of dripping with fresh blood, yet he once and again climbed up to battle for the Ancient Spirit Village, caused some women and children to be anxious while listening.

Right now, as they saw Su Yi, they couldn't help but see how was he.

"I am alright. My wounds have already recovered."

Su Yi bitterly smiled and deliberately spun a few rounds in front of the people to prove that he had already recovered. Those injuries had long healed when he refined the energy of the demonic core.

"Child, you are the benefactor of the Ancient Spirit Village. Why not just stay here in the future?!"

An elderly said as he had already treated Su Yi as the people of the Ancient Spirit Village, trying to persuade him to stay.

"I am still not gone yet." Su Yi bitterly smiled while his heart felt very warm, feeling that these villagers were particularly honest.

"Yi Su."

All of a sudden, Shangguan Chen Feng walked over and reached Su Yi's side. He still wore a clean white robe that set off his entire person with extraordinary handsomeness. Then, he directly kneeled on one leg towards Su Yi.

"What are you doing?" Su Yi reached out with one hand and grabbed Shangguan Chen Feng.

Some people were shocked while some people seemed to understand something. For example, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Xiu, and the rest glanced at each other while not saying anything.

"I have said before that as long as you helped and won, I, Shangguan Chen Feng, in this life shall follow you everywhere." Shangguan Chen Feng was very serious. The words he said back then, must naturally be, fulfilled.

"But, I have accepted the Yuan Stone and did the work. I don't do a bad bargain. Besides today I am also going into the Tian Yao Cave, so this is naturally something I must do."

Su Yi knew what Shangguan Chen Feng was referring to and pulled him up while slightly smiling and said: "You are Shangguan Yan's, Shangguan Ye's, and Shangguan Yu's brother, so you should be older than me. If you do not despise it, I should also naturally call you Brother Chen Feng."


Shangguan Chen Feng was stunned and dumbfoundedly looked at Su Yi. He secretly bit his lips while a glow swept passed in his eyes without leaving a trace as he solemnly nodded his head and responded: "Thank you!"

"Brother Chen Feng, everyone is family, so no need to be polite!"

"Brother Yi Su is now also one of our Ancient Spirit Village people, so no need to stand on ceremony."

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, and the rest witnessed the situation and abruptly came over while smiling.

"Okay, get ready to set off. Someone will aid you guys at the outside of the Tian Yao Cave, telling you guys how to enter."

An elderly from the Ancient Spirit Village glanced at Su Yi with full of praises in his eyes. Then looking at the sky, he stated to the group of youngsters that were about to set off.

"Let's go!"

Shangguan Xi Wei waved her sleeves while Yuan Qi surged under her feet as that enchanting figure directly leaped onto the back of the flying beast mount waiting at one side.

"Whoosh whoosh……"

Afterward, several figures unitedly swept out and leaped onto the back of the flying beast mount.

The Ancient Spirit Village had not won for a very long time. Therefore, for over twenty years, no one had entered the Tian Yao Cave to fortify, so the first group to enter was naturally those outstanding people in the younger generation.

No one in the Ancient Spirit Village had any objection with Su Yi on the slot.

The remaining seven slots, naturally Shangguan Chen Feng, and Shangguan Xi Wei were amongst them.

Other than that, there were Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, Shangguan Ye, Shangguan Xiu, and another young man that Su Yi had seen before.

Within the Ancient Spirit Village, under the sunlight at a back mountain, several old figures appeared at the mountain peak.

In the several old figures, the one leading was precisely the village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya, and some aged discipline elders of the Ancient Spirit Village.

"They have left. This time, I wonder if there is any hope……"

Looking at the flying beast mount leaving and spreading its wing while carrying the eight young men and women, on the old face of an elderly, his eyes slightly squinted as it emitted some radiance.

"It has already been so long. Perhaps everything is only just a legend. Otherwise, for so many years, why has no one succeeded before?"

Another old elder shook his head and somewhat sighed. He softly muttered: "The ancestor's instructions have mentioned that we cannot leave this place, or else the entire clan, will be eliminated by the enemies. If the juniors can take the biggest benefits of the Tian Yao Cave, we can then emerged to the outside world. But, after so many years, no one could get it. Nobody even knows what is that biggest benefit……"

"If there are truly enemies, after so many years, those enemies have most probably long been dead." The elder who spoke first responded.

"If it is just a legend, then we will stay at this place forever." An elderly sighed.

"Everything is up to fate." Shangguan Cheng Ya spoke faintly. Then there was a glow slightly fluctuating on her entire body as her figure disappeared from the mountain peak.


On the back of the flying beast mount, all of the eight people were nervous and looking forward.

"I have heard that after coming out of the Tian Yao Cave, those in the Yuan Xuan Realm will increase by three or four grades on average. I am really looking forward to it!"

Shangguan Yan was a little excited. He had heard from his dad that as long as they came out from the Yao Luo Mountain, everyone would increase by three or four grades on average.

In the time of half a year, increasing by three or four grades, that was definitely very frightening.

And furthermore, everyone knew that the biggest benefit of the Tian Yao Cave was still the fortifying of spiritual power.

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