The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: Do You Think That Only You Can Breakthrough?!

Strong Yuan Qi charged out along the ground and gathered from all around. Then it converged together and assaulted towards the foot of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear.


However, at this moment, the giant bear paw of Scarlet Searing Raging Bear also directly smacked down with flaming scarlet light and gruesome naked flames.

"Pat pat!"

Under the immense assaulting power, the massive body of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear got flipped up as it staggeringly retreated. It roared with pain as its foot got hurt.

But, the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear did not fall down on its head. Only, the corner of its hideous mouth, seeped out a mouthful of blood.


Su Yi got assaulted, and his body once again flew away. Another mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth as he harshly crashed onto the ground.

"Bang bang!"

The surrounding sand flew, and rocks rolled while the flagstones got lifted up. The stones, were shattered at a low altitude with frightening momentum.

"That young man, Yi Su, must have been defeated, right?!"

The gazes of the entire square trembled. No one thought that Su Yi's strength was weak. Instead, they were deeply shocked by him.

Currently, to be able to have such an intense battle with the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Grade that had also undergone the raging transformation to such an extent, no one in the younger generation of the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Mighty Bear Tribe and the Ancient Spirit Village were able to do it!

"Brother Yi Su……"

The hearts of Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, and the rest were already in their throats.

Su Yi once again stood up with bloodstain all over his body. The front of his robe was already tainted with blood, while his complexion was as white as paper.

"He can still stand up!"

"Unbelievable, his physique is definitely robust!"

"To be able to withstand numerous times of the fierce attacks of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear, his physique seems to be much stronger than Xiong Zhan. With Xiong Zhan's physique, he most probably had long ago could not stand up!"

A strong cultivator exclaimed as it could not escape from their vicious eyes. The young man that came from the outside also had such a robust physique that was unexpectedly above Xiong Zhan's.

The Scarlet Searing Raging Bear had noticed that Su Yi had once again stood up as the scarlet gaze in its eyes became even more frantic while adding onto the pain from its foot which was unbearable, it roared and pounced towards Su Yi again.

"Brother Yi Su, be careful!"

Shangguan Ye and the rest clenched their fists tightly. It was not hard to tell that Brother Yi Su could no longer hold on anymore.

Su Yi did not retreat. With no fear in his eyes, he continued to retaliate.


Su Yi once again got smacked and flew away. He crashed onto the ground, spurting out fresh blood while he had already gotten defeated like the landslide.

However, later, under all of the shocked gazes, that clean and skinny young man stood up again while the clothes at the front became even brilliant.

"Oh my gosh, can he still hold on?!"

Within the onlookers, someone uncontrollably yelled out. That young man was already severely wounded to such an extent, yet he could actually still stand up.

"Brother Yi Su, forget it. You have already tried your best!"

Shangguan Yan and the rest softly cried out with tears in their eyes as Yi Su was fighting for their Ancient Spirit Village.

"Brother Yi Su, don't fight anymore!"

Shangguan Xiu and some of the young girls shouted with tears shimmering in their eyes.

Shangguan Xi Wei watched the scene closely with fluctuations in her gaze. Her pearly white teeth gently bit her tender red lips, harder and harder.


Su Yi's body swayed. But after getting up, he took the initiative to pounce towards the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear.


The aura on the body of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear completely calmed down after reaching the critical point of the peak of the Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Grade. Looking down at Su Yi, who had taken the initiative to pounce over, its giant foot directly kicked out, wanting to sweep Su Yi away.

"Pu chi……"

The result was as expected. Su Yi's body flew out like a kite that had its string snapped. Then, a mouthful of fresh blood spurted out as he landed harshly ten over zhang away.

Su Yi once again landed harshly onto the ground. His body was, submerged within the crushed rocks as his entire person, was buried within the piles of crushed rocks.

This time, Su Yi did not climb up again and even appeared as though there were no more movements.


The gazes of the entire square trembled while glancing at the young man that had landed. They wondered if a miracle would happen, and the young man could still climb up.

"Too strong, and he has already done his best. However, the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear has already reached the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Grade, so it is impossible that there is still a chance!" A strong cultivator spoke as that young man had already tried his best.

"Is he dead?!"

Someone softly asked with worry. After suffering so many times of the fierce attacks of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear, most likely even a typical cultivator in the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Ninth Grade could not hang on, much less that young man, who was only at the Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade which was a tremendous difference between the current Scarlet Searing Raging Bear.

Within the Mighty Bear Tribe, all of the people initially hoped that the young man from the outside would lose.

However, at the moment, when they clearly saw the young man had already lost and was no longer the opponent of the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear, whether was it the younger generation or the seniors, all of them could not be excited as they were shocked.

That young man that came from the outside was frighteningly strong and had astonished the entire square!


Shangguan Xi Wei had an imposing expression and spoke to her grandma at her side. The white and long five fingers had also unknowingly clenched tightly together.

The situation now was already very apparent that Yi Su could no longer continue, while whether he was dead or alive was still unknown!

Presently, Shangguan Cheng Ya's gaze also appeared very nervous as she glanced at the arena. Then she softly muttered: "He has already done his best……"

Hearing this, the surrounding elders, strong cultivators, and the rest of the Ancient Spirit Village were also feeling regretful.

All of them could tell that Yi Su had indeed tried his best, but who could have thought that the Scarlet Searing Raging Bear would actually suddenly changed when battling and continuously broke through. Otherwise, Yi Su would have already won.

"We have lost……"

Shangguan Cheng Ya spoke, wanting to announce the defeat before the consequences would be grave if it continued down.

"Wait, not right……"

All of a sudden, Shangguan Cheng Ya seemed to have felt something. Her eyes glowed with brilliance as she looked towards the distant pile of crushed rocks.


At this time, a fluctuation came out from the pile of crushed rocks that buried Su Yi. There was a trace of crimson glow rushing out from the cracks, and instantly, an aura surged out with a light shockingly stormed out, which was very frightening.

The surrounding gazes also immediately closely stared at the commotion. The fearsome eyes of the frantic Scarlet Searing Raging Bear also simultaneously looked over at the rubble with curiosity.

Within the rubble, the aura surged more and more as the crimson glow got more and more brilliant, indistinctively as if implicated the surrounding heaven and earth energy.

Then a strange scene appeared. Inside the rubble, there was a surging aura escalating, intensely surging with a vigorous turbulent.

Along with the indistinct heaven and earth energy, the aura intertwined and madly surged.

"It is that young man!"

Someone shockingly shouted as the commotion came from those rubbles which naturally had a connection with that young man, Yi Su.


Very quickly, inside the rubble, along with a deep explosion sound, the entire rubble blasted open and spread everywhere while the frightening aura swept through the square.


The glow was brilliant while the sands flew, and rocks rolled, concealing the surrounding.

When everything calmed down, a clean, skinny, and straight figure appeared as the hair behind his back danced while the tattered and dirty robes fluttered. The glow on his body was brilliant with a surging aura, that was still escalating.

And this figure, who could it be other than Su Yi!

"Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade. This young man is also breaking through!"

Within the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Elder Hu Ben uncontrollably yelled out.

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