The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 248

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Chapter 248: Xiong Zhan's Strength!

The palm and fist clashed with a series of radiance sweeping out.

It could be seen with the naked eyes, that the tiger shadow glow on Hu Chi's fist only stagnated for a moment before it got assaulted over.


There was a dark black radiance before Xiong Zhan's palm as it charged out waves after waves, scattering the tiger shadow away.

At this instant, Hu Chi seemingly felt something as his expression changed drastically.

At the same time, the strong elderly cultivators of the Hunting Tiger Tribe and Ancient Spirit Village all had gazes flooding with astonishment.

Only the elderly, Xiong San, and the rest of the strong cultivators of the Mighty Bear Tribe secretly revealed smiles of having gotten it all worked out.

These strong cultivators and elderly of the Mighty Bear Tribe naturally knew Xiong Zhan's real strength well.

Xiong Zhan, with his cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade, was enough to sweep everything, and crushed the people in the same generation. This time, the Mighty Bear Tribe could have initially won if it wasn't for the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard that suddenly appeared, or else all of the three rounds would have belong to the Mighty Bear Tribe.

"Peak of the Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade is still only in the Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade. Let's end this!"

The instant when Hu Chi's expression changed drastically, overbearing words came out from Xiong Zhan's mouth.


Following after, in front of Xiong Zhan's palm, the dark black radiance glowed brilliantly with a trace of berserk, bold and mighty raging wind surging out that abruptly exploded.


Hu Chi's complexion instantly became pale while at the same time, his footsteps staggered backward as a mouthful of fresh blood directly spewed out.

After several steps, Hu Chi then stabilized his body. When the last step stomped down, the floor of the arena under his foot cracked with crushed stones coming out before he could finally steady his body.

However, after that, Hu Chi's body swayed, and he almost fell down on his butt.

Presently as they watched Hu Chi spewing out blood, the entire square sank into a dead silence.

Almost all of the gazes glanced at each other, dumb like a wooden chicken.

Hu Chi, who had defeated Shangguan Chen Feng, the number one of the Hunting Tiger Tribe in the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade, was actually defeated in one move!

"Hu hu……"

After a few pauses, sounds of sucking in cold air rang out one after another in the entire square.

"Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade!"

Su Yi glanced at Xiong Zhan, who was in the square while his gaze also jumped.

At this moment, the aura fluctuating on Xiong Zhan's body had clearly reached the Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade, surpassing Hu Chi's peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade.

"Xiong Zhan is already in the Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade!"

Regardless, was it the elderly and strong cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village, or the Hunting Tiger Tribe, at the moment, all of them had trembling eyes.

"Xiong Zhan seems to be only 19, right? And he has already reached the Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade. In these two hundred years, such a talented person has never appeared before!"

"Ten years ago, that place is under the Mighty Bear Tribe. When Xiong Zhan is young, he has been, fortified before, so he is much stronger than Hu Chi!"

"With such frightening talent, in this batch of youngsters, the strongest is Xiong Zhan!"

"If, Chen Feng, could also be sent in to be fortified when he was young, he will not be weaker than them!"

A strong cultivator of the Ancient Spirit Village spoke and sighed, feeling very regretful. Shangguan Chen Feng had lost the opportunity, which was precisely why the Ancient Spirit Village wanted to win this time and could not fail again.

Unfortunately, things had gone contrary to their wishes as the Ancient Spirit Village had still lost this time.

"Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade!"

Within the Hunting Tiger Tribe, it was silence while many gazes could not believe in it.

Those elderly and strong cultivator felt even more shocked. To think that Xiong Zhan had hidden to such a degree, never revealing his real strength.

Today, at such a critical moment, Xiong Zhan had soared up to the sky with a start and astonished the entire square.

"Won. We won!"

"Brother Xiong Zhan is invincible!"

"Brother Xiong Zhan is mighty!"

Within the Mighty Bear Tribe, warm cheers then sounded from the surroundings as they boiled up while some elderly even revealed smiles.

On Xiong Zhan's face, there was also a smile as he lifted his head and directly looked at Hu Chi before him, saying: "You have lost. The difference between the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade and Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade is too huge. You can't surpass it!"

The corner of Hu Chi's mouth was stained red while his eyes appeared a little lifeless with a pale complexion. He always felt that Xiong Zhan was his toughest competitor and if Xiong Zhan was also at the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade, even if his consumption was high, he had the confidence to fight him.

But now, in front of the cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade and facing Xiong Zhan, such an opponent, Hu Chi knew very clearly that he could not win.

"That's right, I have lost. But if we are at the same cultivation level, you will not win against me." Hu Chi spoke and wiped the blood-stained at the corner of his mouth.

"I do not think so. So what if you have reached the Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade? You are welcome to challenge me at any time!"

Xiong Zhan responded, not paying much attention as even on the same cultivation level, he still had the absolute confidence that he could win.

"I definitely will!"

Hu Chi said these three words before turning around and walked down the arena.

"To think that Xiong Zhan is this powerful. This time, the Mighty Bear Tribe has won!"

Shangguan Xi Wei's voice traveled into Su Yi's ear.

"Xiong Zhan is indeed incredibly powerful!"

Su Yi nodded his head. Towards Xiong Zhan, he truly praised him in his heart as such talent and strength were outstanding.

"Yi Su."

A faint voice, along with an upright figure, and an exceptional grace came over. At the moment, the face with defined edges was pale, yet his eyes revealed sharpness.

Su Yi lifted his head, feeling a little strange as it was the very cold, Shangguan Chen Feng that never spoke much.

"I have heard of the matter about you on the Yao Luo Mountain. Those two beasts mounts, is it really killed by you?"

Shangguan Chen Feng glanced at Su Yi. After he had come out from seclusion, he had heard about the matter regarding the Yao Luo Mountain.

Hu Du from the Hunting Tiger Tribe and Xiong Lie from the Mighty Bear Tribe had brought beasts mounts to the Yao Luo Mountain, yet in the end, they got killed by Su Yi.

And, the cultivations of the Earth Hill Fierce Bear and the Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger were very strong.


Su Yi nodded his head. Towards Shangguan Chen Feng that had a cold temperament and never spoke much, he indistinctly had a good feeling for him.

Especially after Shangguan Chen Feng was defeated, Su Yi could feel that the one that felt the most regretful was Shangguan Chen Feng himself.

Only, he did not express it out and suppressed it within his heart, enduring it alone.

"The Ancient Spirit Village has received many of your kindness, but I want to request you for one more matter. If, you can accept it, I, Shangguan Chen Feng, in this life is willing to do anything for you."

Shangguan Chen Feng glanced at Su Yi, while seemingly gritting his teeth as he said these words. The eyes that revealed sharpness brought along a type of pleading, but his momentum still had a sort of pride.

Listening to Shangguan Chen Feng's words, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan, and the rest of the youngsters beside Su Yi felt very surprised. The strong cultivators and the elderly of the Ancient Spirit Village not far away had also noticed it and shot their gazes over.

"You are acting too serious. If it is something that I can do, I will definitely give it my best."

Su Yi nodded his head. For a guy like him to say such words, it must be an urgent matter.

"I want you to represent the Ancient Spirit Village and challenge Xiong Zhan. If you can win, then the Ancient Spirit Village will be able to get the victory this time." Shangguan Chen Feng stated.

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