The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: Shangguan Tian Chen!

"We can leave some of these bear paws and the meat of the Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger for the people of the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe tomorrow to try too. What is your opinion, Yi Su?" An elderly revealed smiles and asked Su Yi.

Su Yi's eyes moved and understandingly smiled. He nodded to the elder and replied: "Everything will be, done according to senior's words."

"Then good, we will leave some while the remaining will be used to nourish you guys, juniors' bodies. The village will also make an exception and take out some Hundred Fruits Wine to celebrate Yi Su's escaped from death." An elderly spoke as he was the elder of the village with an extremely high status amongst the elders.

"Yay, we can drink the Hundred Fruits Wine again."

"And tiger meat to eat. It is too great."

A group of youngsters was endlessly happy as they could drink the Hundred Fruits Wine again.

Su Yi said goodbye to everyone and returned to the courtyard where he was staying.

The village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya, had unknowingly gone somewhere else as she was not inside the courtyard.

Su Yi went into his room. When he was about to meditate, a voice transmitted over from the door outside as someone had come.

Su Yi walked out of the courtyard and saw several aunties.

"Child, these clothes are all clean, and you can change into them. Look at your appearance, quickly go and take a bath." The aunties passed over some clothes to Su Yi.

"Thank you, aunties."

Su Yi felt very grateful. Although these clothes were not sumptuous, they were very plain and modest, causing a warmth to flow inside his heart.

After sending off the aunties, Su Yi stood at the courtyard somewhat in a trance. From those aunties, a blurry figure emerged from within his mind. He wondered where his mother was now and pondered if she was doing well.

"Those who survive a catastrophe are bound to have a good fortune later on. As long as you're back, as long as you're back."

A faint voice transmitted over into Su Yi's ear.

Su Yi turned his head back, and a kind face appeared before his eyes. The face did not have any wrinkles with a rosy complexion. The figure was hunching a little while there was some silver hair mixed within her head full of black hair. It was precisely the village head.

"Grandma Shangguan." Su Yi greeted.

"I see that you are in a daze. Are you thinking of home or your family?"

Shangguan Cheng Ya slightly smiled. On that kind face, the peaceful eyes seemingly could see through Su Yi.

"Yes." Su Yi lightly nodded his head, and embarrassingly smiled.

"After the competition tomorrow, hopefully, the Ancient Spirit Village can win so that we can fulfill the promise to you, and you can go back home early."

Shangguan Cheng Ya smilingly spoke: "Of course, in the future, the Ancient Spirit Village will also be your second home. You can just come back whenever you want."

"Many thanks to Grandma Shangguan." Su Yi nodded his head.

"No need to stand on ceremony. If you really want to thanks grandma, then accompany me to chat. For all these years, only that girl Xi Wei chat with me while we depended on each other. I only have a granddaughter, and now, I suddenly have another grandson, which makes me very happy." Shangguan Cheng Ya responded.

"Then, I will accompany Grandma Shangguan to chat." Su Yi nodded his head.

A mountain stream of flowing water with exotic flowers, rare herbs, and verdant trees.

At an ancient wooden pavilion, Su Yi accompanied Shangguan Cheng Ya and sat while glancing at the distant mountain stream as if absorbed in thought.

"Xi Wei, that girl did she told you about the matter of her parents?"

Shangguan Cheng Ya questioned with a faint voice while glancing afar with hazy eyes. If it wasn't for the indistinctly feeling of suppression from her body, she was like a normal old lady.

"I have heard a little."

Su Yi replied as he had learned of some situation from Shangguan Xi Wei that her mother had passed away while her father had left the Ancient Spirit Village. She and her grandmother had depended on each other since she was young.

"As for the outside world, this old lady has also never gone out before and does not know what it is like too. When I was young, I also had thoughts about wandering the outside and ignoring the ancestor's instructions." Shangguan Cheng Ya said with some glittering lights in her eyes while her expression was also a little fluxed, as though she had remembered the times when she was young.

Su Yi did not say anything. Presumably, inside the village head's heart, he felt that for all these years, she had never blamed her own son.

"Alright, let's talk about you. Do you have many family members?" Moments later, Shangguan Cheng Ya glanced at Su Yi and asked.

"I have a grandfather back home. After I was born, my parents have left me while their whereabouts are still unknown. Since then, we have depended on each other."

Su Yi recalled his grandfather. After coming out for such a long time, he prayed that his grandfather's body could still hang on for a moment more while he must quickly become a strong cultivator before going back to heal his grandfather.

"A child with a cruel fate too like Xi Wei."

Hearing this, Shangguan Cheng Ya was a little shocked. On the kind face, her gaze exceedingly moved as she pulled Su Yi's hand and softly responded.

"Grandfather treat me very good." Su Yi said with a smile hanging on the corner of his mouth.

An old and a young person sat together and chatted a lot.

Su Yi and Shangguan Cheng Ya talked a lot about the fascinating stuff regarding the outside world as the old lady carefully listened as though she had become young again with a face full of curiosity, which from time to time, she would reveal a smile.

"Today is the happiest day in these several years for this old lady. Thank you, child."

Finally, Shangguan Cheng Ya said to Su Yi as the kind face, was filled with smiles. She had never been so happy in such a long time.

"If Grandma Shangguan likes it, I will chat with you another day." Su Yi said to Shangguan Cheng Ya.


Shangguan Cheng Ya nodded her head while the slightly hunched body got up. The strands of silver-like white hair were apparent within the black hair. The pair of dark brown eyes as if the telling of old age, glanced at Su Yi for a while, somewhat wanting to say something yet hesitated.

"Grandma Shangguan, is there a problem?" Su Yi questioned.

"If there is a day after you went back and met a person called Shangguan Tian Chen……"

When she said halfway, Shangguan Cheng Ya's voice dropped once again as she lightly sighed and said: "Forget it, everything had passed. Only Xi Wei that girl has suffered……"

"Shangguan Tian Chen, is that Sister Xi Wei's father?" Su Yi asked.

"Alright, go back and rest. Tomorrow is the big competition of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe. You can also go and watch. The Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard has improved a lot, so if tomorrow we could win, then this time, our Ancient Spirit Village has basically won." Shangguan Cheng Ya stated and later urged Su Yi to rest.

Su Yi left and did not ask any further while he placed the name, Shangguan Tian Chen into his mind.

Back to his room, Su Yi found water to shower and changed into the clean robe that the aunties from the village had given him. Carrying the sword and saber onto his back again, he started to close his eyes and meditate.

After several hours, Su Yi opened his eyes and kept the hand seal. The Yuan Qi inside his body was abundant while he was full of vigor, feeling refreshed.

"I wonder what stage am I at for the Soul Tamer."

Su Yi could feel that his spiritual power had been improving non-stop in this period, especially since the previous time. But as for the Soul Tamer, he only knew a little about it and had no idea what stage was he at for the Soul Tamer.

"Brother Yi Su, everyone has been waiting for you."

Shangguan Yan's voice traveled over from the outside. The village was going to celebrate tonight with Su Yi as the main character.

When Su Yi walked out of the courtyard, it was already dusk.

"There is meat to eat again and Hundred Fruits Wine."

Su Tian Que tucked its tail and rapidly walked out. It was afraid that it would reach there late while its saliva almost dripped when it recalled the Hundred Fruits Wine and the roasted meat.

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