The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: Tidying Up!

"Foul Beast!"

Su Yi's gaze abruptly sank, while the Yuan Qi inside his body instantly gushed out from his meridians.

In an instant, Su Yi's aura of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade also went all out without any reservation as though the entire Yuan Qi in his Yuan Qi Ocean of his Dantian, were condensed onto his fist.

He raised his arm and shook as a fist blasted out with radiance glowing brilliantly.

"Overlord's Fist!"

Also at the same time, Su Yi hushedly roared in his heart as a fist directly clashed over, colliding with the palm of the big bear.


When both of them just contacted, Su Yi's fist that was brilliantly glowing seemed to have inflated as a clear wind and thunder rang through like a thunderclap rumbling, bringing with it a feeling as if a king had awoken to descend, producing a tremendous pressure that reverberated throughout.

A trace of frightening Yuan Qi power like a volcano eruption abruptly charged out from Su Yi's fist.

At this moment, the several beasts behind the group of people from the Mighty Bear Tribe felt the aura on Su Yi's body. Their entire bodies unknowingly trembled with expressions of fear!


In an instant, under the watch of everyone, there was a fluctuation feeling around the surrounding space.

A trace of frantic energy abruptly blasted out from the clashed between Su Yi's fist and the palm of the Earth Hill Fierce Bear.

Enormous raging wind formed into airwaves like a hurricane and directly shot over.

The raging wind swept through like a hurricane passing by.

"Pat pat......"

The group of youngsters from the Mighty Bear Tribe kept shockingly scurrying retreated while some of them directly fell onto the ground in shock.

"Pu pu......"

The Earth Hill Fierce Bear that was two zhang tall immediately spat out blood while its body scaled through the air before landing heavily onto the ground.

The palm of the bear that clashed over was, horribly mangled while the fearsome eyes of the Earth Hill Fierce Bear revealed fear as its pupil shrank before it tightly closed its eyes in terror. It actually got directly killed.

The group of stumbling and miserable youngsters from the Mighty Bear Tribe initially thought that Su Yi, would be trampled by the Earth Hill Fierce Bear. No one expected that the outcome would be this unbelievable that an Earth Hill Fierce Bear in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Eighth Grade, would actually be killed in one punch.

Xiong Lie was even more perplexed. The formerly gaze that was coldly smiling was instantly replaced by shocked as though he had seen a ghost as he could not accept this outcome.

As for the strength of this punch, Su Yi was also secretly stunned before becoming very satisfied.

However, Su Yi was not especially happy killing an Earth Hill Fierce Bear in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Eighth Grade in one punch.

Firstly, the bloodline of the Earth Hill Fierce Bear among the beasts, could not be compared to the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard.

Additionally, Su Yi had the intention to test as he went all out with his cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade and had even used Overlord's Fist.

"I have said before that you best don't provoke me!"

Su Yi coldly smirked as he swept his gaze and glared at the people from the Mighty Bear Tribe. Then, he walked over with huge steps towards Xiong Lie.

"What are you trying to do?"

Watching as Su Yi walked over, Xiong Lie's heart suddenly palpitated as his heart still had a lingering fear.

The hearts of the group of youngsters from the Mighty Bear Tribe was also scared.

What a strong young man that came from the outside with such a young age. In just a punch, he had killed an Earth Hill Fierce Bear in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Eighth Grade.

That was too powerful!

"Daring to provoke me, then you must pay for the price!"

When Su Yi's words landed, his figure abruptly accelerated with a palm akin to lightning, directly smacking towards Xiong Lie.


The complexion of Xiong Lie changed exceedingly while he subconsciously directly initiated the Mighty Desolate Verse. His eyes gushed out with a glimmer like a whirlpool while a whiff of frightening aura emitted an ancient air as though it could suppress the surroundings.


However, everything was already too late. When Xiong Lie just initiated the Mighty Desolate Verse, Su Yi's palm had already landed onto his chest.

"Pu chi......"

A massive power surged, and Xiong Lie spat out a mouthful of blood. The body that appeared like a mighty small bear directly flew out and crashed onto the ground while he could not struggle to climb up anymore.

Everyone on the scene was stunned. The remaining group of youngsters from the Mighty Bear Tribe glanced at each other while revealing expressions of shock.

"Quick, let's go up together!"

"Let's go up and attack together!"

Some of the older young men returned to their senses, and their complexion exceedingly changed. Weapons appeared in their hands with auras surging as they planned to attack together.


The group of youngsters from the Mighty Bear Tribe returned to their senses and series of auras abruptly surged. With the advantage in numbers, when they gathered together, their auras were also exceptional.


Su Yi's gaze sunk as Yuan Qi surged out from under his feet. With a cold shout, his figure swept out as though dragging out a chain of afterimages.


"Bang bang!"


His figure was akin to lightning with unpredictable changes as deep explosion sounds kept ranging out.

The Hundred Transformation Steps swept out from under Su Yi's feet. His hand opened and closed that whenever a fist and palm landed, a young man or a young girl from the Mighty Bear Tribe would flew away while spewing out blood.

Although there were many of them, the strongest was only Xiong Lie with the cultivation of peak Yuan Xuan Realm Fourth Grade which already gotten severely wounded by Su Yi back when he was in Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade.

Now that Su Yi had fully stepped into Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade, even though these youngsters from the Mighty Bear Tribe were all exceptional, how could they be Su Yi's opponent?

With the mysterious changes of the Hundred Transformation Steps, the youngsters from the Mighty Bear Tribe could not even touch the corners of Su Yi's robe.

"Thump thump thump......"

Figures one by one crashed onto the ground and spewed out blood while all of them found it hard to climb up again.

Within a short time, the twenty over people had laid on the floor, too powerless to move.

All of their eyes, were filled with incomparable shock. Before they head out, none of them had ever thought that the young man that came from the outside was actually this strong.

They initially thought that an Earth Hill Fierce Bear in the peak of Demonic Xuan Realm Eighth Grade would already be enough. No one had expected this outcome.


Far away, there was a tiger roar that deafened the ears with the sounds of wind separating.

After Su Yi defeated the last young man, he lifted his head and glanced in the direction of the tiger roar.

Very quickly, a gigantic ferocious tiger galloped over while on the back of the tiger, sat a young man about the age of 15-16 years old.

Behind this young man and tiger, there were many fearsome beasts mounts that sat over twenty young men and women.

"It is the people from the Mighty Bear Tribe!"

"It's Xiong Lie, and he seems to be severely wounded!"

"It’s him, that is the brat. He is Yi Su!"

The group of youngsters appeared and glanced at the ruined valley. Immediately, they saw the people from the Mighty Bear Tribe, which were bloodstained and filled with wounds.

The youngsters that had seen Su Yi before abruptly shouted out in shock.

Presently, it was precisely Hu Du's group of people that had come over.

Hu Du and the rest were also preparing to get down the mountain when they coincidentally passed by and heard this huge commotion and came over.

They initially thought that perhaps the people from the Ancient Spirit Village were still hunting but who knew that the ones they would saw were Xiong Lie from the Mighty Bear Tribe and the brat that came from the outside.

"Are you the one who injured them?"

Hu Du who was on the back of the ferocious tiger was secretly in shock when he saw Xiong Lie lying on the ground and could no longer climb up with an Earth Hill Fierce Bear that seemingly got killed while he glanced at Su Yi and asked.

"That's right. Did you guys came here to find me too?"

Su Yi looked at Hu Du and the rest of the group. They were not the people from the Ancient Spirit Village and the Mighty Bear Tribe, so naturally, it could only be the Hunting Tiger Tribe while he also recognized some of the young men that he had seen before.

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