The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 230

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Chapter 230: Grant You One Side Of The World!

"However, you are also remarkably lucky that the effect is already no longer its original one or two-tenths as the demonic core, is crushed by you and you have also only swallowed a small part of it. Otherwise, you might not be here anymore."

Su Tian Que rolled its eyes and looked at Su Yi. The demonic core, was crushed, which had greatly diminished its effect while it also knew that Su Yi had only swallowed a small portion of it. Therefore, he was able to endure it and even gained tremendous benefits from it.

It was absolutely coincidental and by chance. If not, with Su Yi's cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm, directly taking the demonic core was entirely courting death.

"Is that so......"

Listening to Su Tian Que's words, Su Yi uncontrollably secretly sucked in a cold breath as he had surely escaped a crisis.

The demonic core converged most of the energy of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros in the Demonic Void Realm. That was the Demonic Void Realm which with his cultivation of the Yuan Xuan Realm, it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

This fluke was entirely coincidental while also based on his luck.

"How much have you recovered?"

Afterward, Su Yi questioned Su Tian Que with full of expectation. This fellow had swallowed much more energy of the demonic core than him. Feeling its aura, it had seemingly also gained quite a lot of benefits.

"A demonic core in the Demonic Void Realm that is incomplete, how much can I even recover?"

Su Tian Que rolled its eyes at Su Yi and then with a stern expression, it continued: "I will need to re-cultivate. I think that I will perhaps remember everything when I have re-cultivated and recovered."

"Then you can slowly re-cultivate."

Su Yi arched his eyebrow. This fellow had always been so mysterious.

"Relax. The moment I have recovered, I will grant you one side of the world!" Su Tian Que glanced at Su Yi and said in a generous and overbearing tone.


Su Yi took a few glances at Su Tian Que and faintly laughed again.

"Su Yi, what is the meaning of your laughter? Do you not believe me?!"

"I believe. Why will I not believe you."

"But I feel that you completely do not believe in me and is mocking me."

"Impossible, why will I mock a peacock!"

"Then where are you going? Most likely, those fellows from the Ancient Spirit Village have left. Too bad, the meat of this Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros is a little sour and smelly, or else it can be roasted to eat."

"Wait for me! Oh ya, the broken sword on your back seems unusual. Is it this broken sword that has killed the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros......"


The voices of a human and a chicken echoed around while their figures gradually disappeared.


Early in the morning where thousands of mountains began to awake, within the blue and vast sky, the milky white clouds spread while the glow of the morning sun poured down onto the myriads of mountains.

Everywhere around were towering peaks and steep cliffs.

Ancient sky-high trees filled the mountains while unknown mixed trees and shrubs followed one after another continuously with various colors, and forms converged together into one ink scroll.

The figures of Su Yi and Su Tian Que appeared on top of a cliff, sizing up the surroundings.

"We should have been delayed for about three days. They must have gone back, so where shall we go now?" Su Tian Que said.

"Get down the mountain and return to the Ancient Spirit Village."

Su Yi replied as they had refined the demonic core for three days and adding on, the day they had used to come here, four days had passed. The initially six remaining days for the big competition of the two tribes and one village was now left with two days while this was related to whether or not he could receive the benefit for his spiritual power. Su Yi wished to return to the Ancient Spirit Village.

"Without a flying beast mount, it will probably take at least a month to walk back."

Su Tian Que frowned. Inside here, ridges and peaks were everywhere. If they were going to climb the mountain and wade through rivers to get back to the Ancient Spirit Village, it is impossible to get back earlier than one month while also getting themselves super tired.

"Finding a flying beast to go back."

Su Yi arched his eyebrow. Without a flying beast mount, it was indeed impossible to return to the Ancient Spirit Village within two days.

Inside this Yao Luo Mountain, there was no lack of beasts while although finding a flying mount beast was perhaps a little troublesome, it was not too difficult.

In the morning with the clouds shrouded around the misty mountain forest.

The over twenty youngsters from the Mighty Bear Tribe were all robust and muscular with shiny eyes, yet their expressions were a little disappointed.

"There are only two days left for the big competition. Brother Xiong Lie, why not we go back first? Maybe the people from the Ancient Spirit Village have already gone back."

A young man from the Mighty Bear Tribe said to Xiong Lie. All of them had searched for a long time, yet they still did not discover any traces of the people from the Ancient Spirit Village. Instead, they had met with a group of extraordinary beasts, causing some of them to be injured.

"Count that brat lucky!"

Xiong Lie's mouth twitched with eyes full of anger. After searching for such a long time and coming prepared, he had to return without accomplishing anything. It could be, imagine how he was feeling.

"Brother Xiong Lie, the people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe have also come. What are they doing coming to the Yao Luo Mountain at this moment?"

A young girl was surprised. Yesterday, they had seen the people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe from afar and was shocked that why would so many people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe be at the Yao Luo Mountain at this time.

"This, I do not know. Maybe they have come here to train."

Xiong Lie responded. Although they also did not like the Hunting Tiger Tribe, they had come out here entirely for the people from the Ancient Spirit Village, so they did not seek trouble with the Hunting Tiger Tribe yesterday.

"Let's prepare to go back!"

Afterward, Xiong Lie nodded his head. There were two more days to the big competition, therefore they must hurriedly rush back as they could not miss it.


Su Yi went down the mountain. There were thorns everywhere which considerably delayed their journey, wasting their time while were also quite dangerous.

Su Yi secretly released the aura of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique causing the average beasts not daring to get close, which had greatly lessened many hidden dangers for Su Yi.

Between the chain of mountains, there were many ferocious beasts.


At the empty sky, a cry seemingly pierced through the clouds and shattered the rocks.

Su Yi raised his head and saw many enormous figures of ferocious birds sweeping passed.

Being separated by a vast distance, he was unable to distinguish which kind of beasts they were, but Su Yi could feel that their auras were very fierce. Since those ferocious birds did not land down, he also had no ways to deal with them.

On the way down the mountain, Su Yi also saw some beasts that were battling. Amongst them, there was also a beast in the Demonic Spirit Realm that was incomparably fierce.

Su Yi avoided them from afar. The battle of the beasts might lure an even stronger beast over as this was the Yao Luo Mountain, so it would be better to avoid it.

At a mountain stream between the chain of mountains, many figures of youngsters had gathered together with exceptional auras.

"Hu Du, we can't find anyone from the Ancient Spirit Village. Instead, we have discovered Xiong Lie from the Mighty Bear Tribe. What is he doing coming over to the Yao Luo Mountain at this time?"

Someone spoke. Yesterday evening, they had seen many people from the Mighty Bear Tribe from afar and were secretly surprised.

"Reportedly, Xiong Lie is also defeated by the outsider, Yi Su that brat. Possibly he has come here for the people from the Ancient Spirit Village too!"

Hu Du was not that old, but he had an extremely high position inside this group. His gaze secretly turned while he was remarkably smart too.

"However, there are still two more days for the big competition. Have the people from the Ancient Spirit Village gone back?"

Within the group of people that had come, some of them had become deflated as they had come prepared with hearts full of expectation.

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