The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: A Demonic Core!

The mountain range continued with huge trees everywhere.

At dusk, the night clouds were like a red fog hovering around the mountain tops with rosy clouds slowly rising as faint beast roars transmitted over.

The flying beast mount landed as it could not enter the mountain range in front. The figures of Su Yi, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan and the rest then leaped down.

"We have reached, this is the Yao Luo Mountain!"

All of the young men and women from the Ancient Spirit Village had nervous, yet eager gazes.

After traveling from morning till dusk, they had finally reached the Yao Luo Mountain. This time, if they could hunt down some powerful beasts back, they would be able to bring a lot of glory to the Ancient Spirit Village.

"There seems to be a lot of beasts."

Su Tian Que stood by Su Yi's side as its tiny body held its head high with small misty eyes.

"Prepare to find a place to rest at the bottom of the mountain. Tomorrow, we will climb the mountain to hunt."

Shangguan Xi Wei commanded with a decisive and experienced tone. She had no intentions to climb the mountain overnight as climbing at night would be much more dangerous than during the day. If they were not cautious enough, they would not be hunting but instead, became the prey for the beasts inside the mountain.

She did not want any accidents to happen to the people that had come here with her and shall bring all of them back.

Nobody had any objections as they also found the night to be more dangerous.

A group of people then sought for higher ground to broaden their view, planning to climb the mountain early in the morning the next day.

By the time they finished everything, the sun had already set near the western mountain with the night descending.

All of them sat together around the flickering bonfire, planning on how to hunt for the next day.

"Not all the beasts can be eaten. Although some beasts have higher cultivation, their meat is so tough that it can’t be softened through stewing like the meat of the 'Ground Rock Lizard,' even other beasts will not eat it."

"And also the 'Stinky Demonic Profound Mouse', its meat is sour and smelly that it is totally inedible!"

"Examples like the Eight Treasure Spiritual Rabbit, One-Horned Crimson Cow, Three-Horned Rapid Wind Goat, etc. are the best choices as their meats are fresh and tender."

The group of young men and women sat around the bonfire while Su Yi gathered a lot of hunting knowledge from them as they had to choose the beast carefully since not all beast meats, could be eaten.

"Gulp gulp......"

Su Tian Que sat at one side as it kept unbearably swallowing its saliva.

“Why is this chicken so gluttonous?"

Shangguan Xiu curiously looked at Su Tian Que as it was her first time seeing such a gluttonous chicken.

"Looking at the sky from the bottom of a well. Elder brother is not a chicken......"

Su Tian Que glared at Shangguan Xiu as it felt anguished. It did not dare to say that it was a peacock since the people from the village had grown up eating beasts. It would be in deep trouble if they had a craving for a peacock.

"Yi Su, how does the outside look like?!"

A young woman gathered up her courage and asked Su Yi with sparkling eyes. Her heart looked forward to the outside world, wanting to know what it was like.

"The outside is exceedingly humongous with giant mountains and lakes. As for how big it is, reportedly, even until the end of the life of a strong cultivator, it still cannot be scaled."

"There are also the prosperous and bustling One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects and Four Schools on the outside......"

Su Yi slightly smiled as he told them some information about the outside.

Listening to Su Yi's words, every one of them was somewhat looking forward to it.

Shangguan Xi Wei did not say anything as she sat at one side, silently listening. Occasionally, her eyes that appeared even brighter in the dark would land on Su Yi.

"The people on the outside, are they as mighty as you, having such a gift and talent like yours?" Shangguan Xiu asked.

Su Yi hesitated as he faintly bitterly smiled. Looking at everyone's attentive eyes presently, he said: "There is a sky beyond another sky, a human beyond another human. There are many types of talents of a cultivator on the outside."

"That I also know. Within our village, the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Hunting Tiger Tribe, all of us have already tested our talent since young. Sister Xi Wei and Brother Chen Feng have King Grade Talents. I am also a King Grade." Shangguan Xiu joyfully exclaimed.


Su Yi was secretly flabbergasted, a little unaware of how to continue the conversation.

In here, a random fellow would also seem to have a King Grade Talent. That was too terrifying!

It had to be known that even in the One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects, and Four Schools, there would also not be, that many King Grade Talent cultivators.

"I have heard before of an Emperor Grade Talent cultivator. The person might be very powerful......"

As Su Yi said such words, there were some fluctuations within his eyes.

Liu Ruo Xi was the cultivator with an Emperor Grade Talent, the Sacred Maiden of the Sacred Mountain.

"What about you, Brother Yi Su? What kind of talent do you have? Is it also an Emperor Grade?"

Shangguan Yu questioned. All of them distinctly knew that even though Su Yi was only at the cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade, he could already trample Hu Mo and Hu Yue, both of whom were at the peak of the Yuan Xuan Realm Fourth Grade. Such might would presumably also have a frighteningly gifted talent.


Su Yi was speechless and laughed bitterly. Back then, when he was tested by the Sacred Mountain, he only had an errand boy’s talent.

"My talent is only average." Su Yi shook his head, yet he had firm eyes from the start.

So what if it was an Errand boy's talent? At least until now, his persistence and choices were all correct. Those so-called King Grade Talents were only like so!

"Impossible. Brother Yi Su, you must be joking, right?"

Hearing that, nobody on the scene believed it. Such a terrifying fellow, how could he only have an average talent?


All of a sudden, at this instant, a loud beast roar sounded like that of a frightening thunder, quivered the group of mountains from the vast and deep mountain range in front of them.



"Rumble rumble......"

When the frightening beast roar spread out, the depths of the mountain range shook while countless beasts roared with ferocious birds charging through the clouds and vicious beasts galloping.

In an instant, it was as if an earthquake had occurred there as rocks rolled down.

The sky-high trees, were hit by the running beasts while a large area of the mountain range was shaking.

"Swoosh swoosh......"

Due to such a commotion, Su Yi, Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest abruptly stood up as their gazes 'sha sha' unitedly looked towards the direction where the commotion was coming from.

All of their complexions drastically changed, not knowing what had happened to suddenly, cause such a frightening commotion there.

"A beast's life force is depleting, and it is going to die soon!"

Su Tian Que glanced over towards the area with light sweeping past within its small eyes.

"How do you know?" Su Yi questioned as he found it very shocking.

"Because I know that when the life force of a strong beast is depleting, it will search for a resting place for itself and chase off the surrounding beasts. That beast should be at the edge of the Demonic Void Realm however it no longer has the strength to advance, and has endured until its life force is depleting, only to die of old age!" Su Tian Que spoke as when it sensed that sort of commotion, all of this information had emerged in its mind.

"Demonic Void Realm, then there should be a demonic core!"

After listening, Su Yi abruptly jolted. A beast that was in the Demonic Void Realm would have a demonic core in its body.

And that demonic core was a precious treasure. Back then when Su Yi and that girl had gone to find the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, it was for its demonic core too.

"Demonic core......"

The expressions of all the people at the scene changed. A demonic core was unquestionably a precious treasure.

Even if it was a demonic core that had just formed, it condensed all of the lifetime's energy of the beast and could be used to make a high-grade elixir.

"If we can get that demonic core, we would strike rich!" Shangguan Yan was buzzing with excitement.

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