The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: Yao Luo Mountain!

“Brother Yi Su, since you have defeated the people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe, I will give this to you to eat. My mother said that when you eat this, you will become clever and have strength. You must eat it, okay?”

A little girl with an appearance of 3-4 years old walked up with small pigtails. Her black eyes blinked while her small hands delivered a peeled beast egg to Su Yi.


Looking at the expression of the little girl, Su Yi nodded his head and took the beast egg over, stuffing it into his mouth in one bite.

“Brother Yi Su, I still have beast meat with me!”

“Brother Yi Su, eat mine. I also have a beast egg!”

Instantly, several little fellows surrounded him, placing him in the center.

On the tender faces, there were curiosity and admiration.

Looking from afar at the skinny figure that got enveloped by a bunch of little fellows, there was a light in Shangguan Xi Wei’s eyes.

By the time Su Yi went back to his room, it was already night time.

However, when he saw that Su Tian Que had still not returned, it made him a little worried.

Inside his room, Su Yi sat cross-legged on the windowsill.

There were two interspatial bags with him which he had taken from the bodies of the two brothers, Hu Mo, and Hu Yue. The interspatial bags were not sealed and could be directly opened.

He reckoned that Hu Yue and Hu Mo had never thought that one day, the interspatial bags on them, would actually be robbed by someone.

Only, the stuff inside the interspatial bag made Su Yi a little disappointed.

Inside the interspatial bags, although there were some One-Star Yuan Stones, even Two-Star Yuan Stones, and some stalks of elixirs, the values of these things were nothing to Su Yi.

Apart from that, were some junks and medicinal herbs.

With Hu Mo and Hu Yue status in the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Su Yi initially thought that there would be some exceptional martial techniques inside these interspatial bags.

However, there were no martial techniques inside both of their interspatial bags.

With a little disappointment, Su Yi continued to sit cross-legged and started to meditate.

Even though he was not inside the mysterious space, with just the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique alone, Su Yi’s cultivation speed was definitely not slow.

The night was serene while the night scene covered the sky.


At a vast mountain range with beasts roaring.

In a large cave that was smooth and tidy, there were many inscribed of tiger-shaped pattern runes as though it was a living thing that added on to its sharpness and fierce might.

"They have gone too far. Is the Ancient Spirit Village provoking us?!"

"Unprecedented, unprecedented!"

"The Ancient Spirit Village is definitely provoking our Hunting Tiger Tribe!"

"What origin does the brat from the outside has? Is he truly that strong?!"


Inside the Hunting Tiger Tribe, it was presently not peaceful. Hu Mo, Hu Yue, and the over ten juniors were trampled to this miserable state by people, had shaken the entire Hunting Tiger Tribe.


A night with no talks. Early in the morning on the next day, Su Yi stopped meditating.


He pushed open the room door and stretched his waist while the sun shone gaily. Su Yi was feeling great as he had never enjoyed such a peaceful morning for a very long time.

"A tiger may even be teased by a dog when it leaves the remote mountains and comes to the bright and flat area; even a shrimp dares to dupe the dragon when it is in shallow water......"

A muttering voice traveled over, exhibiting indescribable distress.

Su Yi followed the voice and looked over, only to see that in the courtyard, Su Tian Que was tucking its tail while slowly walking in. His complexion looked okay, but his expression was a little sorrowful.

"You are back......" Su Yi arched his eyebrow as he secretly exhaled a breath in his heart.

"Of course, that foul beast had been harshly lectured by me!"

Looking at Su Yi, Su Tian Que momentarily became arrogant as it raised its head and swaggeringly walked over.

Su Yi rolled his eyes on Su Tian Que as he was too lazy to pay attention to this fellow. He did not even have to ask to know the answer. Most likely, this fellow had totally not gained any advantage.

"Brother Yi Su!"

Someone was shouting outside the courtyard. It was the voices of Shangguan Yan and the rest.

Su Yi walked out and saw Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye and Shangguan Yu.

"Brother Yi Su, we are going to the Yao Luo Mountain today to hunt. Do you want to go?"

When they saw Su Yi, Shangguan Yan and the rest abruptly ran over.

"Hunting?" Su Yi was a little doubtful.

"It is like this, for the gathering at every ten years, the youngsters of the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Mighty Bear Tribe and the Ancient Spirit Village will take turns to go to the Yao Luo Mountain to hunt. The beasts that are hunted will be offered, to the seniors and elders of the two tribes and one village to enjoy. This time, it is our Ancient Spirit Tribe's turn. The higher the cultivation of the beast we hunt will naturally bring more glory." Looking at Su Yi's doubtful expression, Shangguan Bi explained.

"Is that so."

Su Yi nodded his head as it seemed interesting. Anyway, there was nothing to do in these days. Just right that he could take this chance to go out, and experience it.

"Hunting, is there meat to eat? I also want to go."

Su Tian Que rushed out from its room, revealing light in its eyes.

Not long after, Su Yi met Shangguan Xi Wei at the entrance of the village. She wore a tight dress while her enchanting figure was supple and graceful, adding on to her coolness. This time, the Yao Luo Mountain was lead by Shangguan Xi Wei.

Many little fellows were also here as all of them wanted to go.

"Little fellows, just honestly stay here and cultivate in the village."

An elder spoke. Going to the Yao Luo Mountain was very dangerous, so these little fellows were not permitted to go.

"Kids, beware of safety. Do not be too rash and don't overdo it. Come back early!" An elder spoke. The road to Yao Luo Mountain was far, needing several days to go and return.


At the entrance of the village, an enormous flying beast spread its wings and left the village.

"Come back early!"

The little fellows all glanced at the disappearing figures in mid-air with their eyes filled with expectation.


Not long after Su Yi and the rest had left, at the outside of the Ancient Spirit Village, beasts mounts were dashing over, causing the ground to move and the mountain to shake!


The leading big white tiger had a large body with a fearsome momentum. Its eyes were like bells as it glanced with hostility, making the people who saw it to palpitate unknowingly.

"The Ancient Spirit Village has gone too far in bullying others. It is too much!"

On the back of the big white tiger, there was an elder in his sixties with a broad face, shiny eyes, and few strands of long beard floating.

"Elder Hu Yan of the Hunting Tiger Tribe has come!"

"Elder Hu Yan is the grandfather of Hu Mo and Hu Yue. Looks like he had come here because of them!"

"I heard that Hu Mo and Hu Yue were humiliated by Yi Su yesterday. They must have come here to cause trouble!"

Such a commotion had shocked the Ancient Spirit Village as many people instantly walked out.

"Hu Yan, what is the meaning of this?"

In the Ancient Spirit Village, an elder with silver-white hair and plain robes walked out while his momentum was extraordinary.

"What meaning do I have, don't you guys know? It is fine that you hurt the people, but you actually robbed their interspatial bags. Does your Ancient Spirit Village still want face? That is provoking my Hunting Tiger Tribe!"

Elder Hu Yan was furious as his voice had mixed with Yuan Qi, quivering the empty space.

The two most regarded biological grandsons of his were actually humiliated by someone and also got robbed cleaned. Not only was this disgracing and provocating to the Hunting Tiger Tribe, but it had also made him currently unable to somewhat lift his head up in the Hunting Tiger Tribe. How could he not be angry?


The entire crowd of the Ancient Spirit Village was a little speechless and glanced at each other. They were seemingly slightly in the wrong.

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