The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Robbed

At the moment, for the dozens of young men and young women from the Hunting Tiger Tribe, they were even more shocked as the impact on their hearts were too big.

In their hearts, even their Brother Hu Chi would also find it hard to defeat both of them when Hu Mo and Hu Yue joined hands to attack.

Hu Mo and Hu Yue both had the existence of the second and third ranked respectively in the younger generations of the Hunting Tiger Tribe. It was their targets to strive and catch up.

However, right now, their targets for striving and catching up had been so humiliatingly defeated even when the both of them had attacked together.

Whereas the other party, was a young man that did not look old. That was hard for them to believe!

When they glanced at that skinny figure, a chilly sensation was currently sipping out from the bottom of the hearts of the dozens of young men and young women from the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

This young man was too overly terrifying!

"Gulp gulp......"

The young men and young women from the Ancient Spirit Village were also secretly swallowing their saliva.

Right now, they finally understood that last night when that fellow had deliberately let two moves at the beginning of the battle with Shangguan Ming Hou, was actually giving face to Shangguan Ming Hou.

Otherwise, even Shangguan Ming Hou, would also definitely be unable to contend against one move from that fellow.

Ignoring Hu Mo and Hu Yue the two brothers that had been blown away, Su Yi had a clear idea about the strength that he had used.

Then, Su Yi's gaze targeted towards a crack in a huge rock. There was a stem of a palm-sized spiritual grass.

That spiritual grass was entirely crystal-cleared with light hovering around it while emitting a frosty aura as though it was, covered in a layer of frost.

That was a stem of the Green Frost Grass.

With giant steps, Su Yi leaped onto the huge rock and plucked out the Green Frost Grass.

As they watched Su Yi plucked out the Green Frost Grass, presently, the young men and young women from the Hunting Tiger Tribe did not dare to say anything.

Some of the youngsters from the Hunting Tiger Tribe had finally returned to senses and went over to carry both Hu Mo and Hu Yue.

While surging Yuan Qi, Su Yi leaped from the huge rock, arriving before Shangguan Zhang Hong and passed it to him, saying: "The Green Frost Grass should belong to the Ancient Spirit Village."

"You have defeated them, so the Green Frost Grass is now yours!"

The eyes of Shangguan Zhang Hong was still shocked. Seeing that Su Yi had actually handed him the Green Frost Grass, he had also found it surprising.

However, Hu Mo and Hu Yue were defeated by him, so rationally the Green Frost Grass should be Yi Su's.

"You are the one who saw it first, so it naturally should be yours."

Su Yi smiled and stuffed the Green Frost Grass into Shangguan Zhang Hong's hand.

It was not because Su Yi was generous. Although the value of the Green Frost Grass was not low as it was the main ingredient for the Frost Spirit Elixir at the Mirage Grade Middle-Level, Su Yi had already planted many stems of the Green Frost Grass inside the mysterious space.

Furthermore, he had drank many of the Ancient Spirit Village's Hundred Fruits Wine the night before while Su Tian Que had caused trouble too, hence, Su Yi felt ashamed to take this Green Frost Grass.

Earlier he had chosen to fight because on, one hand, he wanted to test himself while on the another hand, he also wanted to show his appreciation.

"It's okay, just take it."

Shangguan Xi Wei spoke while glancing at Su Yi. The shocked in her eyes had not subsided.

Despite the fact that she was not surprised that Su Yi had won, after all, she had seen with her eyes how the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard in the Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade was beaten into submission by this fellow.

But Hu Mo and Hu Yue were defeated in such a way that they collapsed at the first blow which made Shangguan Xi Wei astounded.

Seeing that Shangguan Xi Wei had spoken, Shangguan Zhang Hong did not utter anymore as he flashed a smile at Su Yi to show his gratitude. Not for the Green Frost Grass, but for retrieving back the face of the Ancient Spirit Village today which was the most important thing.

"Haha, with such little strength and you still dare to snatch the Green Frost Grass only to collapse at the first blow!"

"The Hunting Tiger Tribe is really getting weaker and weaker!"

"Hu Mo and Hu Yue are only like this. Unable to hang on after one move of Brother Yi Su!"

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, and Shangguan Ye were also not excluded as they were also astounded. But afterward, they loudly laughed as it widely relieved their anger.

All these years, they had suffered many times of bullying under Hu Mo and Hu Yue from the Hunting Tiger Tribe while they could only blame themselves for not being as good as them with not enough strength. Every time they met them, they could only walk the other way.

However, today was different. They finally had the chance, so the three of them would naturally not miss it.

"The Hunting Tiger Tribe is only like this!"

Some of the young men and young women from the Ancient Spirit Village was very excited as it was very relieving of their anger.


Hu Mo could already stand firmly while he coldly glanced at Shangguan Yan and the rest.

Hu Mo still had a little strength left, causing the gazes of Shangguan Yan and the rest to involuntarily avoided his eyes when they looked over.

"Yi Su, I, Hu Mo, will remember this!"

Hu Mo's gaze lastly locked onto Su Yi as there was also astonishment in his eyes on his pale face.

Deep within Hu Mo's heart, at the moment, he found it even more unacceptable to take the truth.

With his strength at Yuan Xuan Realm with almost one foot in the Fifth Grade, he was actually wounded heavily by a brat in the Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade in just one move.

Presumably, even if Hu Chi was at the Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade, it was also definitely impossible. This young man was too terrifyingly strong.

When his words landed, Hu Mo waved his hands to the people on his side and turned around to leave. Today, they had suffered this loss. They could only get it back the next time.

"Have I allow you guys to leave?"

Su Yi lifted his head and stopped Hu Mo while a smiling intent gushed out from his eyes undisguised as it landed onto Hu Mo and the rest.

"The Green Frost Grass has already given to you guys. What else do you want?!"

Hu Mo turned his head back and looked at Su Yi. His eyes revealed doubt with unwillingness and anger gushing out. Could it be that this fellow still wanted to humiliate them?

"You guys had lost and wanted to run away just like that?"

Su Yi glanced at Hu Mo as the corner of his mouth lifted in a smile and declared: "Everyone must leave their things behind or else you can don't think about leaving!"


When they heard Su Yi's words, everyone on the scene was dumbfounded......

"Brother Yi Su can't be thinking of robbing them, right?"

Shangguan Yan and the rest were stunned. That obviously have a somewhat intention of robbing.

"You want us to leave all of our stuff behind?"

Hu Mo felt that he must have heard inaccurately.

"That's right. Everything that is on your body must be left behind. That is the price of losing!" Su Yi nodded his head sternly.

With Hu Mo and Hu Yue status in the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Su Yi reckoned that the two of them would definitely have something good with them.

Su Yi was very curious toward the Hunting Tiger Tribe. He could also use this to understand the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

Listening to Su Yi's affirmative words, the dozens of young men and women from the Hunting Tiger Tribe were dazed.

"What if we don't leave our stuff behind!"

Hu Yue stared at Su Yi as the corner of his mouth still had bloodstain.

Hu Yue's injuries were very severe. When Su Yi's Crimson Flame Palm had exploded, it had made his fist burst opened and ragged his shirt while many places on his body were split open by the burning of the flames. With a face covered in dirt, he appeared even more miserable.

"Not leaving it behind, then I can only be imprudent and get it myself!"

Su Yi smiled and walked over with giant steps.

Watching as Su Yi walked over, the dozens of young men and young women from the Hunting Tiger Tribe subconsciously clenched their saber, spear, rod, and cudgel tightly, awaiting for the fight!

"Brat, do not be too arrogant. Wait till Brother Hu Chi had come out, he will definitely not let you go!"

A young man angrily walked out as he gritted his teeth and spoke. He firmly stared at Su Yi, but the gaze in his eyes was a little shimmering, distinctly showing that there was dread in his heart with lingering fear!

"Then, I shall start with you!"

When Su Yi's words fell, Yuan Qi instantly surged out from his feet.

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