The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 206

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Chapter 206: Terrifying Village

At the moment, for an unknown reason, the square had become a total mess.

A bunch of children were surrounding Su Tian Que, placing it in the center as all of them were curious, trying to grab Su Tian Que.

Poor Su Tian Que only wanted to steal meat to eat, but at the moment, it was surrounded by a bunch of wimpy kids as it jumped around trying to escape, yet it got caught by some wimpy kids like the newborn calves not afraid of tigers while its feathers were also plucked out. Then it finally managed to get away.


Su Tian Que felt very helpless while it kept flapping its short and featherless wings, escaping towards Su Yi as it was scared of those wimpy kids.

Such a scene made the entire people at the square to be stunned.

A chicken that could speak the human language, it must be a strong beast at least in the Demonic Void Realm, yet this chicken did not seem like it......

Su Tian Que fled to Su Yi's side as it tucked its tail while feeling very speechless and helpless.

"Brats, all of you behaves."

The bunch of wimpy kids did not give up and chased after Su Tian Que until Shangguan Yan, and Shangguan Yu spoke and chased them off.

"Give me some to eat. It smells so delicious."

Staring at the meat in Su Yi's hand, Su Tian Que did not stand on ceremony and directly snatched it. Even the delicious wine was not spared, making Shangguan Qing Ming at one side to be flabbergasted.

"Is this really a chicken......"

Shangguan Qing Ming was slightly stunned as he was very puzzled.

"Brother Chen Feng has come!"

Within the crowd, people were loudly cheering as a young man in a white robe with sword-like temperament had come over. It was precisely the first rank of the younger generation in the Ancient Spirit Village, Shangguan Chen Feng.

"Brother Chen Feng!"

Many young men and women went up and surrounded him. As the leading figure for the younger generations of the Ancient Spirit Village, Shangguan Chen Feng definitely had a charisma to the younger generations.

Shangguan Chen Feng slightly smiled as he greeted everyone and bowed to the village head and the elders at the scene.

Su Yi also saw Shangguan Chen Feng, but he only lifted his head and took a glance before continuing to chow down on the roasted meat while drinking the Hundred Fruit Wine.

"Delicious, too delicious. What kind of wine is this? So tasty! Don't snatch what's mine. There is still more next to you!" Su Tian Que hugged a big piece of meat and a jar of wine in its wings not letting them go, forcefully seizing it and not giving anyone else. That sort of appearance made people to unbearably laughed.

The surrounding people were all curious and secretly sized it up.

Nonetheless, there was honestly nobody that snatched with Su Tian Que.

After all, once word got out that they had snatched a food with a chicken, it was also not good.

"Everyone please listen to me for a second."

All of a sudden, the voice of village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya traveled over from the top of a towering stone stand as it gently flowed into the ears while clearly landed into everyone's ears in the square.

Su Yi also raised his head and looked over, only to see that the village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya, was standing on a stone stand as she glanced at the villagers with smiles on her face and said: "This time the competition that occurs once every ten years, my Ancient Spirit Village has won the first round. It was something worth celebrating. In addition......"

Her words abruptly paused as the village head, Shangguan Cheng Ya glanced at Su Yi.

"Sha sha......"

Following the gaze of the village head, the gazes of all the villagers also simultaneously landed onto Su Yi.

Shangguan Cheng Ya smiled at Su Yi and announced: "Today, my Ancient Spirit Village has an esteemed guest called Yi Su that came from the outside. Thanks to his help, Xi Wei can come back safely. And also because of him, we had managed to win the first round. Here, this old lady will represent the Ancient Spirit Village to thank you."

"You flattered me." Su Yi got up, not daring to be impolite in front of a kind old lady.

"I heard that this Yi Su is very mighty and had defeated Xiong Lie!"

"He seems to be quite young. He actually could defeat Xiong Lie?"


Within the surrounding crowd, people were softly discussing with full of curiosity while many gazes were curiously sizing up Su Yi.

"Okay, everyone can now resume celebrating." Shangguan Cheng Ya spoke.

"My good nephew, Yi Su, come and let's drink."

Shangguan Qing Ming once again reached Su Yi's side, drinking wine with him.

"Little brother Yi Su, no need to stand on ceremony and drink more."

Following after, many villagers came forward and were very friendly to Su Yi.

It was difficult to refuse such kindness, hence Su Yi was not polite as he kept drinking.

Some young men had also come forward curiously while greeting Su Yi.

There were even some daring young women that had also come forward. With a straightforward personality, they chattered with Su Yi as if they were curious about everything outside.

Perhaps it was because he had drunk too many of the Hundred Fruits Wine, Su Yi gradually became loosened up as he became friends with some of the youngsters.


"Good job, not bad!"

A moment later, in the middle of the square, a lively uproar of shouts traveled over with a deep, and low sound of an explosion.

Su Yi lifted his head and looked over. The densely packed figures had formed a big circle in the square as two young men with similar ages at around 12-13 years old, were battling against each other intensely.

The ages of the two young men was not old, but their strengths were extraordinary as they exchanged fists with the vigor and vitality of the tiger as though like a fight between a dragon and a tiger.

"On such a celebration, it is a tradition for the younger generation to spar. It can be considered, as reviewing your own strength while the winner can also get a prize from the village!"

Shangguan Yan followed Su Yi's gaze and said in Su Yi's ear: "If you are interested, you can also go up the square and try."

"I will pass."

Su Yi smiled. However, he was interested in the two young men that were fighting.

Looking at the auras and the attacks of the two young men, their cultivation technique and martial art technique were exceptional. What was the origin of this village that was the heaven of peace and happiness? It made Su Yi be more and more curious about it.

While they were talking, the winner, had already been decided for the match.

The two men were actually relatively equal in strength with exceptional performance, making the elders in the village to keep praising them.

Later, another young man went up.

This time, it was a man and a girl. Their performance was also exceptional. After dozens of rounds, the young girl won the match by a notch.

Su Yi watched as he ate meat and drank wine.

On the other hand, Su Tian Que gobbled like the wolves. Its small stomach was like a bottomless pit as though it could stuff down countless of roasted meat and Hundred Fruits Wine.

There were still young men and young women continuing to battle as the atmosphere gradually rose to the peak while the cheers were endless. Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu and the rest had also crowded over.

However, Su Yi was getting more and more shocked. This village was too terrifying. The ages of these young men and young women were not that old, yet their gifted talents were not that simple.

Once again, there was another round of battle. The two young men were tied as they were neck to neck.

Following as these two young men went up, there were still many young men at the bottom that were itching to have a go and high spirited.

Suddenly, within the crowd, an extraordinary youth went up.

The young man had an appearance of 17-18 years old while wearing a long robe. His figure was tall, and his face was quite handsome, especially his eyes that were sparkling with delicate light.

"It is Brother Ming Hou!"

"Shangguan Ming Hou!"

Many people on the scene, even the elders in the village were surprised when they saw the young man going up.

The surrounding youngsters that were formerly itching to have a go abruptly stood back.

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