The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade!

Her black hair was pulled up, revealing a triangular hairline that was in the middle of her forehead. The collar of the young girl's yellow dress was opened very low, showing a light yellow brocade wrapped around her chest that outlined the peaking horizon. With a skinny waist and long legs, her figure was graceful.

The three young men had similar ages with the appearance of 16-17 years old, wearing clean and tidy sturdy clothes. Their temperaments weren’t bad, and their features were handsome too.

At the moment, the four of them looked a little miserable and moving cautiously as though they were alert to react to anything at any time, not daring to be careless.

"I wonder how the other teams are. We haven't even gained anything yet."

A young man with an imposing bearing and a worried expression mumbled softly: "We must not lose, or else Xi Wei will be......"

"We will not lose. In front of us is the Grand Beast Canyon. The cultivation of the beasts there will be weaker." The young girl with enchanting bright eyes spoke. She was pretending to be relaxed, but the melancholy between her eyebrows, could not be dispersed.

"Right, we might not even lose. Sister Xi Wei had already reached Yuan Xuan Realm Fourth Grade. There is also Brother Chen Feng and the rest. We have a bigger chance to win." The second young man spoke with full of confidence.

"As long as we can win the first round, our chances of winning will be big!" The third young man said with added confidence.

"Be more careful." The young girl replied.



Inside the mysterious space, the aura around Su Yi's body continued to escalate.

When feeling these changes, Su Yi's heart was overjoyed. The Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique circulated, filling the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian with endless pure Yuan Qi from the energy of the Spiritual Essence.

At the moment inside the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within Su Yi's Dantian, the Yuan Qi in his Dantian was spinning faster and faster as though forming a hurricane while giving out a deep 'rumble rumble' sound like the clanging of the wind and thunder.

Finally, following an explosive 'bang' that rang out from Su Yi's Dantian, the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian abruptly stagnated and exploded, transforming into real air.


Only, after an instant, the Yuan Qi Whirlpool once again spun in another direction, violently gushing in causing the Yuan Qi Whirlpool, to be forcefully doubled in size.

Afterward, a whiff of heaven and earth energy frantically gushed towards his body, instantly transforming into Yuan Qi. It was compressed again and again in the Qi Ocean of Su Yi’s Dantian, crazily flooding into his Yuan Qi Whirlpool.

At this time, the ocean of Yuan Qi inside Su Yi's body was incomparably violent as the surging aura was frightening.

The aura on Su Yi's body instantly reached a new stage while the pleasant sensation was beyond comparison.


Violent and rich heaven and earth energy was still flooding in as though it was endless until the remaining Spiritual Essence inside Su Yi's body, was forcefully crushed. Then it finally became peaceful.

Everything was peaceful, and the glow on Su Yi's body had also disappeared.


His eyelashes slightly moved, and Su Yi opened his eyes. In his eyes, a blinding glow that seemed as though it was real, shot out and flashed before it passed.


At the same time around Su Yi, his shirt and hair fluttered with no wind blowing at him as a whiff of a valiant aura swept out from his body as though it had awakened, bringing along a tremendous majestic and destruction.

Afterward, the aura and the glow from his eyes became calm as his aura dissipated while the glow in his eyes once again subsided into the firmed and brooding eyes.

"Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade!"

Feeling the aura and the changes in his body, the corner of Su Yi's mouth curled up in a slight smile as his aura had reached the Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade.

The massive energy from the Spiritual Essence was very frightening as it could forcefully charge to the mid-staged of Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade.

His flesh, bones, meridians and his internal organs were as though they had once again been reforged, becoming quite robust.

Su Yi could feel that the spiritual power in his mind was also improving. Ever since the last time, he could already sense that the Spiritual Essence also had massive benefits to spiritual power.


After breathing out a long breath, a smile hung on his face. The result had been within his expectations. The Spiritual Essence, was indeed a treasure.

Looking at his surroundings, presently, the refining process of the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest did not seem to be quicker than his own as they were still refining the Spiritual Essence.

The Blood Spiritual Ginseng had taken root in the soil as its body was sparkling with a green-red glow, immersing in a strange state while emitting an alluring and aromatic smell.

"Great treasure, truly a great treasure......"

A crisp voice entered his ears with a fluctuating scorching aura. Su Yi momentarily followed the sound and glanced over.

From his gaze, he could see that at the moment, not far away, Su Tian Que was covered in scorching flames around its body. Its short wings flapped while its body was flowing with a holy-like crimson-gold color.


The glow and flames later subsided, revealing the clear image of Su Tian Que with its still featherless meat chicken appearance, but there was a glow sparkling in its small eyes that were not going away while its expression looked happy.

"Have you recovered or recalled something?" Su Yi got up and questioned Su Tian Que.

"That, I have not. However, this Spiritual Essence is extraordinary. I feel that if I can have a little bit more, I will surely recover faster and might even recall something from the past." The small eyes of Su Tian Que secretly turned as its gaze hiddenly swept towards the Spiritual Essence in the pool which was almost gone, as though it could not forget about it.

"You cannot have any thoughts about it anymore." Su Yi's attitude was very firmed. Not much of the Spiritual Essence was left, so he had to leave it by his side in case something happened in the future, and he needed it.

Afraid that Su Tian Que would steal it, in the end, Su Yi could only bring Su Tian Que directly out of the mysterious space.

Anyway, there were no problems with the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Flaming Beast Eagle, Da Bao, Xiao Ling, and the rest being inside the mysterious space.

"We are already sworn brothers. Didn't we promise to share our wealth together?" Inside the deep valley, Su Tian Que was in a bad mood as it still wanted to drink more of the Spiritual Essence.

"I have already shared the Spiritual Essence with you. Shouldn't it be your turn?" Su Yi rolled his eyes at Su Tian Que.

"Don't worry, after I have fully recovered, I will surely take good care of you. By that time, I will let you live comfortably, while doing whatever you wish!" Su Tian Que said very generously.


Su Yi glanced at Su Tian Que and faintly laughed.

"What is the meaning of your laughter? Do you not believe me?!"

"Hey, where are you going? Are you going to the Demon Woods?"

"Wait for me! How did you break through again? So fast!"


The voices of a human and a chicken echoed around. Their figures were leaving the deep valley.



Beasts roared like thunder at a chaotic mountain peak with broken sky-high trees and crushed huge rocks. Everywhere around was in ruins.

A fearsome beast roared. It was three zhang long with a height of no more than two zhang. Its entire body, was covered in dark black thick sword-like scales. But, on its head that appeared like a lion and a leopard, it had a golden marking.

That was a fearsome beast with a frightening aura. Its eyes were emitting a chilling light that could horrified people. Inside its mouth were sharp teeth glowing with radiance as it tightly stared at the four figures in front of it.

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