The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: The Might Of Su Tian Que.

"Demon Emperor!"

A series of gazes abruptly landed onto Su Yi that even the three Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs also fiercely stared, while revealing shocked expressions.

Among the beasts, high levels and ranks were awe-inspiring while their statuses were distinct. With strength as a principle, whenever they met with a Demon Emperor, they had to submit to it based on their ranks.

However, afterward, within the astounded gazes of the three Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs, suspicious gazes were also revealed.

Such a young Demon Emperor had seemingly never appeared before and judging from his aura, it certainly did not appear like a beast.

The three Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs were skeptical while they were hesitant.

"I wonder which Demon Emperor has come over. Please let us know so that we can notify Emperor Blazing Dragon!" A Robust Vicious Hunting Pig finally said towards Su Yi in beast language as it was also trying to probe. If, he was a human, then he would not be able to understand the beast language.

"You are unworthy to know who I am!"

Su Yi responded with a faint voice and a sharp expression.

Seeing that Su Yi could actually understand the beast language, the three Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs were once again astounded as humans usually could not understand the beast language.

"Emperor, this is the order of the Emperor Blazing Dragon that no humans are allowed to live and if a Demon Emperor comes, they must report their names so that we can notify the Emperor Blazing Dragon!" The Robust Vicious Hunting Pig that had just spoken once again responded in beast language.

"Get lost, or be executed without excuse!"

Su Yi's eyes sank as a chilly intention flashed through his eyes. Naturally, he could not alert the Emperor Blazing Dragon, who was the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

During this time, Su Yi had met with countless beasts along the way.

Under the aura of Su Yi's Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, some beasts were directly frightened off.

Some beasts teams were also impudently killed by Su Yi and the rest, treating it for training.

Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Golden Python and the rest also required a real sharpening.

"Emperor, the territory of the Grand Beast Canyon now belongs to the Emperor Blazing Dragon. Other emperors that have come over are required to notify the Emperor Blazing Dragon, or else it will anger the Emperor Blazing Dragon!" The Robust Vicious Hunting Pig gritted its teeth with a hideous expression. They had submitted to the Blazing Heavenly Dragon which meant that they had a Demon Emperor to rely on behind their back.



The hot-tempered Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger could no longer bear it as it roared like thunder, quivering the forest while making the surrounding sand to fly and rocks to roll with its roar.


With a menacing glare, the body of the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger abruptly leaped out fiercely as it dived down, directly opening its big blood-dripping mouth and killing them.


The Spectral Mouse, Snow Jape Ape, Flaming Beast Eagle, Golden Python and the rest instantly attacked while exploding out with all kinds of surging glows, causing the surrounding ground to move and the mountain to shake.

The team of beasts and the Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs seemingly did not expect that the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest would attack the moment they said it.

It was too sudden, and they were a little unprepared to defend. Immediately, some of the beasts, were directly killed by the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest.

The three leading Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs, were hindered by Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, and Fiery Red Demonic Mink.

Although the Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger had not yet reached the Demonic Spirit Realm Sixth Grade, they both had a ferocious aura that bore with a fierceness which seemingly came from the Ancient as they directly attacked the two Robust Vicious Hunting Pigs in the Demonic Spirit Realm Sixth Grade without being inferior.

When the Golden Python was dealing with the Robust Vicious Hunting Pig in the Demonic Spirit Realm Seventh Rank, the both of them were also similarly equally skilled.


At this moment, Su Yi already held the Yuan Weapon saber in his hand.

The original saber had its edge curved whereas this was the saber that Su Yi had gotten from the treasures of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.


Su Yi attacked while instilling Yuan Qi into the saber in his hands, causing it to abruptly emit light.

A Yuan Weapon was unlike ordinary weapons. With a frightening sharp aura, Su Yi directly chose a beast in the Demonic Xuan Realm Second Grade.

A beast usually had a very sturdy defense while their physiques were robust, surpassing a human cultivator on the same level.


Su Yi initiated the Hundred Transformation Steps while the saber in his hand shone with sharpness. Raising his hand while cutting down with the saber, the beast was instantly beheaded and fell onto the ground.


Another scaly beast appearing like a crocodile and a turtle, sneaked upon Su Yi from the side as its sharp claws stretched out with twinkling chilly light and shocking power, wanting to tear Su Yi into pieces.


Su Yi turned his body around with speed like that of a sudden clap of thunder which left no time for covering one's ears while the light of the saber in his hand was like the crescent moon as it directly slashed out as though it was going to cut through the void space.


The claw of the beast got directly broken into even pieces as an excruciating shriek sounded from its mouth.


Su Yi's attack was neat and clean while he ran towards the crowd of beasts with Yuan Qi rolling in his body along the meridians like a torrent pouring through as his saber twinkled with light.

Following the landing of Su Yi's saber, another beast got sliced and flipped over.

"You actually dare to bully me. You are looking for death!"

Inside the crowd of beasts, Su Tian Que's voice kept resounding out.

Some of the beasts completely did not place Su Tian Que in their eyes and wanted to directly step on it beneath their feet, causing Su Tian Que to be furious.

Its short wings flapped as its body leaped out. The claws on Su Tian Que shone with a golden light. When its claws passed by, a beast almost in the Demonic Spirit Realm got directly slit open on its belly.


A ferocious bird dived down from mid-air with raging wind under its wings. Before the sharp claws was a ray of a strong wind that could shear the void space. It was a beast that had already reached the Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade.

"Aiyo, even a small bird dares to be so impudent!"

Su Tian Que was angry as its short fluffy wings rapidly flapped while a glow suddenly surged out on its short wings. The glow was like the radiance of stars, utterly bright and blinding.

When the glow appeared, the aura on Su Tian Que abruptly became a little different as though it had instantly become much stronger.

Su Tian Que did not retreat and went forward while brandishing its claws, clashing towards its opponent!


When two such claws clashed, one big and one small, it suddenly rang out like the sound of metals clashing, shaking the surrounding air and reverberating with the sound of thunder.


In a short instant, the claws of the ferocious bird revealed cracks as it kept dripping blood.


The ferocious bird angrily cried with a whiny roar as one of its claws had directly broke while blood dripped onto the ground.


Su Tian Que had the upper hand and was not forgiving as a brilliant light surged within its small eyes. With hook-like sharp claws, it sliced across the neck of the ferocious bird, sweeping out with a sharp glimmer.

The body of the ferocious bird in the Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade trembled as its fearsome eyes had unwillingness and a type of fear while it fell, lying in a pool of blood.


Su Yi's saber sliced across the neck of a beast in the Demonic Xuan Realm Third Grade with a figure of several zhang long. A bloody glow burst forth as the head, and the large body separated and fell onto the ground at the same time. Fresh blood was trickling, forming a small lake.

Other beasts, under the combined attacks of the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Spectral Mouse, Flaming Beast Eagle, White Jade Swallow, and Snow Jade Ape were speedily being taken care.

Instead, the battles of the three Robust Base Hunting Pigs with the Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, and the Fiery Red Demonic Mink were like a raging fire. It was the most vigorous!

"Very strange, this does not seem like their attacks!"

Su Tian Que was somewhat relaxed after killing an opponent in the Demonic Spirit Realm. Although its aura had remarkably weakened, no beast would dare to provoke it casually.

Watching the Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest attacked from the corner of its eyes, Su Tian Que was secretly puzzled.

From its distant memories, the Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest which at the moment, could contend against an opponent that was another grade higher than them with many powerful attacks did not seem to have come from themselves nor from the inheritance of their bloodlines.

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