The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 180

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Chapter 180: Killing The Vajra Demonic Lizard!

"Bang bang bang!"

The gruesome flames surged, and the enormous body of the Vajra Demonic Lizard crashed harshly onto the ground. Its body was charred black as if the skin had been directly burned off with blood dripping while the scene was too horrible to watch. For an unknown reason, the eyes of the Vajra Demonic Lizard, were dazed as though it was absent-minded.

Su Yi felt weak all over as his complexion was as white as paper. Looking at the Vajra Demonic Lizard that had fallen, he charged off quickly with the last strand of power he had.


Although the saber's edge in his hand was already bent, when Su Yi reached the side of the Vajra Demonic Lizard, a Yuan Weapon treasure saber from his interspatial bag was held in his hand as he leaped down and brutally stabbed so deeply between its eyebrows that only the handle was seen peeping out.


The area between the Vajra Demonic Lizard's eyebrows exploded as blood flowed like a river. The light within its eyes dimmed as its eyelids slowly shut together. The aura on its body stagnated as its life faded away.


"My lord!"

At the moment, several massive figures rapidly came over. There were also ferocious birds in the sky spreading their wings. They were precisely the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Golden Python, and the rest that had rushed over here.

"What's going on? Why is there such a big commotion?!"

A crisp voice sounded as a featherless meat chicken with its tail tucked, walked out from between the beasts. It was precisely that featherless meat chicken.

When the featherless meat chicken walked out, its small misty eyes sized up the Vajra Demonic Lizard. Then, it craned its neck, sizing up the area while its nose seemed to be trying to sniff something. Later, it glanced towards Su Yi with a shocked and astonished expression as it said: "The aura of the remnant soul and fire element. Young man, unexpectedly you are a Soul Tamer!"

Pulling out the saber, the wound between the eyebrows of the Vajra Demonic Lizard spurted out blood.

Su Yi landed on the ground as he looked at the featherless meat chicken before him. This fellow seemed to have recovered quite fast and could actually directly sense his identity of a Soul Tamer.

"Is being a Soul Tamer that hard?"

The corner of Su Yi's mouth crooked as he faintly smiled and popped a Yuan Qi recovery elixir into his mouth.

Earlier when he had faced the Vajra Demonic Lizard, although he had relied on the might of a Soul Tamer in the end, to impact massively and eventually killing it, regardless of his Yuan Qi or spiritual power, Su Yi was now suffering from overexertion.

Hearing that, the featherless meat chicken was gloomy as it rolled its small eyes deliberately towards Su Yi.

From within its memories, Soul Tamer seemed to be only one out of ten thousand people, even rarer than an Alchemist and Tool Refiner.

"You killed the small snake by yourself?" The featherless meat chicken stared at the Vajra Demonic Lizard before it. It was only slightly aware of Su Yi's cultivation.

However, for this beast, it should have at least been in the Demonic Xuan Realm Sixth or Seventh Grade. The levels between them were a little too much.

"Sort of!"

Su Yi nodded his head. He kept having the feeling that the featherless meat chicken in front of him was not that simple.

Su Yi had not thought that the might of the Soul Tamer could exceed his expectations and heavily injured that Vajra Demonic Lizard which was something Su Yi had not anticipated.

What Su Yi did not know was that in terms of the might of a Soul Tamer, he had indeed surpassed a Soul Tamer on the same grade as him by a massive margin.

But to genuinely contend against the Vajra Demonic Lizard was also not an easy matter.

Only, that Vajra Demonic Lizard had suffered injuries and was trying hard to hold in its anger. While it was flighty and impulsive, it was incautious and had unexpectedly sustained a heavy blow to its spiritual soul. Then, Su Yi took the chance when its spiritual soul had not recovered and used his Yuan Qi to kill it.

Seeing that Su Yi had nodded his head, the featherless meat chicken revealed a faint astonishment as it pursed its lips and said: "Young man, not bad!"

When the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest saw that Su Yi had actually killed the Vajra Demonic Lizard in the Demonic Xuan Realm Sixth Grade by himself, all of them revealed flabbergasted expressions as they were utterly shocked.

However, for the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest, they did not reveal too much of a flabbergasted expression as they had already been used to it.



Beasts roared like thunder as they went through the clouds. It seemed like the commotion over here had alerted quite many beasts over.


The ground moved, and the mountain shook. Many enormous beasts were dashing over here while ferocious birds in mid-air were spreading their wings like the dark clouds covering the sky. Their auras were swift and sharp.

"My lord!"

The eyes of the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest secretly moved as all of them unitedly glanced at Su Yi.

"These beasts seem to be searching for humans right now. I will go first while you guys will sneak in among them to inquire about the situation and find out what is going on!"

The moment Su Yi's words landed, he instantly left.

There were beasts everywhere, and some of them were powerful beasts that he could not defeat.

The Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest were only at the Demonic Spirit Realm which was not high, so it would be hard for them too.

Moreover, if they attacked, it would only lure more and more beasts.

"Wait for me." The featherless meat chicken spoke as it tucked its tail and instantly followed behind Su Yi.

Su Yi had not gone too far as he returned to the cave from before.

The cave was secluded. Additionally, with the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest outside, it should be enough to block those beasts that had been lured over.

Inside the cave, Su Yi glanced at the featherless meat chicken. His eyes locked onto the downy yet featherless body and stated: "You have already escaped from danger. You can leave now."

"I am unfamiliar with the outside world and cannot remember much of the stuff. Seeing that you, this young man is not bad, why not I follow you first?" The featherless meat chicken hesitated for a while before looking at Su Yi and asked seriously, as though it did not have any intention of joking.

Su Yi glared at the featherless meat chicken and questioned: "You want to follow me?"

"That's right. I find that you are not bad." The featherless meat chicken replied.

"But I can't even protect myself." Su Yi rolled his eyes at the featherless meat chicken. At the moment, he could not even protect himself as he kept hiding everywhere. If, he was to bring such a featherless meat chicken with him, it would be much more difficult.

Besides, he was unfamiliar with the origin of this featherless meat chicken. With it following by his side, it would be inconvenient, and he would also be uneasy.

"You do not look like you will need to protect yourself. With that little strength of yours, you cannot even deal with that lunatic girl." The featherless meat chicken glanced at Su Yi with its small eyes, putting on a face of disdain.


Su Yi wanted to say something but then hesitated as he had no words to refute it.

From the situation when the featherless meat chicken was battling against Mo Yue, he indeed did not seem to be able to protect this featherless meat chicken.

The featherless meat chicken also looked untrustworthy however, there were many things on its body that were not simple too.

"Then you better go ahead......"

Su Yi waved his hand. Leaving such a featherless meat chicken with a mysterious origin by his side would, no matter what, be an extremely unworthy thing to do.

"Aren't you afraid that I will go find that big snake and say that its egg, was stolen by you guys?"

The featherless meat chicken stared at Su Yi and stated faintly. Its short wings softly flapped while its eyes betrayed its menacing intentions.

"Don't forget that the girl has already taken the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon away." Su Yi responded to the featherless meat chicken.

"Then you can try to explain that to the big snake and see if it believes you." The featherless meat chicken nonchalantly stated.

"Are you threatening me?!"

Su Yi’s gaze sunk as he had not expected that he would be threatened by a balding chicken one day.

His complexion changed as the corner of his mouth slightly curved up in a smile. Su Yi glanced at the featherless meat chicken and coldly continued: "Don't forget, I have a bunch of beasts with me. By then, it should be enough to roast you or perhaps stewing you into soup is also a great idea as I have yet to try a peacock soup."

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