The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: A Wicked Featherless Chicken.

"I am going out to inquire about the situation!"

Mo Yue glared at the featherless turkey and walked out of the cave with graceful movements while the anger on her face had not yet subsided.

Su Yi did not say anything. Anyway, the most valuable treasure, the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon was still in his hands so he was not afraid that Mo Yue would leave.

"Has she left? That girl is too cranky."

The featherless meat chicken watched as Mo Yue leave. Its small eyes rolled as it seemingly let out a breath. It then glanced towards Su Yi and said: "Young man, I have to tell you, that girl has a tiny waist and butt which is not suitable for giving birth. With such a terrible temper, you must think wisely."


Su Yi rolled his eyes. The mouth of this featherless turkey was still so wicked. No wonder Mo Yue wanted to roast it.

"Oh right, you seem to understand the beast language? In my memories seemingly a long time ago, only a powerful cultivator could understand it......"

The featherless turkey glanced at the Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Flaming Beast Eagle and the rest. As its gaze swept by, its expression became deep in thought as though it was trying hard to recall something, wanting to remember something.

However, the featherless turkey did not succeed as it could not recall anything even if it tried harder. Later, it looked at the Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest. In the beginning, it was not paying much attention to them, but it suddenly changed its expression secretly as its small misty eyes moved along the bodies of the Fiery Red Demonic Mink and the rest. With an unbearably shocked expression, it said: "Eh, they do not seem to be like the typical beasts. This presence shouldn't appear on these bloodlines. It is impossible. Strange, too strange......"

"My lord, is that a chicken?"

Da Bao and Xiao Ling climbed onto Su Yi's arms and raised their small heads to size up the featherless turkey as they were also curious.

"Have you guys seen such a beautiful chicken before......"

The featherless turkey glared at Da Bao and Xiao Ling with anger. Just as it wanted to explain, it glanced at its own appearance and instantly had its head down as it could not look at itself anymore.


The featherless chicken sighed as it felt melancholic. It might as well not speak anymore.

After a short moment, Mo Yue came back while carrying several chickens in her hands.

That's right it was indeed chickens. Every single one of them was big and around 10-kilograms with bright-colored feathers.

"My luck is quite good as I have unexpectedly encountered a nest of Spirit Jade Jewel Chickens. It has a tremendous effect when stewed into a soup. It is also delicious when roasted, great for treating injuries." Mo Yue carried the Spirit Jade Jewel Chickens in her hands while she fiercely glared at the featherless meat chicken.

"Finally, there is something to eat......"

However, the featherless chicken totally did not seem to care as its gaze momentarily shone.

"Come and help." Mo Yue shouted for Su Yi to help pluck the feathers. There were no pots for stewing soup so they could only roast them.

Not long after, there were six Spirit Jade Jewel Chickens without feathers as their entire bodies were crystal-cleared while emitting an aromatic smell. Mo Yue stacked them onto the pile of burning wood and started to roast.

Su Yi's eyes moved. This type of roasting was not unfamiliar to him in his previous life. But, he had never imagined that Mo Yue, this girl, was really unusual for liking this kind of food.

After a short moment, the roasted meat had already let out a 'sizzling' sound as drips of meat oil slid down the chicken skin that had begun to burn. The aroma of the chicken spread everywhere.

The aroma of the Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken was too unique, causing Su Yi's gluttonous side to be, swiftly lured as he uncontrollably swallowed his saliva.

Da Bao, Xiao Ling, Spectral Mouse, and the rest raised their heads. Facing this aromatic fragrance, they seemingly did not have much resistance too.

"Is it cooked? Is it ready to eat?" The featherless meat chicken had long been waiting at the front as it licked its face, getting on intimate terms with Mo Yue.

"Are you going to eat your own kind? After all, you are all chickens." Mo Yue faintly glanced at the featherless meat chicken.

"No, I am honestly a peacock. These chickens and I are not related." The featherless meat chicken smiled as its saliva dripped all over the floor.

"Done, it can be eaten now."

Moments later, all of the Spirit Jade Jewel Chickens were already cooked while the aromatic fragrance spread through the entire cave.

"Want to try some?"

Mo Yue said towards Su Yi. She had already torn off a large chicken thigh and started to nibble on it. Suddenly, the picture of that enchanting face with the curvy figure did not match at all.

Su Yi initially hesitated as he had to be on guard. This girl was not the same as ordinary people, so it was better to be on guard. If he were to be secretly drugged by Mo Yue, things would not be good.

However, the feathers of the Spirit Jade Jewel Chickens in front of him were plucked by him, and he had been watching closely when Mo Yue was roasting, so there shouldn't be any problems.

Furthermore, Su Yi knew that there weren't any knockout drops or poisons on her as her interspatial bag, had been returned by him. He had previously checked carefully, and additionally, he had been with her for these past few days.

Therefore, it should be impossible to drug him.

"There is nothing for you. Get lost!"

All of a sudden, Mo Yue softly cried as she blocked in front of the featherless meat chicken.

It turned out that the featherless meat chicken had wanted to do it by itself but, was directly blocked by Mo Yue.

"Please give me one. You had grilled it so aromatic that my drool will be dripping out soon!" The featherless meat chicken glanced towards Mo Yue with a pitiful expression.

"I thought you said that I was ugly?" Mo Yue glared at the featherless meat chicken as her anger was still unresolved.

"No. My eyes are blind. It is me that is jealous of your beauty. In reality, you can ruin a country or city. You are as beautiful as a fairy. You are the prettiest among all humans, the incarnation of beauty. That brat is the one who is unworthy to be with you. It is him standing beside you, affecting your temperament, affecting your beauty." The featherless meat chicken said with an earnest face, yet its gaze was staring at the Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken while restraining its saliva.

Hearing this, Su Yi glared at the featherless meat chicken. This featherless meat chicken was truthfully wicked.

"That is much better. I will momentarily forgive you." Mo Yue raised the corner of her mouth as she threw a whole Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken over to the featherless meat chicken.

"I knew it that you are the prettiest." The featherless meat chicken had long been unable to bear it as it directly grabbed the Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken that was numerous times bigger than it with its short wings and instantly started to nibble on it.

"Delicious. Truly delicious!"

While it was nibbling, the featherless meat chicken still ate while saying: "Not greasy and no odor while it is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The meat is fresh and delicious, having an indistinct flavor......"

Su Yi finally could not bear it as he took one and tore off the two chicken wings for Da Bao and Xiao Ling on his shoulders. Then, not bothering about the hotness, he took one big bite after another. It had been such a long time since he had eaten in such a way.

"Mmm, not bad......"

After a bite, Su Yi couldn't help but praise. He did not know whether it was Mo Yue that was good in cooking or the meat of the Spirit Jade Jewel Chicken that was good. The chicken meat was boiling hot in his mouth with its aroma spreading everywhere. It seemed as if it was naturally born with delicious flavors.

A mouthful of chicken meat went in his mouth with a tender, smooth, and crispy texture. Momentarily, it was dancing inside Su Yi's mouth, while the aroma of the meat was directly on the tip of his tongue.

"This time, it is all thanks to you for saving me. Come have one." Mo Yue gave the Flaming Beast Eagle one. This time if not for the Flaming Beast Eagle, all of them would have been in deep trouble.

The Flaming Beast Eagle looked at Su Yi, waiting for his instruction.

"Try it the taste is quite good." Su Yi nodded his head.

Seeing that Su Yi had nodded his head, the Flaming Beast Eagle immediately ate it devoid of any manners as it had long been enduring its saliva.

"All of you guys also come and try it. Don't consume too much."

Seeing that at the moment, the gazes of the Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly and the rest were watching the Flaming Beast Eagle, Mo Yue directly threw the remaining Spirit Jade Jewel Chickens over to Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Golden Python and the rest.

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