The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 172

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Chapter 172: A Turkey Emerged From Underground!

"Ka ka......"

All of a sudden when Su Yi picked up the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon and was planning to leave, a faint cracking sound could be heard from the faint pit.

The ground started to crack, and the permeating flames began to burn even more vigorously as the scorching aura was getting more intense.

"Ka ka ka ka......"

The entire ground of the cave seemed to have some traction.

Lines of cracks formed everywhere on the ground starting from the faint pit where Su Yi had taken the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon and expanded from the floor to the walls, as even the top of the cave started to crack as well.


Within the crowded cracks on the ground, flames danced as they converged together, surging turbulently.

All of this happened within the blink of an eye. Boiling crimson liquid ruptured from the surroundings of the faint pit with inflating bubbles.

Under such high temperatures, the skins of both Su Yi and Mo Yue had also started to burn with pain.

"What is happening?!"

Mo Yue's expression changed. All of these had happened too fast. At the moment, the entire ground of the cave quivered like it was going to collapse.

Presently, Su Yi's gaze shot towards the inside of the faint pit as he unknowingly sensed a bone-chilling feeling while his heart was secretly trembling.

It seemed like something was crawling out from the inside.


The inside of the foaming crimson liquid abruptly exploded while the scorching liquid that appeared like the lava spattered. Following that, horrifying flames directly erupted as though blotting out the sky and covering the earth. In an instant, it seemingly was going to fill up the enormous cave.

"Quickly flee, we are in big trouble!"

Mo Yue's complexion also become grave as she revealed a surprised expression.

"That is......"

Su Yi's stare went wide as there seemed to be a tiny figure covered in the lava-like fire as it emerged from the inside of the erupting flames.


Immediately, a tiny figure had emerged with about the size of a rooster as the lava faded...

The figure had a long neck and a pointed mouth. A crimson-gold meatball seemed to be on top of its head like a comb. Its mouth was sharp with black eyes that were shiny and round, bringing along a sort of radiance.

Behind its eyes were tiny ears, but it got hidden by the fuzz. It had a pair of short legs with five parted claws. On its set of short wings, there was a layer of feathers peeking with a crimson color.

"A rooster......."

Su Yi was dumbstruck and rubbed his eyes vigorously as though he could not believe what he was seeing.

However, the result remained the same as he did not see wrongly.

Emerging from within the underground flames was a hairless rooster, covered by two or three feathers on its body.

A rooster had emerged from the underground.

That had made Su Yi dumbfounded.

"What is that? Is that a rooster......"

Mo Yue had also noticed the rooster. Similarly, she had a gaze of bewilderment as she was also finding it hard to believe that a rooster had actually emerged from the underground flames.

"Looks like a rooster......"

Su Yi was stunned. He was a little puzzled while he hugged the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

Such a rooster within the fire, how would it taste like if it got cooked?


Only, Su Yi's wishful thoughts, were now crushed. The rooster emerged while flapping its wings, shedding the fire on its body as the small figure abruptly dashed towards Su Yi and Mo Yue.

The rooster walked with its tail raised while carrying sparks of fire along its way which looked amusing.

"It is burning me to death, quickly run! Quickly run......"

The rooster ran while crying as the fire was burning its butt. However, its voice was pleasing to the ears. Its pair of golden claws were so sharp that it would leave a pit whenever the claws landed.

"The rooster can talk......"

Su Yi and Mo Yue looked at each other as they were once again bewildered.

At this moment, the language that the rooster was speaking was not the beast language, but instead, it had directly spoken the human tongue.


Su Yi shouted in a low voice. Without any hesitation, he instantly started running while hugging the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

A rooster that could talk indicated that it must be a beast that was at least in the Demonic Void Realm.

Mo Yue also did not hesitate as she directly followed behind Su Yi, instantly heading towards the way they had come from and fled madly.


The rooster followed behind Su Yi and Mo Yue while flapping its miserable wings along with sparks of fire. However, behind the rooster, more and more turbulent gruesome flames and magma had emerged, flooding the deep cave with high temperatures.

"Hey humans, bring me along! I don't have any more energy!"

The rooster saw Su Yi and Mo Yue and ran while shouting towards them.

"Rumble rumble......"

The entire cave cracked as rocks started to fall while some of the stones had turned into powder under the high temperature and scattered around.

"That rooster is chasing after us!"

"The cave seems to be collapsing!"

Su Yi and Mo Yue fled desperately as their complexions changed drastically.

Not only had the mysterious rooster chased after them, but the cave was also quivering as though it was going to collapse.

Very quickly, Su Yi and Mo Yue had gone up the cave as they reached the passageway.

The turbulent flames and magma trailed after them as though it was going to engulf everything. Its momentum was vast and mighty while the frighteningly high temperature could make people's souls shrank!

The cave was also quivering. The ice in front that was initially hard to melt, at the moment under the high temperature, was also rapidly melting.

"Howl howl......"

Unknown as to where they came from, presently, several hundred cubs of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves were running.

These Ice-Cold Wild Wolf cubs seemed to have felt something as they kept howling. Their expressions exhibited fear, and they swiftly fled towards the outside of the cave, not bothering about Su Yi and Mo Yue.

"Quick, quickly run!"

While Su Yi was fleeing, he placed the 500-kilogram broken sword into the interspatial bag, causing his body to feel as light as a feather.

"What are you doing?!"

Just when Su Yi was planning to keep the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon into the interspatial bag, Mo Yue shockingly questioned Su Yi.

"Storing it. If it is, seen by the Blazing Heavenly Dragon on the outside, we will be doomed!" Su Yi replied Mo Yue as he was trying to keep the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon into the interspatial bag.

If it was seen, by the Blazing Heavenly Dragon on the outside that he was hugging the egg, Su Yi did not even need to think to know that even if he had ten lives, it would not be enough for the Blazing Heavenly Dragon to kill.

"Stop, you cannot put live objects into the interspatial bag. This egg is mostly alive. Are you trying to kill it?" Mo Yue glared at Su Yi. If they were not trying to flee for their lives, she would have already kicked him.

"Really......" Su Yi was dumbfounded. He indeed did not know about this.

Not worrying about whether what the girl had said was the truth or not, Su Yi presently did not dare to risk it.

"Human, I truly can no longer run. Please bring me along!" The rooster behind them seemed to really be out of energy as it tucked its tail while running all out with its short legs. The appearance could cause people to simmer with laughter.

"Quickly run!"

Su Yi did not want to have any interactions with a turkey with unknown origins that could at least be in the Demonic Void Realm.

Behind him, the gruesome flames and magma were erupting. Most likely, the cave was going to collapse soon, so Su Yi further increased his speed in fleeing.

After taking down the 500-kilogram broken sword from his back, his speed had abruptly skyrocketed.

Initially, Su Yi's speed was slower than Mo Yue. However, right now, his body was as light as a feather and adding on to the Hundred Transformation Steps, he had immediately caught up.

The sudden increase in speed made Mo Yue to be secretly surprised.

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