The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: Found The Treasure!

If he did not have the Indestructible Vajra Body of the Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body, Su Yi would most likely not even be able to get close to the place.

This cave was the perennial habitat of that group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves. The surrounding frost had already reached the stage where it would be difficult to melt.

Undoubtedly, it was impossible for a normal human being to get close as they would directly be, frozen into ice before even getting close.

"Quickly go in. I will bring you to find the treasures. Make haste!" Mo Yue had also climbed into the cave while her dress fluttered. Her skin was sparkling with white radiance as her eyes cleverly moved, revealing some slyness. At the moment, she looked more like a witch than someone with the temperament of being untainted by the world.

"Undeniably, it is me who brought you here." Su Yi rolled his eyes. Fortunately, he had great luck, and had not hastily rushed in, or else he would have been dead.

"Doesn't matter if it was me, or you that brought us here. Right now Cheng Jian is fighting with the Blazing Heavenly Dragon and we do not have enough time. Quickly go find the treasures or else, whether it is Cheng Jian or the Blazing Heavenly Dragon that finds us, we will be doomed either way!"

A smile was on Mo Yue's face. Unmistakably, they were taking advantage of others fighting while they sneaked in here for the treasures, yet she had said it so seriously like a female bodhisattva.

"Even more shameless than me." Su Yi was speechless. This girl was surely even more shameless than him, but what she had said was correct. They indeed needed to make haste.

The two of them did not dare to delay any longer as they followed along the cave, going in deeper.

It was unknown how long the cave was while the four sides of the cave, were covered in a thick layer of ice.

Numerous ice cones were hanging upside down in the cave, emitting a subtle glow.

Within the thick ice, many white bones could occasionally be seen, making people broke out with goosebumps.

"This is unusual. The Blazing Heavenly Dragon is a fire element beast. This cave is not suitable to be its nest at all." Su Yi frowned. Although the cave was enormous enough for the dragon, it was too cold, and it was getting even colder the further they went in.

"So cold!" Mo Yue had been shivering from the cold since long ago, but she did not dare to use her Xuan Qi to protect against the cold and hugged her arms as she kept shivering.

Mo Yue secretly glanced at Su Yi. In her heart, she found it strange that even though that fellow's cultivation was lower than her, yet at the moment, he appeared to be not affected by the cold at all.

"This fellow is not simple!"

Mo Yue secretly mumbled. That was sufficient to prove that the physical body of the fellow was robust.


It was unknown how far they had gone in, but the frost in the cave was getting weaker as if the aura had drastically decreased.

At the same time when Su Yi was doubtful, the surrounding frost in the cave had dissipated after they walked for another hundred zhang.

"There is no more frost!"

In front of Su Yi and Mo Yue, there was a cave entrance with a slanted road that seemed to lead towards the bottom of the mountain.

The cave was pitch black. However, there was a scorching aura that was vaguely spreading out.

"Is this a volcano?"

Su Yi secretly frowned. Previously, he had needed to find a volcano inside the Forest of Demons to train his Indestructible Vajra Body, hence his first reaction was whether the bottom of this mountain contained a volcano.

"Let's go down and see. This cave is cold on the outside and hot on the inside, perfectly suitable to be the nest for the Blazing Heavenly Dragon." Mo Yue stated as her dark eyebrow arched slightly. Her eyes were a little excited as this proved that it could be the nest of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

At the same time, a glint secretly flashed past her eyes as she was deeply aware of the real motive that she had come here.

If the rumors were true, then this was absolutely a big chance for her!

"Let's go in!"

Su Yi did not hesitate. Since he had ventured till here, there was no reason for him to not go in.

The two of them carefully entered the cave. There was no longer frost inside, hence it became dimmer.

In the entire cave, it was pitch black with seemingly no end causing people to be frightful!

Facing such darkness with no end in sight, even though Su Yi and Mo Yue were cultivators with better eyesight than ordinary people, it was hard for them to perceive anything.

Luckily, deep within the cave, unknowingly at when or where, flares would flicker, thus allowing Su Yi and Mo Yue to continue to walk in deeper.

Inside the cave was dead silence.

There were no sounds at all. It was so quiet that even their heartbeats, could be heard distinctly.

And, as they followed the path, the aura inside was getting hotter and hotter.

Under such circumstances, they had already ventured for over a hundred zhang while that scorching aura had made Su Yi and Mo Yue to sweat like a pig.

The bean-sized sweat on their foreheads dripped along their faces, making their clothes wet.


All of a sudden, Mo Yue tenderly shrieked. The hand that was holding onto the wall retracted quickly like lightning. The temperature inside the cave was too unbearable for her.

Su Yi turned his head back, warning her to be careful with his eyes.

Su Yi could still contend against the temperature since, after all, he had previously fortified his physical body inside a volcano.

"Dragon scale!"

Suddenly, Su Yi found a palm-sized scale that resembled copper which was incomparably tough. It was precisely the scale from the Blazing Heavenly Dragon that might have fallen off.

A scale of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon in the Demonic Emperor Realm was very costly and could be regarded as a treasure. It was a favorite for the Tool Refiners, sufficient to refine high-quality weapons, armor, etc.

Su Yi insolently took the scale of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon and put it inside his interspatial bag.

"Are there anymore......"

After dozens of step, Su Yi found another scale of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

The terrain in front was also getting vast while the temperature kept rising.

The surrounding rocks on the wall were also gradually changing into a crimson color, illuminating the surrounding with dazzling lights.

"I truly cannot go on and cannot bear it any longer!"

Mo Yue was panting as the bean-sized sweat had caused her hair to be wet and her face to flush red.


She absolutely could no longer endure it as she released Yuan Qi from within her body. A faint scarlet Yuan Qi fluctuated from within her body, momentarily scattering the scorching aura, allowing her to feel much better.

"Be careful."

Su Yi frowned. Fortunately, they had not met with any beasts inside the cave. Otherwise, once they used Yuan Qi, they would instantly be found out.

The terrain was now flat, no longer entering deeper.

As if the place they were at was the deepest part of the mountain, it was another region inside that seemed like a single realm.

"There is a fire......"

The temperature kept rising as the heat was incomparably hot. Between the rocks and the walls, a naked flame would appear occasionally.

Su Yi also started to surge his Yuan Qi as it was absolutely too hot. Otherwise, the bottom of his shoes and his shirt would begin to catch on fire.

"Quickly look......"

All of a sudden, Mo Yue shouted as she couldn't help but be shocked.

Su Yi's gaze had long since been attracted towards the front with ripples violently fluctuating within his eyes.

Right in front of them, rays of light permeated with all kinds of glows twinkling along with dense fluctuating energy.

In the depths of this scorching hot underground, a pile of different kinds of elements of Yuan Stones was stacked into a small mountain, emitting rays of light and permeating fluctuations of energy.

There were also numerous weapons. Some of the weapons had light twinkling and fluctuations of mysterious patterns as they emanated a sharp aura. They did not seem to be normal items.

Within the shimmering light, there were several oddly shaped items piled up together.

"Fiery Diamond Stone!"

"Blue Dark Iron!"

"Icy Sky Rock!"

"This seems to be the horn of the Frantic One-Horned Demonic Cow......"


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