The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: Blazing Heavenly Dragon In The Demonic Emperor Realm!

"I also did not expect this. The truth is, previously I could not even get close before I was found out and chased by the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves." Currently, Mo Yue was also dumbstruck. That was beyond her expectations. Surprisingly, there were so many Ice-Cold Wild Wolves in this group. Most importantly, they actually had so many powerful Ice-Cold Wild Wolves.

"Foul beasts. You are courting death!"

A low and deep cry resounded as the elder sitting on the beast that resembled a tiger and a lion violently shouted. The mount roared as its massive body pounced forward with sharp hook-like claws, tearing several Ice-Cold Wild Wolves on the ground into pieces.

"Bang bang!"

Tremendous raging wind energy assaulted over, shaking off several Ice-Cold Wild Wolves.

The complexion of the elder in his fifties became dark. With a wave of his hand, a surge of Yuan Qi rushed out like a wind storm sweeping through, causing dozens of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves to be flung onto the rocks at the cliff, becoming a bloody fog.

"Human, this is the Grand Beast Canyon. It should be you guys who are seeking death!" The alpha wolf furiously roared. It could already speak the human language as it had stepped into the Demonic Void Realm.

[T.N: In this chapter, the author wrote it as Demonic Void Realm even though, in the previous two chapters, he wrote it as Demonic True Realm. ? ]

When the cry landed, the body of the alpha wolf had a gruesome frosty aura as if the surroundings, were covered in snow. In one leaped, it had dashed in the air for dozens of zhang with its sharp hook-like claws slashing towards the elder in his fifties.

"I will spare your life if you become my mount and obey me!"

The elder in his fifties knew that his mount was not an opponent of the alpha wolf. Afraid that it would be affected by the ripples, with a loud cry, he leaped into the air while Yuan Qi radiance wrapped around his fist, directly contending against the claws of the alpha wolf.


With a deep explosion sound, the energy light glowed along with the frost, ragingly surging like the explosion clang of a thunderstorm.


Although the alpha wolf was very mighty, the elder in his fifties was already in the Yuan Emperor Realm. It was abruptly blown back as fresh blood spilled from its big blood-dripping mouth.

It got injured in just one strike. The eyes of the alpha wolf secretly revealed fear.

"I will kill you first !"

The elder in his fifties coldly laughed as he took advantage of this chance and rushed towards the alpha wolf on air with turbulent momentum.


At this moment, the dragon-like howl once again roared out, shaking the heavens and rocking the earth, resounding throughout the world.

The loud cry caused the figure of the elder in his fifties to stagnate while he glanced towards the peak of the mountain that had risen over the clouds.

There was an enormous cave coated by frost in its surroundings with ice cones hanging upside down covering the entrance of the cave. Under the flickering radiance of the light, it was difficult to see clearly.


Following the roar of the dragon-like howl from deep within the cave, a monstrous light radiated out with a scorching aura sweeping through.

In the next instant, a massive figure charged out from the cave bringing along with numerous ice cones that shot towards the sky and then automatically dissipated in the void sky.


The roar was like thunder as a dozen zhang long dragon scaled onto the empty sky. Its entire body was in flames, causing the chilly atmosphere in the surroundings to scatter and dissipate.

The frosty land immediately transformed into scorching heat.

The dragon scaled the sky. The flames on its body were like waves trying to submerge its body. Its crimson eyes were as though there was a volcano contained within them. Strangely, on top of the dragon's head, clusters of small flames were pulsing while its scales furled.

The dragon also had a pair of flapping crimson wings. The flames were like the eruption of volcanoes, blotting out the sky and covering the earth as it swept through.

"Howl....." With the appearance of such a dragon, the group of Ice-Cold Wild Wolves instantly roared and retreated as if they could not handle such a vigorous high heat aura.

The powerful cultivators of the Ice-Cold Wild Wolves and humans fighting fiercely in the sky were also dumbfounded.

Especially those powerful human cultivators as they had seemingly felt something while their expressions secretly changed drastically.

The dragon scaled the sky. An indistinct pressure spread around the void sky, causing both humans and beasts to tremble.

"Blazing Heavenly Dragon, is that the Blazing Heavenly Dragon?"

Su Yi was shocked as his gaze unbearably quivered!

The aura of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, compared to when he had first met the Nine Lives Cat Demons and the other beasts in the Demonic Emperor Realm, was unquestionably the same.

Where had it resembled a state like the peak of Demonic Void Realm Ninth Grade? It did not even resemble a beast that was at death's door.

"Not good, that Blazing Heavenly Dragon has broken through to the Demonic Emperor Realm!" Almost simultaneously, the startled voice of Mo Yue uncontrollably sounded as her gaze appeared even more shocked than Su Yi's.

"Didn't you say that the Blazing Heavenly Dragon was at death's door?" Su Yi turned his head and glared at Mo Yue. There were indeed no truths from this girl's mouth. Fortunately, the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance had suddenly appeared, if not he would have been very miserable now.

"I am also not sure. But I dare confirm that this Blazing Heavenly Dragon was recently heavily wounded by that Flying Tiger, Cheng Jian." Mo Yue was serious. At this point, there were utterly no lies.

"I thought you did not know that guy?" Su Yi rolled his eyes at Mo Yue.

"I honestly do not know him. What I only know are his name and that he is from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance. That person is famous within the Forest of Demons!" Mo Yue exclaimed.

"Cheng Jian, you still dare to come to this king's lair. This time, you are seeking death!"

In the empty sky, the Blazing Heavenly Dragon spoke to Cheng Jian with a deep and low voice like a dragon howl that could deafen the ears.

Glancing at the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, Cheng Jian's gaze was also secretly shocked as he said: "To think that you have escaped and even took the chance to break through to the Demonic Emperor Realm!"

"It is all thanks to you. However, you are going to die today!" The Blazing Heavenly Dragon coldly glanced at Cheng Jian.

"Oh, really? You should have just broken through not long ago and seems like you haven't gone through the Changing Shape Tribulation, right? Then today you are still going to die!"

Cheng Jian spoke while staring at the Blazing Heavenly Dragon. He seemed to be secretly wary as he gently lifted his hand. A seven-foot long spear appeared in his hand.

The long spear was not a normal item as it emitted a crimson brilliance, while sharp aura swept out from within the long spear, shaking the surrounding empty sky!

"Although I have only recently stepped into the Demonic Emperor Realm, it is enough to deal with you. You are courting death!"

Staring at Cheng Jian, the Blazing Heavenly Dragon growled as though it did not want to waste any more time. After a low and deep roar, both of its wings flapped as a gruesome scorching flame raged out from its body, forming into waves of fire that overwhelmingly poured towards Cheng Jian.

The waves of fire covered half of the sky as the frighteningly extreme high temperature caused the surrounding void sky to fume up in white smoke. The high heat had caused Su Yi and Mo Yue who were hiding behind a rock to also be able to feel its frightening temperature while the hairs on their bodies stood on end.

"So powerful!"

Trembling gazes were exhibited from the people as they secretly felt their throats were burning. The attack of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon had such a horrifying momentum.

"Foul beast!"

Cheng Jian loudly yelled as the surface of his body was coated with a layer of solidified Yuan Qi light shield while the long spear in his hand was glowing.

The next instant, Cheng Jian's figure went forward without retreating along with an explosive aura. His long spear stabbed forward with light gushing out, tearing through a crack in the gruesome flames that were pouring over, directly jabbing towards the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.


Glancing at Cheng Jian, the Blazing Heavenly Dragon deeply roared, and a scarlet flaming light pillar gushed out from its hideous mouth, clashing towards Cheng Jian's long spear.


Under such a clash, it had exploded in mid-air in the blink of an eye.

There was no explosion sound like what the people had expected. However, the monstrous fiery glow was like that of a volcano in the air, directly erupting. The frightening and scorching heat energy all of a sudden surged everywhere like a hurricane.

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