The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: The First Tribulation

Inside a valley, a bunch of Taihang Sect disciples was startled as they stared at the distant clear sky. Their expressions greatly changed.

“It finally showed up.” Bi Zhang Qian stood with his hands clasped behind his back. His figure was slender and tall while the long hair that touched his shoulders slightly moved under the night breeze. The lightning from far away kept flashing, which added a touch of sharpness to his appearance.

On a broken cliff.

At the distant hazy chain of mountains, under the flashes of lightning, the mountains seemed to appear and disappear.

Dozens of figures showed up at the broken cliff with auras that were swift and fierce. Among them were the Black Fiend School’s High Elder Bai and High Elder Yu.

“You finally couldn’t hide anymore huh, Blood Spiritual Ginseng!”, A black-clothed elder with a hawk-like nose, broad forehead and skin as white as a lady, stared at the faraway lightning while his eyes sparkled with a fierce glint.


On the cliff, far away from the lightning flashes, the air was filled with an unusual kind of bloody atmosphere that was very horrifying.

Several figures stood there as a seemingly bloody radiance began to glow on their bodies. For no apparent reason, there were horrifying murderous auras in the air.

“It has shown up......” A middle-aged man wearing a dark red robe with his black hair touching his shoulders spoke softly. His eyes that were watching the sky were shining with a slightly bloody glow.


At the top of a mountain, several gigantic flying beasts landed on a sky-high tree at a mountain peak. Their fearsome eyes resembled a brass bell, but for unexplained reasons, at present, their bodies were shivering as if they were cold.

However, there were also dozens of figures standing on top of the mountain. The formless auras that they released were fierce, making the surrounding air suddenly tensed up.

“I can’t wait to find out who will get the Blood Spiritual Ginseng in the end!” Someone responded in a bright voice.


On a mountain peak, several figures stood tall.

Standing in the front was a figure wearing a cloak on her head and a white veil as a mask, with a lilac dress that outlined her elegant physique incisively.

Behind the figure was a man in his 50s in regular clothing, whose black hair was bald halfway, which was very eye-catching.

There was also another figure in the 50s. It was a woman in a plain dress.

The woman was wearing a hairpin in her hair with some wrinkles on her face. She was also standing quietly behind the astounding figure that was wearing a cloak on her head and a white veil as a mask.

If presently Su Yi was here, he would unmistakably recognize them.

These people were from the Ling Bao Pavilion. Deacon Wu was amongst them and the one standing at the front was, the lady called Lan Chuolian.

“The Blood Spiritual Ginseng had indeed appeared. This is only the First Tribulation correct?” Lan Chuolian said while slightly raising her head. Her waist-long hair that was touching her soft boneless-like waist was very enchanting.

“Correct, this is the First Tribulation. But the beasts that can succeed are not many, not to mention the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, this kind of Heavenly Spiritual Being, it is even harder for it.” The woman in plain dress replied.

“It seems like the way Heaven treats the beasts, and Heavenly Spiritual Beings are unfair.” Deacon Wu responded softly.

“Deacon Wu is wrong.” Lan Chuolian smiled lightly and stated: “Whether it is a beast or a Heavenly Spiritual Being although, when it reaches the Demonic Void Realm they are obliged to undergo the tribulation, once they succeed, they will be stronger than a human on the same cultivation. In this world of the cycle of heaven path, whenever a being that defies the heaven appears, it will naturally lure the tribulation of destruction. If it can pass the trial, it will be able to continue to exist in this world. If it cannot pass the trial, then it will vanish into thin air. We, humans, are also the same. Rumors have it that to become a truly powerful cultivator, we must likewise, pass the tribulation!” “Fairy Maiden is correct.” Deacon Wu bitterly smiled, no wonder there were rumors in the pavilion that this Fairy Maiden was different from the rest which was true.

“Seems like their hands should be itching, right?” The woman in plain dress asked while looking at the surroundings.

“Even though this is the First Tribulation of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, nobody will be intervening as they do not dare to bear the consequences. I’m afraid once the tribulation ends, it is going to be very lively.” Lan Chuolian answered. Whenever a tribulation appeared, nobody would dare to stay close because if they were to arouse the wrath of the tribulation, they are giving themselves a big problem.

Disrupting the tribulation was the same as defying the laws of Heaven and might lure an even more frightening tribulation to come.


“Crackle……” On top of the mountain, the gathering thunderclouds were getting thicker and thicker.

The body of the radish was starting to give out a green-red light as a mighty power exploded out, covering its body in a glow.

“Rumble!” The green-red radish stood tall with its head held high, the green leaves on its head suddenly spread open as if it was showing the lightning its unwillingness and defiance while a tremendous amount of energy filled its entire body. The side of its body revealed a red light, yet its body had the smell of an herb that would make people’s mouth waters when they smelled it.

“Rumble!” In an instant, between the thunderclouds, a bolt of blinding lightning was gathered, and as though it was connected to the heaven and earth, it struck directly onto the green-red radish with boundless terror!

That was the tribulation. Unlike any ordinary lightning, this was the punishment sent down from Heaven to the earth!

“Rumble rumble……” It did not stop there. With the radish as the center, the outburst from the lightning was vigorous and limitless as it came from everywhere, surging crazily and descending crazily!

“What is happening there? It’s too terrifying!” Far away, a lot of gazes were watching this horrifying scene for the first time. All of them were unbelievably shocked.

The scene was too shocking. Under the majestic aura of the lightning along with an earth-shattering pressure, it was as if, trying to destroy everything.

Even though the people were far away from the clear sky, all of them felt pressurized and couldn’t breathe at that moment.

“Is this the tribulation of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng? It's too scary!” Far away at the Taihang Sect’s battle array, all of the disciples were raising their head peering at the frightening lightning as it fell. Their throats moved as they swallowed their saliva.

“Rumble……” A big bolt of lightning landed as it caged around the surroundings, making the mountains around it explode, destroying everything.

A bolt of lightning, landed onto the body of the radish but the green leaves had blocked it.

The green leaves that seemed as though a gust of wind could knock them over, exploded with a strange power, that actually could defend continuously against the numerous frightening lightning.

At the top of the mountain, the rolling black cloud on the sky seemed to have been provoked as a bolt of frightening abnormal lightning's might suddenly surged through, charging up the entire sky!

“Crack!” Within a short moment on the sky, the rolling thundercloud suddenly shrank as a brilliant silver electric arc formed into a thunderbolt like a hole opening through the space as it blasted through the cloud decreasing towards the radish.

The shafts of the lightning were like a bunch of silver pythons as it stormed out from the thundercloud and tore open the space, carrying with it a frightening “boom” while heading towards the green-red radish, harshly blasting it down.

“Whoosh!” There was fear in the radish’s eyes, but it did not back down as dense energy sipped out from its body, directly contending against the bolts of lightning.

“Rumble!” Under such lightning, an eye-catching electric awns suddenly spreads all over on the body of the white radish.

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