The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 142

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Chapter 142: Blood God Sect!

But after this type of grinding of reoccurring trials of death and reoccurring confronting imminent dangers, had brought Su Yi an incomparable feeling, experiences, and huge gains.

At night the sky was studded with stars.

There was a crack in the canyon with vines everywhere.

Within the concealed crack, a light was glowing with an aura that appeared luxuriant.

Inside the mysterious space, a dense Heaven and Earth energy, was fluctuating. Su Yi took off his cloak and mask as he sat cross-legged, forming a hand seal. His entire body looked as if covered in a layer of holy light.

From the time he had climbed out of the deep hidden valley till now, Su Yi's skin, for unknown reasons, was still as fair as jade with a crystal-clear gleam to it. However, his face formlessly had an extra fierceness to it.

Like the edge of a knife, although it did not have any blood on it, people could still feel the bloody aura.

"Howl......" Unknowingly at some time, a roar of a beast spread from within the mysterious space as a terrifying aura sipped out that could shock people's souls.


At a broken cliff;

The moon was shining brightly, lighting up the surroundings. At the far away hazy chain of mountains, looking from afar, it seemed like the eyes of the beasts.

Dozens of figures appeared at the broken cliff with a swift and fierce aura on their bodies.

If at the moment Su Yi was here, he would have surely recognized two familiar figures. They were High Elder Bai and High Elder Yu from the Black Fiend School.

But at present, High Elder Bai and High Elder Yu were standing behind a black-clothed elder with a face full of awe and reverence.

The black-clothed elder had a hawk-like nose and a broad forehead with skin as white as a lady. There was a sharp glint glimmering in his eyes.

"Wait for a while more, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng won't be hiding for long as it will unquestionably come out for its tribulation or else its cultivation will fall back, and it will be even harder for it to break through in the future." The black-clothed elder with a hawk-like nose and broad forehead said faintly.

"High Elder Ye, people from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance and Blood God Sect have also come. I'm afraid that they have also come here for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng!" High Elder Bai exclaimed as his expression became slightly grave. If the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance and Blood God Sect were also involved, then the struggle for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng would undoubtedly be even harder.

"Since we can receive the news, them coming is also not surprising. The only thing I'm afraid of is that people from the other powers will also come here." The black-clothed elder who was called High Elder Ye did not have any change in expression, but his eyes had become sharper.


At a cliff, under the shine from the moonlight, an unusual fog had spread around bringing with it a trace of blood, causing the moon on the empty sky to be tainted and turned into a blood moon.

At present, many figures were standing on top of the cliff.

Under the glow of the moonlight, several figures seemingly had a bloody radiance sipping out from their bodies. For no apparent reason, there were horrifying murderous auras in the air.

"Black Fiend School, Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance, and many other powerful cultivators are nearby. Looks like, all of them have also felt that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng is within this perimeter." A middle-aged man wearing a dark red robe with his black hair touching his shoulders spoke softly, standing in front of those several figures. His eyes that had been watching the sky shone with a slightly bloody glow.


"Howl......" At the top of a mountain, a deep and low roar resounded as several gigantic flying beasts landed on a sky-high tree at a mountain peak. Their fearsome eyes resembled a brass bell, sweeping around the area.

Dozens of figures were also standing on top of the mountain. Their formless auras were fierce, making the surrounding air tensed up.

"Interesting, the Black Fiend School and Blood God Sect have both arrived. There are also numerous other people nearby. Looks like, it will be a fierce battle between these powerful cultivators!" Someone said in a bright voice.


"Whoosh......" Inside the mysterious space, there was a light that appeared full of life. Su Yi sat cross-legged and not knowing when it had started, the aura on his body had been in a state of a continuous upward trend, and it was steadily increasing.

"Rumble rumble......" At this moment inside Su Yi's body, the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian, was getting more and more abundant. The Yuan Qi Whirlpool swirled as if it was forming a wind storm, letting out a low and deep 'rumbling' sound like that of the wind and thunder.

Such a state had continued for a very long time as the aura on Su Yi's body already climbed to the peak as if it was going to erupt at any time.

"Bang..." After the slight silence, at a certain period, a muffled sound rang out from the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within Su Yi's Dantian, accompanied by waves of heaven and earth energy from the surrounding as it abruptly surged forth, causing his hair to fly around as it trembled and his clothes to flutter. The aura on his body had once again climbed up to a new step.

If at this moment somebody was here, that person would be utterly shocked that a cultivator in the Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade, actually had such a powerful aura that was comparable to a Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade.

A moment later, the powerful aura on Su Yi's body gradually started to quiet down until it finally became tranquil.

"Crackle......" When the aura on his body had completely calmed down, Su Yi who was sitting cross-legged, abruptly opened his tightly closed eyes. From his eyes, a blinding glow as if it had materialized, blasted out.

"Boom!" At the same time, a new aura from within Su Yi's body had also awakened as it suddenly swept out, carrying with it an oppressive might and destructive power!

Then, the aura finally receded. The glow in his eyes subsided as it gradually went back into the deep depths of Su Yi’s firm and brooding eyes.

"Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade!" When everything had calmed down, the corner of Su Yi's mouth slightly curved up in a smile as his eyes also swelled with happiness.

Heaven indeed helps those who helped themselves, as in this period of grinding, he finally had the most practical gain. Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade, it seemed that it would not be long before he reached the Yuan Xuan Realm.

Feeling the current aura in his body and the changes, Su Yi felt very satisfied. Compared to the Yuan Soul Realm Eighth Grade, his battle power had gone up another level.

The abundant Yuan Qi in his body and the soothing spiritual power in his mind had given him an unexplainable comfort and satisfaction.

"Roar!" "My lord!" There were beast words transmitted over as several figures of beasts appeared before Su Yi. They were precisely the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, Snow Jade Ape, Flaming Beast Eagle, and the Spectral Mouse.

"Did you guys breakthrough again?" Su Yi stared at the five beasts in front of him as he could feel that currently, the auras on their bodies seemed to have increased by a grade compared to before they had entered the mysterious space.

"Thanks to the elixir master had given us, all of us have broken through a grade." The Spectral Mouse squeaked and said with a smiling expression as all five of them had broken through another grade.

"Good." Su Yi nodded his head. He was pleased that the elixirs he had brought were not in vain.

Sweeping his eyes across them, Su Yi discovered that the Golden Python, Silver Spirit Demonic Butterfly, and White Jade Swallow had still not woken up as their body was still glowing with light, even Da Bao and Xiao Ling the two small snakes were also caged in a special kind of light while the auras on their body were fluctuating.

"You guys go drink the Spirit Essence and continue to cultivate in here." Su Yi told the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest, allowing them to consume the strange Spirit Essence inside the mysterious space.

Although the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and the rest had broken through another grade, from what Su Yi had experienced recently, the beasts inside the Grand Beast Canyon were also getting stronger and stronger.

The cultivation and the strength of the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Snow Jade Ape, and the rest were still not enough.

Also recently, there might be many powerful cultivators inside the Grand Beast Canyon. Bringing the beasts along with him would be very eye-catching thus Su Yi wanted these beasts to continue to stay in here.

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