The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: Demon Emperor!

At present, the lady had also secretly become serious. Even though she said reassuring words to these disciples, in reality, she was even more aware that if the elder was to arrive late, all of them would be fraught with grim possibilities.

“Combined Attack Formation, everyone be careful.”

A young man in his 30s announced as he held a long lance while his eyes glowed. But his expression was serious, like the lady near him.

The man was clear about the situation. Although many of the beasts were in the Demonic Spirit Realm, the ones leading them, the black panther and the ferocious red bird that was hovering in mid-air, were in the Demonic True Realm.

From their auras, the two leading beasts should be at least in the Demonic True Realm Sixth or Seventh Grade.

With so many beasts, they were simply no match for them.


On top of the valley at a large red boulder, a giant black panther roared with its head held high causing the space to tremble from the sound. Its body was giving out a black glow as its aura swept through the valley.


Suddenly, the surrounding was filled with the roars of the beasts as every one of them roared together and charged towards the valley.


Dozens of beasts surged forth with their explosive auras, causing the earth to shake like it would during an earthquake. Their vicious and shocking auras swept through the place.


In the sky, several ferocious birds directly spread their wings and dived down to kill.

The situation made those young Taihang Sect disciples’ expression to immediately turned pale as their heart filled with terror and unease.

“Be careful and attack with full force!”

“Watch out for the sky!”

Several of the leading Taihang Sect disciples shouted. Some gathered Yuan Qi beneath their feet and condensed a flying bird to take flight into the air. Yuan Qi surged, and weapons were swinging about to stop the ferocious birds.

“All of you take note of defense.”

A strong cultivator leaped out from the crowd, taking charge to block some of the beasts that had rushed over to kill.


In an instant, they clashed head-on. Yuan Qi was surging like muffled thunder, quivering the whole valley.

The ones who were leading, although they were in their 30s, their cultivations were not weak as their horrifying auras effortlessly exploded out.

In that instant, all types of Yuan Qi glows were intertwining brilliantly.

Some of the auras seemed to have gone beyond the Yuan Soul Realm.


Several of the young and powerful Taihang Sect cultivators had also overturned a ferocious bird and several beasts as blood was splashing everywhere.

Facing so many beasts, none of them showed any mercy, nor did they hide their abilities.


On the huge boulder, the black panther growled deeply. A black light was surging as the beast directly jumped down from there with two jumps. Bringing with that frightening aura, it directly charged over.

The man that had spoken before slightly ground his teeth. The long lance in his hand glowed with a green light as it shot straight forward. At the tip of the long lance, there was Yuan Qi that seemed like it was going to split open the space as it blocked the black panther.


Facing that quick and destructive long lance, the black panther seemed to have no fear as it swung down its claws. Black light surged in its claws like a black scale as it directly collided with the lance.

“Ka ka……”

Under this kind of contact, the long lance suddenly broke as if it had sustained ten thousand pounds of force. The man's body was also instantly blown away, sending him flying and smashing heavily onto the ground.


In the sky, a frail shriek screamed. A delicate and graceful lady was also directly hit by a ferocious bird and landed heavily on the ground while the Yuan Qi beneath her feet scattered.


Two people crashed onto the ground and spat out blood. With just a hit, they had suffered tremendous injuries.

“Bang bang bang bang bang……”

At the same time, other beasts and Taihang Sect disciples had also clashed together, causing sounds of muffled thunder. Some of the people had directly flung away.

But these Taihang Sect’s young disciples did not panic as they joined hands together to defend, causing several beasts to stagnate.


The black panther landed on the ground and continued to stare at the man that had just fallen as killing intent sipped out from its eye. With its claws, it directly pounced towards the man. A sharp and strong wind was raging, making the ground that it passed by to crack.

“Not good……”

The man trembled. Although he was at the Yuan True Realm, the black panther was at the Demonic True Realm Sixth Grade. Furthermore, he had only recently stepped into, the Yuan True Realm, thus he knew that he was no matched for it.

“Foul beast, you are seeking death!”

A sharp and deep voice yelled. A shadow suddenly appeared in front of the man, and a ghostly palm print was shot out, directly landing onto the black panther’s claw.


The energy clashed, and a glow of Yuan Qi was shot out. The sharp claws of the black panther that could be seen by the naked eye had instantly shattered into pieces, its black glow tattered. Blood spilled everywhere, and the large body was directly turned over and fell onto the ground.


The figure never stopped as a treasure sword suddenly appeared in his hand. A sword light flashed as it sliced through the air, chopping towards the ferocious bird that was trying to kill that delicate and graceful lady.


The sword light was as if it was real as it sliced through the air as quick as lightning.

The ferocious bird had no way to avoid it so, it spread its wings to return the attack, but the sword light directly sliced its wings. One of its wings broke, and blood was pouring from the wound, making it fell from the sky.

The two leading Demonic True Realm beasts were instantly defeated almost at the speed of lightning.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh……”

The incomer had never once stopped as it ran with a speed of lightning around the valley, instantly letting out many sword lights.


Several of the mighty beasts were beheaded as blood sprayed everywhere while they crashed onto the ground.

The treasure sword in Bi Ling’s hand was swung around as she was fighting with a fierce wolf, showing signs of danger, and her expression was serious.


One sword light flashed by, and the wolf fell onto the floor.

A figure showed up at Bi Ling’s side. It was a middle-aged man with a slender figure, handsome features, and long hair that touched his shoulders. He must have been an elegant flower boy when he was young.

The moment she saw the man in front of her, Bi Ling’s serious face revealed a surprised expression as she said: “Second Uncle.”

“Are you alright?”

Bi Zhang Qian smiled and with a flick of his sword, the beast who was fighting with Yi Yun, not far away, once again fell into a pool of blood.

“Second Uncle, I’m fine. But if you have come any later, we would have been in deep trouble.” Bi Ling's heart was still fluttering with fear, but fortunately, her Second Uncle had come just in time.

“Elder Bi has come!”

“That’s great. Elder Bi is here!”

Along with Elder Bi’s appearance, cheers suddenly echoed from the surrounding.


Bi Zhang Qian’s figure once again traversed before the leading ferocious bird, which had fallen badly. He directly flew in mid-air as he leaped without forming Yuan Qi under his feet and the sword dropped down directly chopping the ferocious bird.

A few moments later after the two leading beasts were defeated, those powerful beasts that were at the front, were also killed in succession, laying in a pool of blood.

The remaining beasts were also not stupid. They were extremely frightened by the scene, and in an instant, they were fleeing for their lives.

“Elder Bi.”

After the beasts started to flee, the young man who was severely injured and the delicate and graceful lady, all arrived before Elder Bi. All of them showed an expression of astonishment, but their heart was still fluttering with fear.

“Elder Bi!”

All of the disciples came rushing forward with excitement, their expression showing surprise while looking towards Elder Bi. No matter whether it was a girl or boy, all of them looked at him with awe and reverence.

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