The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: On the trip to Demon Woods, myriad of beasts shall hail me as King!

“Cough cough……”

After a big mouthful of wine, his throat felt like it was going to bleed and the burning feeling made Su Yi red from his neck to his entire face.

“Haha, so care-free and easy going. This kid is not bad.”

The old man watched Su Yi and was shocked. Then, he softly chuckled as his eyes shone with admiration. This kid seemed like a greedy person, yet he was easy-going, upright, and care-free, unlike a hypocrite.

“Senior has seen something funny.” Su Yi finally handed the wine gourd back to the old man.

The old man took over and took a drink. Gazing at the vast night sky, and the chains of mountains, his eyes gleamed as he muttered: “Success or failure, right or wrong- they do not seem to matter so much once your back is turned. The green mountains will still be there yet, how many sunsets will still carry the glorious afterglow? A white-haired fisherman work on the shoals. They’ve seen so much of the spring breeze and autumn moon. A jug of cheap wine drinking to our happy meeting; so many momentous events, past and present, are bandied about with laughter!”

The words landed, and the old man sighed as he seemed to have disclosed his emotions.

Su Yi turned his head and peered at the old man. He softly chuckled and said: “Senior’s speech and drinking wine doesn't match, not a single bit.”

“What do you mean?” The old man turned his head and looked at Su Yi curiously.

“The wine is strong yet the speech…….” Su Yi lightly snorted and shook his head as he told the old man: “Nevermind, Junior is afraid that he will say the wrong thing.”

“Just speak out what is on your mind.” The old man gazed at Su Yi with his eyes filled with expectation.

“Then this Junior shall be insolent.”

Su Yi glanced at the old man and stated: “From Senior’s speech, Junior can feel as if a long lake of history is flowing before Senior’s eyes as the days of striving in Jiangshan are floating beneath your feet. It's just that things had changed as time passes. Within your sigh, it reveals your benevolence and tragedy as when you finally got used to it, the cloud has become light, and the wind has quiet down.”

Su Yi slightly paused and continued: “Senior was regretting. Regretting that nobody was willing to be a friend that will forever be with you, to exchange toasts with you and to converse cheerfully over a glass of wine, letting many spring winds and autumn moons to pass by. Now Senior should be still alone, occasionally humming and softly singing just like a night similar to today, in the long lake-like history as it became years of vicissitudes!”

The old man kept watching Su Yi, and in no time, there were ripples inside the brown eyes within his eye sockets as they slowly became calm.

After another pause, Su Yi glanced at the old man and asked: “Just an expression of feelings. Junior is too bold but am I right or wrong?”


The old man laughed. After drinking a mouthful of wine, he threw the wine gourd back over to Su Yi and smilingly answered: “Whether you are right or wrong, is not important. The important thing is tonight I have you, this little kid, to exchange toasts with, which will regard as an unexpected gain. Excellent.”

“Junior is fortunate.”

Su Yi took over the wine gourd, and with no hesitation, he drank another mouthful. Nevertheless, the wine was good stuff. It would be a waste, to not drink as in the future, he might not be able to have another sip again.

“Drinking to one’s fill and madly singing in these empty days. Soaring domineeringly for whom. On the trip to Demon Woods, myriad of beasts shall hail me as King. The tiger in my heart has jolted awake as it roars towards the sky, making the earth rumble. Laughing towards the sky with a sword and a knife, it does not even compare to tonight’s drinking!”

Su Yi guffaw while drinking, and spoke when inspiration struck. He felt as if his burning blood was boiling. Since he had come to this different world, from now onwards, he shall live as glamorously as a blooming summer flower and die as serene as an autumn leaf. Even if he could not be the same as General Wei Qing, there would still be blood spilled, and gun fired.

“Drinking to one’s fill and madly singing in these empty days. Soaring domineeringly for whom. On the trip to Demon Woods, myriad of beasts shall hail me as King. The tiger in my heart has jolted awake as it roars towards the sky, making the earth rumble. Laughing towards the sky with a sword and a knife, it does not even compare to tonight’s drinking......Good......Good...… What a good ‘laughing towards the sky with a sword and a knife, it does not even compare to tonight’s drinking’, it is utterly robust. Excellent……”

The old man listened carefully and mumbled to himself. In the end, he couldn’t contain himself and clapped his hands. As if he was influenced by it, he raised his chest while his eyes shone. He could detect that the kid had created the poem.

“Senior has flattered me.” Su Yi also chuckled and drank another mouthful of wine.


Just as that mouthful of wine went down this throat, when Su Yi wanted to speak again, he found that his sight was blurry and his mind began to spin. The fiery blood in his body seemed like it was indeed boiling up as the scorching aura was as though trying to burn off his robe. Following next, Su Yi fell head down onto the ground.

“Be careful of my wine……” The old man was not surprised as he watched Su Yi fell. In particular, he was more concerned about his wine as his movements were like a ghost. Before Su Yi could fell completely, the wine gourd was already back into his hand.


Su Yi fell with all four limbs pointed towards the sky. His entire face was red like a fireball.

The old man glanced towards Su Yi who had fallen at his side as a smile hung on his face, and his eyes shown approval as he softly spoke: “Yuan Soul Realm cultivation. He drank my wine but yet, he could last this long. So extremely rare!”

“What the……”

Suddenly, the eyes of the old man changed. He could see that the aura on Su Yi’s body was surging as a layer of light sipped out to cage his entire body. That aura was very arrogant and mighty.

“This is unusual, looks like this kid is quite special……” There was a surprise, in the old man's eyes before his expression grew calm as he sat on a huge rock, not far from Su Yi.

Holding onto the wine gourd, the old man gazed at the moon that was hanging in the sky and the distant sea of mountains while he drank by himself.

Su Yi was drowsy and felt that his mind was full of dizziness as if the whole world was spinning as he fell unconscious.

In a state of dazed, Su Yi felt like his body was on fire, trying to burn off his body. Then, the scorching heat suddenly went into his Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian, causing his body to become warmer.

Early morning as the clouds filled up the sky.

White thick smoke followed the wind and floated around the sea of mountains, that from far away, it looked as if a painting was spreading out before the eyes.

Su Yi woke up, but what he felt first, was the changes within his body. He had just broken into Yuan Soul Realm Eighth Grade but, now it unexpectedly seemed like there were signs of breaking through again.

“That wine, it must not be any normal wine!”

Su Yi immediately recalled of that potent wine. It must be an effect of it as the old man had mentioned before that, the wine was good stuff.

“Not good……”

Thinking of that old man, Su Yi finally remembered and jumped up.

Su Yi had forgotten about the 500-kilograms heavy sword and almost fell on top of it. Luckily, he was no longer what he was before, and he didn’t embarrass himself by stumbling.

Looking at the surroundings, that old man had disappeared without a trace. Su Yi’s heart clenched as he immediately searched his belongings.

All of the interspatial bags were still here and his body was alright. Su Yi finally felt reassured.

As for the old man from yesterday night, Su Yi did not ponder too much of it.

That was a strong cultivator. From the way he spoke, although he had thousands of knots in his heart, he was like the drifting clouds and the wild geese, therefore passing by this place, was normal. Maybe he had come for the rumored Blood Spiritual Ginseng and realized, that was something he could not be able to really touched and then left. Furthermore, those kinds of strong cultivators, definitely wouldn’t bother with such a rookie like him.

With just a few mouthfuls of wine, Su Yi's cultivation had once again raised to almost Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade. This unexpected gain made Su Yi felt delighted as the steps to breaking through the Yuan Soul Realm was getting closer.

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