The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: You Are So Noisy, Just Like a Pussy

In Su Wei’s heart, he really could not understand the Su Yi right now. Where does this jinx get his confidence to answer so simply like that?

But Su Wei did not think it too much. Today was the day that he became the future heir of the Su Family. After trampling this jinx beneath his foot in front of everyone, his position in the family will be set in stone, unshakable!

“When the two of you spar, you must do so fairly and not use any underhanded methods or else you shall be dealt with by the rules of the family!”

On his seat, the Ninth High Elder who had the spirit but no physical strength to complement it, still raised his entire body and shouted out loudly.

He was afraid that Su Yi, that jinx, will deal with Su Wei the same as how he had dealt with him. The jinx had an entire arsenal of underhanded methods at his disposal.

“That’s right! The spar must be fair or else the guilty shall be dealt with by the rules of the family!”

The rest of the Su Family’s elders and High Elders also agreed immediately.

No matter which standpoint one takes, nothing must happen to Su Wei.

Su Wei was now the future of the Su Family. Who knows when this jinx will use his dishonest and immoral methods again.

That brat only knew how to be sly and deceitful since young. When one saw him, one would get mad. But at the same time, when one saw him, one would also fear him.

“If a match is won using some underhanded tactics, then the victory is not a true victory at all!”

“If anyone wants to win using some unsightly method, then the victory must not be valid and the person must be dealt with by the rules of the family!”

“My Su Family is righteous and just. How could someone like this appear in the family, sigh.”

The surrounding members of the Su Family were all whispering to one another. Some were mocking while others were being sarcastic and some were even furious.

Hearing the whispers of the crowd, Su Wei looked at the Su Yi in front of him. On his handsome face which neared perfection, the mockery in his eyes could not be hidden. He said, “If you have any underhanded tactics please just use as many as you can. In front of absolute power, everything would be useless. It would only make you seem even more like a little clown.”

Su Yi continued smiling. He had not cared about the mockery and sarcasm from everyone for even a second. The corners of his mouth curved upwards. He said to Su Wei, “I have said it before, you have only just stepped into the Yuan Soul Realm. With that kind of cultivation level, it’s still not enough!”

Staring at Su Yi, the forced smile on Su Wei’s face gradually disappeared. His face fell considerably and cold light glimmered in his eyes. He said, “I hope that when I have you under my feet, you can still be so arrogant!”

“You are so noisy, just like a pussy!” Su Yi chuckled.


The cold light in Su Wei’s eyes gradually became more and more apparent. The aura around his body started raging uncontrollably.

Both fists tightly clenched, Su Wei had decided to kill. Even at this time, this brat still did not put him in his eyes. This was challenging his limit. But if he killed Su Yi today, what could the Old Master do to him?

Looking at the two youths standing in the middle of the Demonstration Ground and hearing the words which were directed against each other, that tense and nerve-wracking atmosphere caused everyone’s eyes to follow the two youths closely, afraid of missing even a single detail.

Among the higher echelon, Su Jing Ting was gazing at the two youths. His eyes were perfectly calm and still, but a streak of confusion passed by silently.

“Take this chance and kill this jinx!”

The Ninth High Elder who was paralyzed on the chair said discreetly in his heart, his eyes filled with hostility.

Su Wei was his nephew. He hoped that Su Wei would just take this chance and get rid of this jinx once and for all.

And for Su Jiao, she was still unconscious and had been carried to the side.

Wan Er was standing far away. Her small hands clutching onto the corners of her clothes tightly. Looking at the confident youth on the stage from far away, her eyes were full of nervousness.

Everyone was looking at the youths. At this point in time, no one was optimistic about Su Yi’s victory.

Who didn’t know that Su Yi could not keep any Yuan Qi in his body? The Su Family had tried many methods even inviting many famous doctors and strong cultivators, but it was all still in vain.

Was it that in the past 3 years, this jinx was finally able to store Yuan Qi in his body?

Furthermore, even if a miracle happened to Su Yi when he was out and was able to store Yuan Qi, no one in the Su Family would think that in just 3 years, Su Yi’s cultivation level would be any good while Su Wei had already entered the Yuan Soul Realm.

Complex emotions were swirling in everyone. Under their gazes, Su Wei took a deep breath. The hostility in his eyes was hidden slightly.

Su Wei felt that he had almost lost control of himself just now. He had actually been provoked into losing his temper by this jinx!

A jinx which he did not put in his eyes. If he was able to be provoked by him, then wouldn’t that prove that he was affected by him? This jinx in front of him was still not worthy to be in his eyes.

“I’ll give you the first move, or else you would not even have the right to spar with me!”

Su Wei stared at Su Yi. The jinx in front of him posed no threat. Today, he was only a mere stepping stone for him to become the Su Family’s future. Not long from now, he would completely become the Su Family’s future and become the official heir of the Su Family.

Hearing Su Wei’s words, no one thought that Su Wei was being arrogant. He was doing what he should do.

With Su Wei’s cultivation level of the Yuan Soul Realm, even among his generation in the entire city, he was already among the strongest.

Once Su Wei made his move, not talking about Su Yi not having the chance to make his move, even if there were ten Su Yi, they would also not be able to be a worthy opponent.

“I think it’s better if you made your move first. Remember to use all of your strength!” Su Yi looked at Su Wei and said casually.

“This is what you asked for. In this case, let’s end this!”

Su Wei did not want to waste any more of his breath. He wanted everything to end and he would become the officially recognized future heir of the Su Family.

Once Su Wei finished his words, a shock traveled across the clothes on Su Wei’s body. Yuan Qi faintly encircled him. A wave of Qi formed beneath his feet. He took one step on the ground and shot towards Su Yi.

He did not use any techniques. Su Wei chose the simplest and most direct way of attack. As his body lunged, his arm shook, his five fingers clenched to form a fist, a mass of Yuan Qi gathered in front of his fist, and struck directly on Su Yi’s chest.

Simple! Direct!

In front of the fist, the wave of violent wind compressed the air and there were sounds of the air exploding. For this punch, Su Wei did not hold anything back. If the jinx died now, it could be considered as removing a tumor from the Su Family.

“He’s seeking death. I think that he would be killed upon impact!”

“How could this jinx be Big Brother Su Wei’s opponent?!”

The aura of that fist caused the gazes of the crowd to jump.

That jinx, how could he be Su Wei’s opponent? It was likely that he would be crippled for the rest of his life with just one fist.

The raging and violent winds before Su Wei’s fist parted Su Yi’s hair to two sides, revealing Su Yi’s slightly tanned face.

At this instant, a wave of light suddenly flashed from the eyes beneath Su Yi’s lean eyebrows. His thin figure suddenly shook. His presence had a complete change as if another person was there instead. Like a sleeping lion who had just awakened from his slumber. In a flash, his fist which was already clenched tightly struck back directly.

Same as Su Wei, simple and direct!

But there was something more, it was swifter and fiercer!

It had a presence unlike any other. This presence engulfed everything, causing people to shake endlessly.

The High Elders and elders of the Su Family who were present had seemed to notice something. The looks in their eyes changed greatly all of a sudden!

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