The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Unlucky Heijiu

The mysterious power contained an unprovocative aura. It’s intimidating might as if wanting to destroy anyone or anything that provoked it.

Su Yi was currently in a daze and under the mysterious power’s influence, he desired to destroy everything that stood against his path.


His body could no longer withstand the terrifying power as his skin began to split open, blood spilling continuously, painting his body red.

If it was not for the fact that Su Yi’s body was tougher compared to an average cultivator he would have already blown up by now.

Su Yi seemed oblivious to the pain, his eyes shone red like the blazing sun and his aura grew even more violent and horrifying.

Heijiu seemed to have noticed something, his eyes intensely gazed at Su Yi to the extent that his attacks slowed down.

He was waiting, maybe the kid would die from his body exploding and he wouldn’t be needed to make a move. If that happened he may even be able to reap some benefits.

And if that kid was to burst and die, Heijiu didn’t plan to be anywhere near him. He could sense that if that power explodes he would be injured as well.

Su Yi’s aura was getting more and more violent, blood kept on flowing from his wounds as he formed a hand seal to guide the mysterious power towards a single point.


Su Yi coughed up blood, his body cracking.

In his half-conscious daze, Su Yi knew that he could not afford to die today. He had to all of his enemies at any cost.

The mysterious power converged in his hands.

Su Yi forcefully lead the mysterious power, condensing it into a sphere of light. He gradually turned the sphere of light to the size of a fist, the colour was incomparably red it burned bright like a small sun.

As more of the mysterious power converged, Su Yi’s body withstood enormous power, the splits on his skin grew to be innumerable.

“ Boom boom……”

The skin on Su Yi’s back also started to split, with blood splattering through the air. But the sphere of light within his palm had already been increased to the size of an infant, it excluded an intimidating aura.

The red sphere of light seemed to crackle like lightning, ready to explode at any moment.

“What’s going on? Is he going to succeed in making his move?”

Heijiu’s complexion changed. He could sense the violent energy suppressed inside the red sphere that was making him shiver with fear.

As soon as the last strand of energy went into the sphere, Su Yi’s blood surged causing him to cough up blood once again. His face turned a shade of deathly white.

However, the red sphere of light also shone to its brightest at this moment.


His eyes became red, Su Yi glanced at Heijiu and then suddenly threw the sphere of light towards him.


The red sphere of light cut through the air, calm and peaceful.

Not even the slightest hint of energy leaked out from the sphere and no heat could be perceived from it.

At this moment Heijiu seemed to have realized something, his hair stood on its ends as a spine-chilling feeling crept up from the depths of his heart.

“Yin Wood Prison!”

Shouting, Heijiu subconsciously reacted and formed an attacking hand seal, his face became grim.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

In an instant, a creepy aura burst forth from Heijiu, bringing along a vibrant yet bloody and chilling aura.

Blood coloured vines started to appear around Heijiu and shot towards Su Yi like arrows. The vines covered half of the sky as they flew towards Su Yi.

The crimson sphere stopped in its tracks.

Just as it was going to be imprisoned by the incoming wave of vines, the peaceful sphere shrunk and burst.

A terrifying aura rippled out in that moment.

The sky looked as if it had been torn and the ground split, a terrifying explosion rang throughout the surroundings.

“Boom Boom…”

The crimson sphere exploded, and a scorching blaze tore through the surroundings like an erupting volcano.

The fiery aura swept through the place like a hurricane, raising up ripples in space and together with the encroaching blaze.


The temperatures in the surroundings shot up in an instant.

The several Yuan Spirit cultivators who were fighting the beasts could not help but raise their heads from the fight. They felt their hair stand on its ends and their eyes filled with horror.


As the scorching aura spread through the surroundings, several beasts roared and howled as they prostrated themselves.


The searing energy also soundlessly wiped out the vines without any resistance.

The towering trees surrounding the mountain also turned to nothingness.


The remaining Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators including Tao Tiancheng saw the incoming tidal wave of blistering fire and could not help but gulp. Fear crept up from deep within their hearts and they immediately retreated.


Several beasts also rapidly retreated, howling and roaring.

No living being dared to stand in the way of the incoming terrifying aura.

The aura spread around nearly 300 meters before gradually dying down.

Everything which was caught up in its path had been totally and utterly destroyed. Nothing remained but a barren piece of land.

And in the center of the barren land stood two figures.

Su Yi stood tall and proud, his clothes in tatters, his eyes red and though his body was bloodied, it was as if he was a bloodied blade of war, incomparably intimidating and pressurizing.


Heijiu’s eyes closely followed Su Yi when suddenly, he spat out a mouthful of blood. His hair flew all over and into a mess as his face turned white. His aura collapsed in the blink of an eye.


At the same moment, Heijiu’s robe exploded and his skin started to rip apart, staining his body red as fresh blood dripped onto the ground. Some of his injuries were so deep that the bone could be seen, it was a horrifying sight.

“How could this be? This is impossible.”

The expression on Heijiu’s face was one filled with horror. He could not and dared not believe that he had been defeated.

“All those who stand in my way must perish!”

Su Yi shouted as his eyes glared at Heijiu. His crimson eyes were filled with bloodlust as if he was a reaper of death.

“Retreat! Retreat!”

Su Yi’s loud shout landed Heijiu’s ears like thunderstorms. He panicked and trembled with horror and fear, with his bloodied and battered body, he took off into the air, not daring to stay even a single second longer.

“Run! Run!”

Seeing that even Heijiu had decided to run away, Tao Tiancheng and the other cultivators instantly materialized their Yuan Qi into figures of beasts and took off into the air as well.

Seeing Heijiu and the others leaving the place and disappearing into the horizon, Su Yi’s crimson eyes flashed and turned black before his bloodied body fell head-first onto the ground.

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