The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: Sudden Change!

But the four attacks from the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators had already reached, approaching him from all four directions. Their power rippling outwards, sending a wave of wind like that of a miniature tornado, able to crush everything in its path. Before the attacks have even hit Su Yi, the ground beneath him had begun to crack. If these four attacks were to hit Su Yi, it would probably be enough to blow his body into pieces.

“Screech!” “Roar!” The deafening cries of beasts pierced the clouds and the sound of cracking stone, echoed through the forest, their auras incomparably savage.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” As those merciless attacks were about to hit, several lights like lightning, with an aggressive aura charged out at each direction, a blinding light emanating through the area. With the light and a ferocious aura spreading out in each direction, it protected Su Yi who was in the center of it all.

The several lights expanded and connected with each other, forming a glaring dome of light.

This dome of light was like a Yuan Qi Cloak, yet it was not one. On it were images of ruthless beasts, the cries of beasts could be heard vaguely, and it had an aura of majesty and domination, one that did not allow provocation.

“Rumble…” Everything happened in a flash, the four attacks from the Yuan Qi reached at the same time but were blocked by the light dome. At that moment, the collision of energies was like that of thunder. Violent winds reflected off the dome and turned into a powerful impact which engulfed the surroundings, turning everything into a mess as large amounts of sand and stones flew through the air.

“What’s that?” This sudden change of events caused the four Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators expression to change. That strange dome of light had actually blocked the attack which the four of them had shot out. Was it not a bit too strong?

“Rumble…” The light then faded away and under several shocked gazes, a giant tiger, a small crimson mink, a white bird, a tiny black mouse the size of a baby and a pure white butterfly had surrounded Su Yi with their bodies, placing Su Yi under their close guard in the center, protecting him with their bodies.

“There are so many beasts and they are all Demonic Spirit Realm; how is this possible ?!” The Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators were all shocked. Wasn’t this sight a bit too surprising? All these Demonic Spirit Realm beasts were actually protecting that kid right now. Like a horde of beasts protecting their master, how miraculous was this sight? It was also astonishing. If they were not witnessing this sight themselves, they would never actually believe this. These beasts which had always killed, and devoured humans were actually giving their lives to protect their master. Did something happen, or was there a huge secret about that kid?

“Boom!” At this moment, Su Yi’s aura reached its peak and his eyes completely turned into a shade of crimson red.

Su Yi’s aura was no longer weak, and his entire person seems to be bursting with power like a volcano, giving off an air of majesty and destruction.

“Howl!” When this aura spread through the place, the tiger, bird, mink and the giant mouse all prostrated themselves respectfully.

Even the Snow Jade Ape, Golden Python, and the Flaming Beast Eagle seemed to have received some kind of effect. As they fought, they too roared and their aura seemed to have grown stronger.

“What happened to the kid? How did he suddenly become so strong and why does he have so many Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators following him?!” Tao Tiancheng was stunned. His eyes were closely fixed onto Su Yi.

“Since you all wanted to kill me, then go and die!” Su Yi stepped out, his eyes already red, his aura as powerful as it could be, all his injuries were quickly healing. His eyes swept across the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators near him, his crimson red eyes moving. He stomped on the ground and lunged towards the nearest Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator.

“Kid, trying to scare us with your petty tricks! Do you want to die?!” This Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator may be still shocked at Su Yi’s current aura and changes, but he knew that the kid was only a Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade cultivator, even if he had somehow recovered, how much damage could he possibly do?

Finishing his sentence, the person slammed his fist at Su Yi. Because his school wanted this kid alive, he did not dare use his weapon. If he accidentally killed this kid, not only would he have no credit, he would definitely be punished.

“Die!” Said Su Yi with an emotionless and stern voice. He shouted once, and his fist met the opponent’s attack. The light enveloped his fist, his aura surging and blazing, seeming to bring destruction along with it.

“Boom!” The two fists clashed, and a violent wind burst out.

“Argh!” From the explosion, a horrible cry could be heard. The arm of the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator who was currently fighting Su Yi, started to collapse from the collision, before his entire arm was blown into bits. Blood spewed out from his mouth and his body flew away like a kite whose string had been cut.

Everyone was stunned. Wasn’t that kid only at the Yuan Soul Realm? How did he suddenly become so terrifying? What the hell happened here?

“Die!” Bloodlust was brimming from Su Yi’s crimson red eyes. Without a single pause, the “Hundred Transformations Step” seemed to have come out naturally as he continued onwards to the second Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator.

“Boom!” The Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator was in a daze, then he snapped out of it and with the fear which was ingrained into his subconsciousness, made him think how could he dare to retaliate? And he immediately backed off.

“Go and die!” But Su Yi’s speed seemed to have accelerated several times over, his body immediately appeared in front of the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator and slammed his fist into the cultivator’s chest.

“Boom!” The man’s chest was penetrated by the fist, blood flowed down, the sight was so terrible that one could not bear to see it. On the spot, he lost his life.

“Run!” The remaining two Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators who had attacked Su Yi looked at each other, their faces white. Yuan Qi moved under their feet, while trying to materialize a flying beast to escape through the air.

“Die!” A chilling voice shout and one of the men who was just about to fly off on the beast which he had just materialized under his feet suddenly, felt a huge force coming at him from his back, which had forcefully pulled him down and a palm had already grabbed onto the back of his neck.

"I am going to lose my life, someone, save me!" The man felt shivers go down his spine, all of his hair standing on their ends. The smell of death crept up his nose, despair and horror filled his heart.

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