The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: Fight

The Snow Jade Ape sprinted towards Su Yi and then its body directly stood together with him, obviously trying to protect him.

Looking at Fire Bird and Snow Ape beside him, Su Yi felt warm in his heart. In this world where strong triumph over the weak, these beasts who may be savage looking, are far better compared to most humans. In times of distress, they will stand together with you.

“Two Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade beasts!” Tao Tiancheng looked at the Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape beside Su Yi. His face darkened, but he felt fortunate that the people from Black Fiend School were here. This kid actually had two Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade beasts accompanying him. If he had encountered Su Yi himself, he would’ve been the unlucky one. No wonder so many adventurers who were sent out to find this kid was killed.

"It should be this kid, there should be no mistake. Catch him alive!" One of the Black Fiend School Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators examined Su Yi and quickly confirmed that he was indeed the kid who had killed the Young Master of Black Fiend School. They could not let him escape this time.

“Take care of those two beasts. This kid must be captured alive!” A middle-aged man in black clothes spoke. His eyes had a ferocious gaze and the aura of bloodlust hung around his body, he seemed to be the one with the highest position among the group.

“Boom…” In an instant, several figures with their Yuan Spirit Realm auras fully surging lunged out, they held nothing back as they charged towards the Snow Jade Ape and the Flaming Beast Eagle.

“Roar!” “Screech!” The Snow Jade Ape roared, pounding his chest, bloodlust exploded from its body, he charged out and fought two of the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators.

The Flaming Beast Eagle had been seriously injured, yet it was dragging its battered body, struggling to fight.

Su Yi wanted to help, but he would not make it in time. A man in grey clothes dashed out, his eyes freezing cold and shouted, “Little runt, you are not going anywhere today!” As he shouted, Tao Tiancheng appeared in front of Su Yi, his fist enveloped in a fire attribute Yuan Qi as it shot towards Su Yi’s chest.

This was a Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator. Su Yi knew that he could not match him, yet he had no choice but to fight. Without any hesitation, Yuan Qi converged as it surged through his meridians. The veins on his face started to appear , making him look ferocious .

“Overlord’s Fist!” Su Yi hollered, as Yuan Qi erupted like a terrifying volcano from his fist. He slammed it towards Tao Tiancheng violently.

At this moment, under the eyes of everyone present, the two fists collided against each other but the people only saw the light from Su Yi's fists growing larger and brighter, his fist seemed to have swelled, accompanied by the faint rumblings of thunder and howls of wind. A heavy pressurizing aura from an awakened king spread out as if it was the arrival of an Emperor.

“Boom…” The two fists clashed with each other and created a powerful impact which sent waves of wind ripping through the air like a hurricane.

“Huhuk!” Su Yi spat out a mouthful of blood as his body was blown away, crashing heavily into a boulder.

The boulder cracked, and Su Yi’s body rolled onto the ground, blood dripping through the gap of his mouth. He stood up and wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, his face pale and his expression grim.

“Pat, pat…” Tao Tiancheng’s body wobbled. His eyes full of shock, he did not use all his strength just now, but he definitely used enough to cripple the kid in one blow, just enough power for the kid to be barely alive. But now the brat was injured, he did not act as if it was a huge issue.

What was most important was that Tao Tiancheng was certain that the strength of the kid's fist was too strong. He had a cultivation level of Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade, yet that kid’s aura and strength was equivalent to an average Yuan Xuan Realm Third Grade or Fourth Grade. This kid really was too abnormal.

“Very strange!” The Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators from Black Fiend School did not stop Tao Tiancheng from attacking Su Yi because they also wanted to find out Su Yi’s ability. Seeing the current situation, they could not help but become shocked.

Su Yi scanned his surroundings, the situation of the Snow Jade Ape and the Flaming Beast Eagle did not look good and he could not even fight a single one of the remaining five Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators, let alone five.

After being surprised, Tao Tiancheng’s face became even colder. The kid was too unpredictable, from what he knew, this kid had improved heaps in a short period of time. He was not at the Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade initially. But, now he had acquired such fighting prowess at the Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade. If the kid broke through to the Yuan Xuan Realm, he would probably become a threat even to him. He cannot leave this kid alive today.

“Brat, let’s see how much more you can handle !” Tao Tiancheng wanted to attack once again.

“It is not your place to take care of a target from the Black Fiend School!” The leading Black Fiend School Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator glared at Tao Tiancheng coldly and stopped him.

Tao Tiancheng’s expression was slightly ugly. He was furious, but he dared not continue to attack. Black Fiend School was an existence he could not offend. He could only suppress his anger. His gaze towards Su Yi became even more ferocious.

“Kid, are you going to surrender, or do you want to suffer?!” The leading Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator looked straight at Su Yi. This kid may be unpredictable, but he was only at the Yuan Soul Realm, he did not worry about him one bit.

Su Yi untied the 500-kilogram sword on his back and stabbed it into the ground beside him and instantly his body felt so much lighter.

“If you have the courage then come at me! So, what if you are a Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator!” Looking at the several Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators, Su Yi popped a recovery elixir into his mouth and absorbed the medicinal power, channeling it throughout his body.

Today’s situation was definitely a desperate and hopeless one. Su Yi knew that this was far more dangerous than anything else he had gotten involved into in the past few years. There was probably no chance for him to escape, but surrendering was not his style. Those Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators, he shall fight them!

"Kid, you are making this hard for yourself!" The leading Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator did not want to waste any more time. Whoever was the first one to capture this kid would have made a great achievement. He could not let anyone else get the credit for killing this kid.

Finishing his words, the cultivator made his move. He pushed one foot off the ground and his body shot forward as fast as light. He stretched out his arms, making his hand appear like a claw. At the tip of his nails, there was a sparkling of golden light. That was metal attribute Yuan Qi, he was swift and sharp, along with a faint aura of bloodlust.

“Hundred Transformations Step!” With the 500-kilogram sword off his back, Su Yi's speed and agility had increased greatly. Yuan Qi spiraled under his feet as he quickly dodged that sharp claw.


The cultivator was surprised. A Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade cultivator could actually manage to dodge one of his attacks. This kid was indeed strange. His hand which acted like a claw was manipulated to act like a fist, the movements of his feet changed as he slammed his fist towards Su Yi’s back.

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