The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Head-On Fight

Seeing the person in front of him which had a cultivation level of Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade, Su Yi was burning with a fighting intent.

“Kid, you have finally shown yourself. This time, you will not be able to escape!”

The bulky man stared at Su Yi, his eyes cold. He had suffered badly in the duration of the time taken to find this kid.

“Do you think it is you guys who found me?”

Seeing Su Yi’s smile, the man suddenly felt really uneasy. The loud sounds of fighting behind him caused him to start thinking. The other youths probably were no flock of sheep.


Suddenly, the man searched through his body and then, a tower of light shot into the air and exploded. A sound echoed through the forest there was a glaring light even against the background of the white sky.

“Signal flare.”

Su Yi’s face sank, and his eyebrow twitched. This was a signal flare. This bastard was actually calling his companions to this location. This group of people near him may not be as small as he had thought, there may be others nearby.

“Tsk, tsk. Kid, even if you had wings, you would not be able to fly off anywhere today!”

The man looked coldly at Su Yi and sneered. The adventurer party had been searching for the kid in a never-resting fashion. Once the kid showed up, they made sure he would not be able to escape.

“Really? I think you better watch out for yourself first!”

Su Yi shot forward. He did not want to waste any time. Quick fight, quick end.

“Kid, you may not be average, but trying to deal with me? You are still too young!” The man shouted as he brandished his two short spears. His Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade aura burst out without any restraints.

Yuan Qi focused on the tip of his spears, forming a luminous arc.

The man unleashed his full strength. One spear in front of him, the other behind him. One on the left and the other on the right. His aura ripped through the surroundings, sand, and stones hurled into the air, spiraling towards Su Yi.

“Tyrant Dragon Whirlwind Slash!”

After the training that he underwent, Su Yi did not only make a breakthrough for his cultivation. He was also more proficient in the various martial art techniques he practiced, plus he had also gained a deeper insight into them.


Yuan Qi surged through his meridians and converged on his blade. Three Sabers of the Raging Dragon, Second Saber descended upon its target.

A streak of light revolved in the air and then like an arc of lightning, similar to a waning moon it sliced through the air.

The terrifying pressure was swift, fierce and violent, like a rampant dragon, sending stones and sand flying into the air.

“This saber technique seems to be even stronger than before!”

The man had witnessed this saber technique from Su Yi before and could clearly remember it. This saber technique compared to the previous time was not only a whole level stronger than before in pressure and strength, but the ferocious and violent aura seemed to be on another new level as well.

“Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank!”

Everything happened way too fast. Saber and spear clashed, sparks flew through the air as a violent wind like a hurricane tore through the surroundings. The earth cracked, and debris flew.

“Pat! Pat!”

The man staggered backward and only after several steps did he manage to stop himself.

“Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade! This kid had actually made a breakthrough in such a short time!”

The man was shocked. The previous time he had fought him, the kid was only Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade and now, he had already made a breakthrough to the next grade.

What made him even more shocked was that this kid was already so strong that he could suppress him, but he was only at Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade.

“Pat! Pat! Pat!”

Su Yi was also forced back, but after a mere three steps, he had already stabilized himself. When he stopped himself with his final step, the fighting intent within his eyes grew even stronger.

He licked his dry lips and a crimson color within his eyes was getting increasingly obvious. Everything was as he had expected it to be. When he stepped into the Yuan Xuan Realm Seventh Grade, he no longer needed to fear this man and could fight him head-on.


Su Yi stepped out and made his move. He wanted to take this chance to suppress the man and kill him.

“Kid, you may be Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade, but it still isn’t enough! Yuan Soul Realm and Yuan Xuan Realm, these are two completely different levels!”

The man hollered. He was shocked and furious. He swung the two short spears in his hands, Yuan Qi flared from his body and his spears glowed with a faint black light. Earth attribute Yuan Qi shot out from the tips of his spears and formed multiple layers of Yuan Qi shields in front of him. He had set up his defense and wanted to stop Su Yi right in front of him.


Seeing the man's defenses, bloodlust streaked across his eyes and a wave of black Yuan Qi surged within his body, through special meridians and finally converging on his right foot.

In this instance, Su Yi’s Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade aura was fully unleashed and the light within his eyes was as glaring as a thunderbolt. His black hair fluttered in the air and his aura was like the wrath of heavens.

“Oppress the Mountains and Rivers with a single foot!”

Suddenly, Su Yi' right foot stomped and the Yuan Qi whirlpool under his foot spiraled outwards like a hurricane. The ground trembled and the air roared.


In an instance, rings of black Yuan Qi rippled outwards like waves from where Su Yi stomped his right foot.


The ground split apart and cracks as thick as an adult’s arms spread out like a spider web. The surrounding broken trees and stones were shattered into dust at that moment and waves of power surged towards the man.

The man had not been able to react completely in time. His figure was sent staggering backward and wherever his feet landed, the ground cracked and the shields in front of him also started cracking.


In the next second, Su Yi had already finished his preparation as he swung his large saber brimming with Yuan Qi down.


Sparks scattered with a loud metallic sound followed by a violent gust of wind.

The man’s Yuan Qi shield had been completely shattered. His short spears were also broken, only half remained in his hand.


Taking the opportunity presented to him, Su Yi rushed forth. He clenched his left fist and punched the man mercilessly in his chest.

The man was sent flying backward. His eyes filled with shock, but then he sneered. A strong aura rushed out from his body and formed a cocoon of Yuan Qi.

Su Yi’s fist landed and was completely blocked by the Yuan Qi cocoon.

“Tsk, tsk. I had already told you. Yuan Soul Realm and Yuan Xuan Realm are two completely different levels. You cannot do anything to me!” The man’s pale white face now had a cold and evil smile, Yuan Soul Realm and Yuan Xuan Realm, they were two completely different cultivation levels.

“Oh, really?!”

Su Yi’s eyes blazed with a fighting intent, then they turned cold and an aura suddenly started to rise.

“Seven Injuries Fist!”

He shouted in his heart and at the same time, the aura around Su Yi’s body pulsed. A black Yuan Qi enveloped his fist tightly. Su Yi drew his fist and struck onto the man’s chest once again.


A loud explosion sounded from the man’s chest. The coat of Yuan Qi only lasted for a moment before it disintegrated.


Finally, under that terrifying impact, the man could no longer tolerate it and spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were brimming with shock and then, there was fear.

“How could it be?”

What made the man even more astonished was the fact that this kid who was only Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade was able to break open his Coat of Yuan Qi.

His fist held terrifying power, waves of boundless energy struck him. Within that fist was seven different types of concealed power, his Coat of Yuan Qi had absolutely no way of blocking those continuous waves of power.

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