Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 997

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Chapter 997: Yun Xi's Choice

The breath of the dragon.

The breath of the gods.

The breath of the universe.

At this moment, within the seemingly enormous silvery-white tornado, is the perfect weapon created by the force of creation. It is the highest God Weapon and the greatest fantasy!

If, one could kill such a thing, it would surely be very, very enjoyable.

Only such prey could bring joy to the owner of the Golden Sea of Chaos, and a deep sense of satisfaction from within.

Mortals, hero-ranked, even the messengers of gods, killing billions, still would not be enough to achieve what killing the Creator God's beloved possession gains.

In a certain sense, this existence is a part of the Creator God itself!

Truly, the Son of God!

Using this Son of God as the first kill for the Abyssal Condemnation is simply the most perfect ceremony!




In Astarot's chaotic and nameless golden eyes, there was great joy and pleasure.

If things continue like this, it will be really bad... Yun Xi, who has allowed the strongest Demon King from the chaotic golden ocean to do as he pleases, let out a sigh for the members of his own Starwings Knights.

The current situation can be said to be completely unexpected for him.

At this moment, "Astarot" is him, yet not him.

This figure, wearing a pitch-black armor, with a black single wing and long hair, is the "strongest future" he deduced after using the highest-level White Lotus Secret Treasure.

However, he himself cannot understand in what form he exists in this future.

The flow of the River of Time had a huge error when he came into contact with the magic sword named "Abyssal Condemnation" in the chaotic golden ocean.

It seems that even the White Lotus Secret Treasure can't fully predict what will happen when he touches this "Abyssal Condemnation."

In the moment he touched the "Abyssal Condemnation," countless huge streams of information overwhelmed Yun Xi, causing his consciousness to go blank.

By the time his consciousness slightly recovered, he had become "Astarot" and dominated the entire crystal globe with absolute force.

This body seems to have no concept of gender. It feels more like it is made up of the chaotic golden sea than his real body.

But this is not a made-up future, and it may not even be the "future" anymore.

Because he clearly feels his own existence, maybe his consciousness is only a small part within this "Astarot," but "Astarot" has indeed appeared!

Just like the strongest Demon King that would only be born in the future, he has arrived here.

Constant victories!


Big, brutal killing!

Killing that surpasses even gods!

Starting from crushing that person's head with a finger, Astarot's presence becomes stronger and stronger!

Until this very moment, encountering the arrival of Dragon God Asha, the most worthy opponent to be killed, Yun Xi finds it extremely difficult to maintain his consciousness.

Astarot's consciousness, filled with infinite desires, refuses to obey even the highest gods. The strongest Demon King, born from the deepest part of the Golden Sea of Chaos, is strongly influencing him.

Perhaps, the person standing here right now is not actually "Yun Xi," but "Astarot."

Only this strongest Demon King from the Golden Sea of Chaos has the qualification to stand before Supreme Dragon God Asha and declare a battle.

"Even if I know it's wrong... I can't stop..."

"Mei’er... you were right..."

"Danger...has actually been approaching..."

Once upon a time, Yun Xi thought that the threat from his ex-girlfriend was a very, very distant thing. She was like a legendary creature, while he was just an ordinary bakery owner until his sixteenth birthday.

Even though he awakened the memories of the Star Children and obtained the star spirit Mei’er, and even saw how his past life was torn apart, he still lacked a sense of reality.

Originally, he planned to escape from the White Lotus Sword Domain, even the Sky Sword God's Domain, and live a secluded life in a place where no one knew him, gradually improving his strength through trials, and one day being able to live a life of freedom.

Just because of Hua Huo's words, a forced action, he gave up this plan and ultimately stayed in the White Lotus Sword Domain.

There should still be plenty of time. The Endless God's Domain is so vast, and the population of the White Lotus Sword Domain is also so large. How could one of the apostles possibly find him, let alone the fact that he dressed Hua Huo in women's clothing?

All luck was shattered.

The power possessed by a legendary-level existence far exceeded Yun Xi's imagination.

Even without any clues, even if it was like finding a needle in a haystack to send apostles to search for a non-existent person, somehow they would always come into contact with clues.

"If caught here... life would be ruined..."

"Even with the power of the Demon King... if this is my strongest future... then I can only choose this path!"

"Sacred Tree Linjia... may make mistakes... but there's no other choice..."

"I... will become the Demon King!"

Faced with a life-threatening situation just within reach, one of Yun Xi's ex-girlfriends who could even defeat the stars, he had to reluctantly make a choice.

If becoming the Demon King can save this big failure, then let's become the Demon King.

The golden blood boils as Yun Xi receives the reward of the Golden Sea of Chaos, the master of the choice.

Yes, that's right.

Free your body and mind, and accept this path.

You will have the privilege of seeing the true form of the greatest Demon King, Astarot!

A huge tornado tears through the sky, destroying and shattering the entire battlefield of the legend-ranked crystal disk. In the end, only two positions remain unaffected, which are the two extraordinary beings in this White Lotus Secret Treasure trial.

On one side, Hua Huo, with three Zaka, gazes into the invisible forbidden zone in the distance.

On the other side, Su, riding on the blood-red giant, cloaked in a cape.

Unfortunately, even they cannot see what happened under the blockade of the Chain of Billions of Stars.

In the light of the stars, the most magnificent divine form is born from the blessing of the creator dragon god.

A dragon-shaped emblem is engraved on the forehead of this gigantic creature, which possesses immense power that transcends dimensions, causing even the starry sky to tremble with its great force.

The stars turn into words, depicting the beauty of this celestial object bathed in starlight in countless writings.

A massive illusion appears behind her, it is a void dragon bathed in starlight. Its gem-like black wings unfold behind her, sparkling with countless stars.

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