Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: The Childhood Sweethearts (2)

El'phyllis's kiss was more serious than at any prior times before. It wasn't a game. It was a declaration. Even though she knew that her rival was Hua Huo, she wouldn’t give up. She was Yun Xi's most intimate person other than Hua Huo.

She was about the same age as Hua Huo and had a more matured mind. Her appearance and temperament were also not inferior to Hua Huo’s. However, as a girl of the nobility, she didn't even have any betrothal with anyone. That was a pretty strange thing, especially in the White Lotus Sword Domain.

As far as Yun Xi knew, the suitors she had refused were ten times more than the people Hua Huo had refused.

"Yun Xi, remember, don't give up. I will find some way to help you!" El'phyllis held Yun Xi's hands tightly. She really didn't want to let him go.

Finally, as Yun Xi gazed at her with amazement, she ground her teeth, then determinedly turned around and ran away.

"Ah... Gee... What did she mean...Did she know something?" Yun Xi stood beside the stream like a wood pile. He was confused and didn't know what had happened.


After leaving Yun Xi’s sight, El'phyllis had a long walk. Finally, she stopped with an apathetic look. At the same time, her temperament suddenly changed. That was absolutely not some temperament that a daughter of gem store could have.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!" One ruby after another dropped down from her dress and fell on the ground, turning into ashes.

"Curse you... Why did I fail?! Hua Huo, you’re really my enemy! Sky Flying Bloodline? Is that the reason that you can have everything wonderful in the world? I'm the person who loves Yun Xi the most!" El'phyllis showed undisguised hostility. She slightly showed her other face at this time.

"Calm down, my little girl. You shouldn't have privately ordered Black Obsidian to assassinate Hua Huo. You knew that she was no match for Hua Huo," An old voice suddenly came from the shadow behind El'phyllis.

"Then what should I do? She is going to take Yun Xi away! Only Yun Xi, only he... I don't want to let him go!" El'phyllis bit her handkerchief looking like she was going to break out into weeping.

At first, it was just a simple mission. She only needed to watch Hua Huo. The Sky Flying Bloodline legacy had a bearing on many people's lives. However, as the aristocratic miss of Ten Leaves Alliance, the first time she used her privilege wasn't for the bloodline but for an irrelevant ordinary boy.

"Sigh... I will keep this a secret from the alliance, but you should give up on that boy as soon as possible. After all, he is just an ordinary person and you have the Mist Bloodline. He can't hold a candle to you."

"No! I don't want it! This is the first time in my life that I'm so eager for something. Even though my rival is Hua Huo, I won't give up! Even though he is just an ordinary person, I want him to be my thing! Don't persuade me. Let's go back to the Western God's Domain and hold the Great Ritual of the Mist Bloodline!" El'phyllis's eyes were so firm. She had made the decision, and no one could stop her.

"Sigh..." Finally, the old figure in the shadow sighed.

“If at that time Yun Xi had agreed to marry El'phyllis, that would be the best case and nothing would happen after.” The old figure thought in his heart.

As the first successor of the first leaf of Ten Leaves Alliance and the owner of Mist Bloodline, El'phyllis was so weak at dealing with her love. Perhaps this would become El'phyllis's greatest regret in her life.


At 2'clock in the morning and on the meadow beside the town.

"You're late, brother," Milei opened her mischievous eyes wide, looking at Yun Xi running to her in a hurry.

She was a twelve-year-old girl. She had golden hair and a pair of purple eyes. Her soft lips were as red as rubies, striking and eye-catching. Her smooth golden hair fell on her slender shoulders like a waterfall, making her look like a princess from a fairy tale.

Yun Xi remembered that her name "Milei", was also a goddess's name in western mythology, and Milei herself was as graceful as her name, having a princess-like temperament.

"Sorry, something happened," Yun Xi was still confused about the last words El'phyllis said to him. After all, he had once considered her as his fiancee candidate. If he hadn't awakened his ability as the Starchild, after Hua Huo left town, he would probably have married her when he was eighteen years old.

"Let me guess. You went to see El'phyllis, didn’t you? Look, these are her jewel powders, let me help you get them off of your clothes. She always uses them to make a mark. If Huo Huo sees them, she will be angry."

Milei's expression of "I have seen through everything" made Yun Xi feel pretty embarrassed. She was really a naughty girl, but she was also a considerate girl. This was her advantage and glamour. It was really fun to stay with Milei. She never lacked patience to listen your troubles and comfort you with a smile. Yun Xi often had a dissonant feeling that she didn't look like a 12-year-old girl but was more matured.

"Well... in fact... I'm going to..." Yun Xi said haltingly.

However, before he finished his words, Milei shrugged her shoulders and said what he was going to say, "You will leave town with Hua Huo. Am I right?"

Why did you know it? Yun Xi was dumbfounded. Why had Milei and El'phyllis both known about it?!

"Ha ha, don't look at me like that. It isn't a surprise to guess that Hua Huo won't just leave you here," Milei climbed up the tree branch and gazed at the western horizon. "In fact, I will also leave here. All these years, I've been really happy to have you staying with me. It's so fantastic and wonderful, just like a sweet dream. However, no fond dream doesn't have an end, and my dream is going to finish. For the last time, can I call you 'brother' again? This is my last hope as your childhood sweetheart."

"Of course, Milei..." Yun Xi was touched. His childhood sweetheart was still so considerate.

"Well, brother!" Milei jumped down from the tree with a sweet and naughty smile.

Ah, so this was your plan!

Yun Xi softly hugged Milei's slender body in his arms. For the first time, Milei behaved so wilful. The girl in his arms was so light. Yun Xi could barely feel her weight.

"This... really is a nice dream..." Milei whispered and leaned her head on Yun Xi's chest.

"Brother..." Yun Xi held Milei in his arms, treating her like a princess. Milei leaned her forehead against Yun Xi's chest and emitted a sweet groan.

"Peng! Peng! Peng!" Looking at Milei, Yun Xi couldn't stop his heart from pounding.

Why did El'phyllis and Milei both look different today, but also cuter than usual? They were hinting something at him.

"Milei... I..." Yun Xi opened his mouth and tried to say something, however, Milei's lips made him swallow his words.

"Eh... Ah..." Milei emitted a cute sound. Her face blushed like an red apple.

This wasn't a playful kiss. It was more meaningful. Milei said nothing, but Yun Xi had understood her pure purpose.

"I really want to have this dream forever... brother... My Brother Yun Xi!" Milei showed a lonely look on her face, then left Yun Xi's arms with sadness.

"For the first time in my life, I fell in love with someone, and at the same time, I met my lifelong friend. The two joys overlapped together and the double joy brought me more and more joy. I really had a fantastic, happy time. However, why does every sweet dream have to end? This dream was really too fantastic."

Yun Xi stroked his lips. This was his second kiss this night. Why had his childhood sweethearts suddenly become so proactive? Was it because of Hua Huo?

"Sorry. I disappointed you, brother. But sometimes, your thoughtful Milei also has her own problems," Milei gazed at Yun Xi's confused face, then smiled lightly.

"Since it's a dream, then... I don't want to let this sweet dream have an end! For the first time since I was born, I want to keep something and have something. Even though that means that I have to fight against the strongest person who is loved by the world. Brother, I have made a decision."

Decision? The strongest person who is loved by the world? Milei, what were you saying?

Yun Xi didn't understand. He shook his head and stopped thinking, then reached out his hand and stroked Milei's hair. He began to make a seed for Milei.

"Detecting target. High adaptability is detected. Starting the link."

Since they were doomed to leave each other's life, then the last thing he could do for them was to share his seed with them. In that case, maybe they still had a chance to meet each other someday. However, things went just as they had when Yun Xi put the seed into El'phyllis's body. He felt something strange in Milei's body.

It was a golden light, very warm, and bright. After his seed entered Milei's body, it was immediately covered by the warm golden light and passed a very comfortable feeling to Yun Xi through the link.

"Ah..." Milei groaned. She looked around in confusion, then moved her eyes to Yun Xi.

Could it be? Did she find something?

The warm golden light seemed to like his seed, which he made by using his star power. It had completely absorbed his seed.

"Brother, I’m going to leave. But don't worry, we will meet each other again soon after, and I will let you feel surprise at that time!" Milei gently raised the corner of her dress, making an old etiquette, then kissed Yun Xi's hand.

"Ah. I believe you will become the most beautiful Princess Milei at that time!" Yun Xi blessed for his childhood sweetheart, the fragrant Milei.


Countless flowers were blossoming on the ground. Countless golden sunflowers were emitting splendid golden lights to the floating golden palaces in the sky. Every golden petal was singing. They were praising the return of the great princess. They were eulogizing the great history of the Golden family.

In the sky, one solar prism after another were refracting bright sunshine on the floating old palaces, to remind all the members of the Golden family a thing: Their great princess had just returned. She had just opened her eyes from her deep dream.

Due to her return, the world had the sun's blessing again. In an old, golden palace, a girl was sleeping in a crystal coffin that was covered by golden petals. Now, she slowly opened her eyes. Her skin was as white as snow, her eyes were as clear as crystal, and her pupils were as blue as the sea. For she had slept for such a long time, her golden hair had grown up to her ankles.

"Princess Milei!"

"Our princess awakens!"

"Praise the sun! Praise the stars! Praise the gold! Praise our great, holy Princess Milei!"

"Rhine's princess! The golden princess!"

On her finger, there was a golden ring. It was the artifact which was symbolic of the Golden family's highest belief. It was a mission that only the Rhine Bloodline could start and finish. At the same time, it was also a curse which had been handed down from age to age in the Golden family.

It was said that the ring's master was doomed to rule the world, but would also taste the greatest tragedy in the world. Only the girl who had the most pure and holy Rhine Bloodline could break away from this curse and bring the greatest honor for the family.

The Rhine Princess, the child of the Golden family, was a child of god who was doomed to rule the world. However, after returning from the reality from her dream, the child of god was full of loss and sorrow in her heart.

"The dream finally came to its end. The reality is still so boring. Day in and day out, nothing has changed." She sighed.

"El'phyllis should have returned to the Ten Leaves Alliance. Therefore, our battle is just beginning. Hua Huo, you won't be the last winner. In the name of the holy Golden Ring, I swear I will fulfil my oath."

She raised her head with steadiness in her eyes, "I will be your enemy!"


On the hill in the west of the small town, Yun Xi finally saw his last childhood sweetheart. No, that wasn't very accurate. The girl was too young. He could barely call her "childhood sweetheart". From one year old to nine years old, from beginning to learn how to walk to playing his daughter in the game "Play House", Yun Xi had witnessed her life.

She was Ye Li, ten years old this year and was the most popular girl, and all the townspeople's treasure.

"Papa!" The cute girl held her little bear doll in her arms and smiled sweetly at Yun Xi.

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