Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 910

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Chapter 910: The Collapsed Impermanent

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

Impermanent pressed her forehead, and the entire Six-eyes Demon Mask began to shatter.

Cannot observe!

Observation is impossible!

Interpretation, incorrect!

Analysis, incorrect!

That is a mystery that even as a Supreme Heavenly Demon, she is not qualified to touch. It represents the brilliance of countless world origins, the traces left by the countless stars in the sky.

The will of all sentient beings appears insignificant in the face of the brilliance of those stars.

The Demon King and deities can't even accommodate the volume of information at this level, let alone just a part of it.

Those brilliance not only represent the endless god's domains themselves, but also carry information from beyond the endless god's domains.

Except for the children favored by the stars, no one can bear the amount of information contained in these brilliance. It contains the mysterious knowledge of countless star births, brilliance, and memories of death.

They are part of the sea of stars, a magnificent entity formed by countless worlds converging, the divine radiance embodying the essence of the endless realms.

With countless God's Domains and an immeasurable number of sentient beings, even the rank of the Creator Gods is just a fraction of the vast sea of stars, the endless god's domains.

Elise, who has not truly reached the Ninth Rank, lacks the qualification to observe these starlights. If it weren't for her discovery of the special marker "Yun Xi," she would never have noticed the traces left behind by the sea of stars in that instant.

The stars are magnificent. They do not possess the concepts of "darkness" or "light" because they themselves are the essence that encompasses all concepts, the embodiment of the concept of "starlit sky."

The stars are also indifferent. They do not interfere in any wars, nor do they care about the destruction or death of individual stars.

Because destruction, death, and rebirth are also part of the stars.

The immense collection that encompasses all this information, recording and carrying everything, is known as the sea of stars.

Within that endless stardust, who knows how many billions of pieces of information are recorded.

The rise of civilizations.

The birth of intelligent races.

The appearance of deities.

The creation of science.

The connection of star bridges.

No individual is qualified to bear the memories of the stars.

To observe the memory capacity of the sea of stars from an individual's perspective is truly a futile endeavor.

Unfortunately, Elise made this mistake.

This has led to her existence becoming increasingly blurry. Although she has only observed fragments of starry memories, the massive amount of information is already overwhelming her physical body.

After all, she is not a child favored by the stars, possessing the special privilege of being remembered by them and eventually returning, no matter how reckless her actions.

Even the corporeal form of the Impermanent formless Heavenly Demon, after touching this taboo, begins to disintegrate and head towards its demise.

At this moment, the three upper-level Heavenly Demons that have been lingering in the void, waiting for the infinitely small chance, almost simultaneously noticed Elise's abnormality.

Originally, they had smoothly reached the final step of the contract. Impermanent, who was about to see everything come to fruition, started trembling violently, and a large amount of black energy began to emanate from its body.

“Huh, what's happening? Why does it look like it's been fatally wounded?" Enchantress blinked her large eyes, witnessing for the first time the self-destruction of a Supreme Heavenly Demon.

“It's not just an appearance, she is truly dying. It's possible that she sustained a mortal injury even before her arrival." This was the highest possibility deduced by Saint Demon from countless improbable probabilities.

However, this possibility was quite outrageous, to the point that even Saint Demon found it unbelievable.

The Impermanent formless Heavenly Demon is an immortal existence. The only possibility of its death is if its true name is known by a higher-ranking entity, which is its sole weakness.

However, this weakness only exists in theory because no one knows what Impermanent's true name is.

It is said that each Impermanent's true name is erased from the timeline by some mysterious force at the moment of their birth, and even Impermanent themselves won't remember it.

Even if someone were to use the True Knowledge Prophecy, they would still be unable to know the wiped-out true name of Impermanent from the timeline.

Since the birth of the Heavenly Demon species, there has been no record of any Impermanent's fall. They are undoubtedly the strongest Heavenly Demon.

No one knows what Impermanent's true name is, or how to obtain their true name.

However, Yun Xi is an exception. Although he himself doesn't know how he did it, through an unequal exchange with the Heavenly Demon, he paid the price of losing his memories of being sixteen and directly learned the true name of the Impermanent in front of him.


It can be said that from the moment Yun Xi uttered this name, Impermanent's defeat was destined.

Using time backtracking to find the reasons for their failure would be a complete self-destruction.

“I don't care, let's go!" It's really difficult for Asura to think about these questions about the rules of the world.

What are we waiting for when we see a weak enemy in front of us!

One word, kill!

She wants to prove that even when facing the highest-ranking Supreme Heavenly Demon, Impermanent, in the Heavenly Demon clan, Asura's tribe dares to fight!

“Wait, you fool, that's why Asura's tribe is stupid!" Watching Asura rush forward recklessly, Enchantress gritted her teeth and finally stomped her foot and descended as well.

She is not as foolish as Asura, but this opportunity is extremely rare.

Even Impermanent, who desires to form a contract, can't find another individual in the endless god's domains.

If this opportunity is missed, it is unlikely that there will be a target of this level to form a contract with for the rest of her life.

The position of Enchantress is determined by the level of charm on the target. If you want to become the strongest Enchantress, you must charm the most perfect target!

"The probability of victory... is over fifty percent..." Compared to impulsive Asura, Enchantress, who follows her own desires as a Saint Demon, is the one who finally makes the decision.

Considering all known information, she calculated that her chances of winning were fifty percent.

Impermanent, who fell into a critical state for unknown reasons.

Asura, who is eager but lacks finesse.

The greatest formidable enemy—Enchantress.

With the calculation concluded, there is a need to give it a try.

Finally, the last top-ranking Heavenly Demon also descended.

Their common opponent, Impermanent with the true name Elise, was originally in a state of complete collapse, but with the addition of these three reinforcements, she unexpectedly gained a momentary chance to catch her breath.

On the other hand, the three top-ranking Heavenly Demons who were planning to take advantage of the situation were instantly overwhelmed by endless fragments of memories, experiencing the same tragic fate as Elise.

In just a few seconds, those affected by the wave were plunged into a fatal crisis of self-collapse, just like Impermanent.

Three, two, one.

Contract time with the Heavenly Demon, over!

Yun Xi opened his eyes and looked at the shattered Six-eyed Heavenly Demon in front of him, a bewildered expression on the girl's face.

“Who are you?”

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