Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 907

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Chapter 907: The Princess's True Name

Even if she was destined to become a demon, she would not belong to anyone.

To become the incarnation of a Heavenly Demon was the choice made by the Killing Princess herself.

She killed Cerberus thirteen times in a row, severely injuring numerous evil gods. The Killing Princess, in the name of slaughter, accomplished an unprecedented feat as a greatsword maid.

Even though no one knew, she had no regrets.

As time passed, the black maid outfit that represented the ill-fated destiny of the Killing Princess became the heirloom of the greatsword maid, passing through the hands of many.

There were also those who tried to acquire the inheritance, but no one succeeded.

This black maid outfit, stained with countless demon blood, including that of the mythical creature Cerberus and the blood of evil gods, was simply too much for mere mortals to bear.

Until one day, a young man who knew nothing of this inheritance picked it up.

The abyssal aura that clung to the black greatsword maid outfit inexplicably acknowledged this young man.

The curse, mission, and tragedy that the Killing Princess once carried were also passed down to the young man.

The young man was completely unaware of this destiny.

“Huh... Do I have to fight those evil gods too? And what about that big dog?" This wasn't a memory of the previous owner of the black maid outfit. Yun Xi really had no idea.

No wonder he went into a berserk state when he saw that Black Demon Dog on the street last time, only returning to his senses after dismembering the Black Demon Dog.

So, this black maid outfit had this kind of side effect!

Whoever wears the Killing Princess maid outfit will inevitably fulfill the obsessions of the Killing Princess, entering a killing mode whenever encountering Demon Humans.

In this world, we don't need creatures like Demon Humans.

Only the dead Demon Humans are the best Demon Humans.

And that Cerberus, kill it every time you see it!

Of course, such severe side effects come with equally powerful abilities.

When facing Demon Humans, the Magic Sword of the Killing Princess will unleash 300% of its power!

When facing Cerberus, the Magic Sword can temporarily unleash the power of demonic flesh and blood. The more it is unleashed, the stronger the killing intent becomes.

With each slaughter of a demonic creature, the power of the Magic Sword amplifies. Currently, it hasn't reached its limit yet.

This Magic Sword is a God Weapon with the potential to reach the level of god-slaying!

Sword name - Blood Waltz, a Magic Sword specialized in dealing with demons!

Inscription on the sword - The endless waltz offered to the bloodstained princess.

After understanding the origin of the Magic Sword and the weighty fate represented by the black maid uniform, Yun Xi finally obtained the secret inheritance of this cursed greatsword maid outfit.

The intertwined memories opened a door to a new world for him.

It can be said that the current Yun Xi is truly a greatsword maid, a divine apostle who has obtained the complete inheritance of the greatsword maid.

However, the inheritance of the Killing Princess has long surpassed the concept of the greatsword maid system.

This is the terrifying inheritance that leads to the path of the Supreme Heavenly Demon!

At the end of the path of endless slaughter, one will inevitably transform into a demonic creature, with only two choices - losing sanity and becoming a pure killing monster, or sacrificing oneself to become the Supreme Heavenly Demon.

The former allows one to retain their flesh and blood, becoming an indescribable horror monster.

The latter will lose their physical body, but their soul will transform into another form - the Supreme Heavenly Demon.

Regardless of which choice, one's self will inevitably face destruction.

Becoming a pure killing monster leaves no possibility of regaining sanity.

Becoming the Supreme Heavenly Demon will completely change the concept of existence and one can no longer be called their former self.

The Killing Princess, who was determined to seek revenge and bring peace to the world, is actually dead, killed in the final battle against Cerberus.

Bathed in the faint light of the abyss, the one who chose self-sacrifice to offer their own body was merely the last obsession of the Killing Princess.

The "she" who finally transformed into the Supreme Heavenly Demon has become a being on a different level.

Like a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon, the Killing Princess transformed into Impermanent has already forgotten the memories and her name as a human.

Impermanent, without form, from the moment of breaking free from the cocoon, everything from the past dissipates, and with the birth of the Supreme Heavenly Demon, the memories of the past shatter as well.

If it weren't for the intertwining memories with Yun Xi and coming into contact with her final remnant, she would have probably long forgotten her wish as a human.

Now, what has become of that wish?

Impermanent stands still in Yun Xi's memories, recalling the history that followed.

The land that was corroded by the abyss never managed to regain its original form in the end.

Desolation, toxins, everywhere you look. Even though the Abyss's army was repelled and peace was restored to the world, the land where people lived remained desolate.

The fairies summoned their kin from another God's Domain, lifting up the uncorrupted forests and the mother tree. The Holy Alliance, along with the remaining greatsword maids, began the evacuation of the survivors in that God's Domain.

As the star bridge descended, all the survivors in the world left the abyss-contaminated realm.

People gazed longingly at their homeland, whether they were elderly with gray hair or infants held in their parents' arms, tears streaming down their faces.

Everyone knew they couldn't go back, that they would never be able to return to this homeland in their lifetime.

With the star bridge severed, this God's Domain vanished from the star map of the endless god's domains.

After roughly a hundred years, no one remembered the history or civilization of this world anymore. The living beings merged into other God's Domains and began a new life.

No one remembered the name of the country the Killing Princess belonged to, but the legend of her being the most numerous and strongest slayer of demons carried on.

In the history of the greatsword maid, she was recognized as the third-ranked warrior in terms of overall achievements – not including her final battle, where she was regarded as the most powerful greatsword maid in terms of individual combat prowess, the merciless and cold-blooded Killing Princess.

"Hmm... It's a relatively good ending." After countless generations, Impermanent, who met her past memories by chance, smiled lightly.

This is how it should be, her final wish fulfilled.

Even though people had long forgotten the princess's name, and no one spoke her true name anymore, she felt content.

As a human, perhaps she was a bit naive and unaware of the ways of the world, but in the end, she walked through her life without any regrets.

The black maid uniform and the Blood Waltz found new owners and continued to fulfill the mission of the greatsword maid.

Her life, without complaints, without regrets.

At this moment, that long-forgotten name, once surrounded by flowers and enveloped in happiness, resounded in Impermanent's ears once again.

The name representing the victorious goddess, the princess with an endless waltzing step, once the mightiest demon among greatsword maids—


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