Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 900

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Chapter 900: Impermanent

As Heavenly Demons, they also have different characteristics and populations.

Enchantress, the incarnation of Heavenly Demon who can naturally display charm up to 999, each possessing stunning beauty that captivates nations, occupying over 90% of all Heavenly Demons.

Possessing the talent "Charm," skilled in the Heavenly Demon Dance, they wield an irresistible allure that even monks cannot resist.

Saint Demon, the Heavenly Demon race endowed with wisdom up to 999, is the incarnation of Heavenly Demons closest to divinity. They are incredibly rare, with a total number that is perhaps not even one-thousandth of Enchantress.

Possessing the talent "Divine Wisdom," they have intelligence far beyond humans and prophetic abilities, allowing them to interfere with and sense changes in the River of Destiny. They are the Heavenly Demon least resembling a Heavenly Demon.

Asura, warriors with a combat power of 999, are monsters on the battlefield, as rare as Saint Demons. They only appear on battlefields filled with corpses and blood.

Possessing the talent "Bloodlust," only slaughter can satisfy them. They regard death as nothing and wherever they appear, there will undoubtedly be a bloody carnage.

The three types of Heavenly Demon represent the three inclinations of "Charm," "Wisdom," and "Combat Power."

In terms of individual strength, the order is probably Asura - Saint Demon - Enchantress. However, in terms of population strength, Enchantress, which makes up over 90% of the entire Heavenly Demon population, is undoubtedly the dominant force.

However, within Heavenly Demons, there exists an extremely special group that completely surpasses Enchantress.

Their numbers are even rarer than Asura and Saint Demon, with probably not more than three even in the entire the endless god's domains, and the total population of the entire group is likely less than double digits.

They are the true kings of the Heavenly Demon race, each possessing unimaginable power. In fact, it is even questionable if they can be referred to as a "race" due to their exceptionally low numbers.

They are the witches who walk in the twilight of the gods' era.

They are the ghosts that haunt the graveyard of deities.

When they were alive, they were all heroes, legends, and myths.

Their bodies are composed of endless threads of laws, and their garments are woven from the materials of myths.

They are neither alive nor dead, existing as phantoms between the cracks of light and darkness.

Even the Heavenly Demons themselves are unsure if they can be considered members of the Heavenly Demon race, as their existence is too abnormal.

Their only common feature is that they all wear the mask of the Six-eyed Heavenly Demon, which is the highest contract proof of the Heavenly Demon race.

The name of this Heavenly Demon is Impermanent.

Not the servant black and white Impermanent from the ancient mythology of the Eastern God's Domain, but "Impermanent the Formless," the ultimate Heavenly Demon that fully embodies the concept of "Great Freedom".

Their very existence is a colossal contradiction.

Almost all information regarding their past existence has been erased from the River of Destiny, and nobody knows who they were when they were alive.

However, when they put on the mask of the Six-eyed Heavenly Demon and start walking in the starry sky, it will undoubtedly herald a brand new wave of destiny.

The objects of their contracts are destined to bring about countless destruction, death, but also change and hope.

Invisible and formless, like a fairy disrupting the threads of destiny, this is the strongest among the Heavenly Demons—Impermanent.

“Why is it you!" Asura, who had already reached the final step, about to complete the process just like Enchantress, felt the irresistible aura and fought back with all her might.

Unfortunately, the suppression imposed by Impermanent on all Heavenly Demon races is irresistible, as it is a fundamental difference in nature.

When Impermanent descended, Asura had to end her intimate time with Yun Xi and was forcibly sent back to the void.

Like Enchantress and Saint Demon, Asura did not give up. Instead, in the void, she formed a triangle formation with her opponents, surrounding a bewildered Yun Xi.

"..." Impermanent, wearing the mask of the Six-eyed Heavenly Demon, looked at Yun Xi with a silent gaze.

"..." Yun Xi wore a perplexed expression as he looked at the Heavenly Demon sister who had transformed four times today.

He could feel that the Heavenly Demon before him was the most powerful among all the Heavenly Demons, even stronger than the obviously formidable Asura.

Representing the three extreme talents: Enchantress with "charisma," Saint Demon with "wisdom," and Asura with "power," Impermanent's talent remains an unknown "mystery."

This also means that no one knows what talent Impermanent possesses.

Quietly gazing at Yun Xi for a while, Impermanent gently extended her finger and slowly waved it in front of him.

One after another, Yun Xi couldn't move his gaze away from the snow-white finger. It seemed as if the trajectory traced by this finger contained some kind of universal truth.

His body, too, gradually grew hot as this slender finger moved.

In his chest, it seemed as if there was a voice trying to come out, wanting to confess and reveal all his secrets.

No, she was different from other Heavenly Demons!

If he lost consciousness, he would truly become a puppet of the Heavenly Demon!

Yun Xi bit his tongue and swiftly grabbed Impermanent's finger.

"..." Impermanent looked at the suddenly proactive Yun Xi with a puzzled expression. Wasn't he more inclined to passively accept the temptation?

Her power of temptation came from a soul-level resonance, even more directly effective than the Heavenly Demon's voice of the Enchantress or Asura's forceful advances.

Why did the soul's pull fail instead? The effect seemed less potent than Asura's aggressive advances earlier.

"Are you here to form a contract with me, too?" Yun Xi suppressed the vile impulse surging in his heart, one he had never experienced before.

He strongly desired to pin down the girl in front of him, remove her skirt, part her smooth, snow-white legs, and possess her completely.

It was as though he wanted to put cat ears on the girl before him, dress her in a cat tail, and do as he pleased with her as she resisted and struggled.

It was as though he wanted to put her in a magnificent princess dress, lift her high, and make her engage in all sorts of embarrassing acts.

Just from being looked at by her, various impulses from deep within him couldn't be suppressed.

Her allure was over a hundred times stronger than that of the Enchantress, Saint Demon, and Asura combined. Just looking at her, Yun Xi felt like he was about to commit a crime.

That snow-white little hand, it seemed as if it wanted to caress and lick.

This is not normal. She's not like White Moon, an innocent young bride who can do as she pleases. She's a complete stranger!

Where does this unusual soul-driven impulse come from?

Being with her, he can't even dream of being a righteous and noble person anymore!

"There are traces of fate's interference on your body..."

"The thing you desire... is destined to be unattainable..."

"Open up your soul and walk the path of the Heavenly Demon," Impermanent's finger traced over Yun Xi's forehead, guiding him like the guidance of the goddess of fate, leading him towards becoming a Heavenly Demon.

That's right, Heavenly Demons are not only derivatives of countless emotions in the world, but can also manifest as beings of wisdom.

In Impermanent's eyes, Yun Xi was one of the seeds with the potential to become a similar being.

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