Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 898

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Chapter 898: Asura

Battle, endless battle.

In the vast world, Heavenly Demons are born in response to the billions of emotions in the world, reflecting the image of the Dacheng World.

Those who crave desire see the enchantment of countless Enchantresses.

Those who seek redemption see the embodiment of sacredness and hope in Saint Demon.

Those who crave slaughter will witness the descent of Asura, representing never-ending warfare.

A regular Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll will only attract Heavenly Demons like "Enchantress." Buddhist monks who cultivate this sutra refine their Divine Sense by surpassing the temptation of Enchantress and facing the Heavenly Demon's voice of the Enchantress.

If they pass, they can progress further and see my ultimate form.

If they fail to pass, they will perish and never be reincarnated in countless kalpas.

Just like Saint Demon, Asura, as the upper-class among the Demons of the Outer Realm, will never respond to the summoning of the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll. Those monks won't even get a chance to meet them.

Throughout the generations, Buddhist monks who practiced the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll have never been able to capture the attention of upper-class Heavenly Demons.

Only Enchantresses are particularly interested in high-ranking monks and always come to tempt these great monks to fall.

The Six-eyes Demon Mask forged by Yun Xi combines the emotions of twin witches, Hua Huo, the Starwings Knights, and the Princess of the King Tower to create a Heavenly Demon symbol, achieving an unimaginable miracle.

Not only were numerous Enchantresses attracted to it, even the upper-class Heavenly Demons like Saint Demon and Asura couldn't resist the temptation of this symbol.

"How many... people do you want me to kill?" Asura, who forcefully took the position away from Saint Demon, confidently asked Yun Xi.

"Uh... that's not necessary..." Yun Xi, with a bewildered expression, looked at the Asura Heavenly Demon that responded to his summons. Why is the Heavenly Demon he summoned so different from what was recorded in the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll?

This is already the third one, but besides the first Enchantress which matched the records, the rest simply do not exist in the records of the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll.

What is Saint Demon?

What is Asura?

It seems like there's more?

"If people are killed, they will die."

"Only through death can it truly end." Asura licked her lips, her figure no less inferior to Enchantress. However, unlike Enchantress' delicate and fragile body, every part of Asura's body exuded strength.

The closest figure that Yun Xi could think of was his teacher, Casina the Battle God.

The naked body of Asura, with no traces of excess flesh, long and beautiful legs, a body adorned with battle marks, and a chest that will never sag.

Hmm, if combat power were calculated based on chest~, she would probably rank second, just below Enchantress who excels in seduction.

There are no ugly Heavenly Demons.

Even Asura, who walks the path of slaughter, is still so beautiful and captivating. However, beneath that beauty lies a deadly crisis.

"Choose me, or else I'll kill you." Asura grabbed Yun Xi's neck, her expression saying, "If I can't have you, I'll destroy you."

She's serious!

If she can't have something, then nobody else can either.

Such strong possessiveness is also one of Asura's characteristics.

"Cough... wait a moment..." Yun Xi was almost out of breath.

The Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll wasn't wrong, summoning Heavenly Demons is really dangerous!

"Do you have any complaints about me?"

"I am the strongest Heavenly Demon in terms of combat power." Asura's eyes became even more fierce.

Only through slaughter can Asura be satisfied.

Only the most insane obsession can attract the manifestation of Asura.

Only a battlefield full of corpses and blood can draw Asura's attention.

Asura is a Heavenly Demon born for warfare.

Unlike Enchantress, who always appears in a beautiful seductress manner, and Saint Demon, who appears as a savior, Asura never cares about others' opinions.

When they descend, they are bound to bring bloodshed and chaos.

In terms of combat power, they are undoubtedly the strongest Heavenly Demons, monstrous beings at the pinnacle of the Heavenly Demon hierarchy pyramid.

The only flaw is that they mostly lack intelligence and rely solely on brute force. They are the types with a natural maximum combat power of 999 but intelligence capped at 50.

"Cough... cough..." Yun Xi helplessly watched Asura about to go berserk.

Miss, my neck is being choked by you. How can I answer?

If this goes on, I'll suffocate.

It seems... you don't want to form a contract with me." Asura, whose combat power is off the charts but lacks a bit in intelligence, became furious!

It's rare to find a suitable contract partner, how could I let go so easily?

Anyone who dares to snatch things from Asura will pay with their lives!

“Even if I have to use force, I will form a contract!" Asura, not being the brightest, saw no other solution.

Forcefully pushing ahead!

Let's make the best of what's available!

As the saying goes, Asura grabbed Yun Xi's face, leaving no chance for Yun Xi to catch their breath, and kissed assertively.

Hmm, really domineering, it's like forcibly shoving their tongue into Yun Xi's mouth and stirring it around.

"Ah, this Asura really doesn't know how to be romantic!" From the void, came the contemptuous voice of the Enchantress, who had once been one step away from success.

To form a contract with a Heavenly Demon, the other party must willingly kiss and initiate the contract. Only Asura, with their foolish mind, could come up with such a plan.

If forming a contract is as simple as kissing, then why would Enchantress need to spend so much time creating an atmosphere?

"That's why I say Asura are all fools." From the void, the cold-eyed Saint Demon also voiced their opinion.

Compared to Asura, who act recklessly when they can't get what they want, the Saint Demons have always used their personal charm to influence others, even willing to sacrifice their own lives to change the course of destiny.

Therefore, the Saint Demons are also known as the most un-Heavenly Demon-like Heavenly Demons.

"Hmm... uh..." Struggling against Asura's forceful advances, Yun Xi gradually yielded, their body growing softer.

He had never encountered such a strong-willed woman before, and that overwhelmingly dominant attitude seemed to possess a unique charm.

"Huh, it seems to be working, could it be?" Enchantress looked in astonishment at Asura, who had captured Yun Xi's tongue and seemed to be on the verge of success.

It's possible, this summoned one must have a hidden attribute that makes them fall for being pushed down. Why else would they accept it when being dominated so violently?

If she had known they liked this position, she could have done it too. Enchantress is a Heavenly Demon skilled in all positions, capable of manifesting any attribute.

"She's getting ahead of herself." Saint Demon made a prediction.

This time, it's not just Enchantress, Saint Demon, and Asura, but they are the outstanding individuals from their respective races, which is why they suppressed the other Heavenly Demons of their kind and became the representatives to interact with this extraordinary summoner.

In response to the myriad thoughts and emotions of the vast world, the Demons of the Outer Realm were born, possessing a unique form of existence beyond human imagination.

The superior breed of the Heavenly Demons includes not only the "Saint Demon" and "Asura."

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