Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 896

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Chapter 896: Enchantress

"Bam! Bam! Bam!" Yun Xi almost fled in panic from the Sky Tower and opened his eyes in his own room.

On his bed, there were Mei'er, the little golden-haired dog, and the three-member Starling team, with four dogs piled on top of each other like a small blanket, sleeping soundly.

Usually, Yun Xi would pick up a few of them, smelling the fragrance on their bodies, but this time, in his haste to return from the Sky Tower, he didn't even have a chance to hold them before he found himself in a strange scene.

Buddha said, form is emptiness, emptiness is form.

The Heavenly Demon said that there is no distance in the world as seen through their eyes.

They exist, yet they do not exist.

They are in the distance, at the end of another world, and also by your side.

All things in the world can become Buddha or demon.

The Heavenly Demon, is such an omnipresent existence, born from the response to countless desires and emotions, a great calamity.

The Six-eyes Demon Mask that Yun Xi possesses, after absorbing enough power of desires and emotions, becomes a beacon, attracting these Heavenly Demons from the Outer Realm.

What he sees now is both real and illusory, both reality and fantasy.

The Heavenly Demon is a creature that exists between reality and illusion, causing countless cultivators to go mad and become possessed.

Those who cultivate the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll can perceive the Heavenly Demon.

However, the number of Heavenly Demons attracted by the Six-eyes Demon Mask forged by Yun Xi far exceeds imagination!

Those monks, who painstakingly sever karmic ties and cultivate the power of desires and emotions after leading people into Buddhism, are simply incomparable to the power of desires and emotions that Yun Xi has been tainted and entangled with.

He himself probably doesn't even know that his Six-eyes Demon Mask has already attracted the attention of countless Demons of the Outer Realm before it has been fully forged.

When he stepped into the Sky Tower, using the King Tower's Princess Sweet Dream as the final sacrifice, offering the endless battles, obsessions, and burning desires to the Six-eyes Demon Mask, its allure to the Heavenly Demons longing for the power of desires has reached an unprecedented level.

For the Heavenly Demons who feed on the power of desires and emotions, this is the ultimate delicacy.

The mask of the Six-eyed Heavenly Demon appeared on Yun Xi's face, and he finally saw the Heavenly Demon as he had wished.

It was a dark figure that initially seemed somewhat blurred, coming with a peculiar dance.

"Alili..." Like silver pearls falling from a jade plate, pure and cheerful, getting closer and closer, suddenly a pair of beautiful white long legs emerged from the black mist, followed by a slowly emerging bright red pleated skirt.

The peerless Enchantress has made her appearance.

She looked at Yun Xi with a smiling gaze, her fiery eyes full of expectation, taller than him by a head and with a figure exceeding 1.9 meters.

The three-dimensional facial features exuded a sculptural beauty, with eyes like finely painted phoenixes, a clear contrast between black and white. There was no trace of the ordinary woman's shyness on her face, her gaze bold and fiery. With a tall and straight nose, plump red lips, she possessed a stunning and magnificent allure that was breathtaking.

With a queen-like temperament, just standing there emitted an enchanting aura that made people's faces flush and hearts pound. That was one of the most common incarnations in the Heavenly Demon realm – the mesmerizing Enchantress.

Her ample bosom stood high and firm, full and voluptuous. The garment revealed her pristine waist, adorned with a fiery red pleated skirt. The two ends of the skirt were tied on the side of her waist, forming a bow, and one side of the pleated skirt was separated, revealing her snow-white, beautifully elongated legs.

On the outer side of her thighs, there were paired red butterfly tattoos, with the wings of the butterflies nestled in her fair skin. Intricate and elaborate patterns adorned them, winding around her plump thighs, extending all the way to the inner thighs, accentuating their snow-white beauty and roundness.

There was a mischievous smile in her eyes, and her face was filled with a tender sweetness that dazzled Yun Xi.

Lifting the hem of her own dress, Enchantress spun around, her rounded buttocks rising and her lifted skirt revealing almost snow-white buttocks, before starting to dance.

Enchantress' dance moves were passionate and unrestrained, filled with a heart-stirring power.

In the misty haze, Enchantress's snowy complexion, fiery red attire, slightly flushed cheeks, and captivating eyes emitted a seductive radiance.

Just a simple slow lifting of her knee, as her sleek and beautiful legs emerged from between the skirt's hem, it captivated people's hearts, rendering them unable to break free.

As she raised her arms and her pure white bare feet touched the ground, her entire being began to spin. The unfurled red skirt resembled a blooming peony as it revolved around Yun Xi.

Her dance moves were incredibly intricate as she spun around like a dancing flower, unfolding around Yun Xi, gradually approaching his body.

Her full bosom moved in dazzling curves, and her slender and supple body seemed like a swaying vine, clinging to Yun Xi's body.

Yun Xi swallowed nervously, realizing that his body was heating up, seemingly emitting a pleasant scent.

Unconsciously, he reached out and embraced Enchantress around her waist.

Enchantress smiled faintly, her gaze shifting as her entire body pressed against Yun Xi. Her smooth waist arched backward, and her beautiful jade legs lifted, resting her exquisite jade feet on Yun Xi's shoulder.

Although he had never danced like this before, Yun Xi quickly learned how to coordinate with Enchantress. Their bodies almost completely merged together.

Like a perfectly paired bow and arrow.

Like dancing flowers and leaves.

The red flames burned passionately, while Enchantress's fair and tender skin seemed as if she had just taken a milk bath, emanating an exceptionally delightful fragrance that made people's mouths water.

Her cute little belly pressed against Yun Xi's body, her fair and tender buttocks lifted round and high, her legs white, beautiful, and shapely. The supple and slender waist twisted like a water snake, making their dance more and more in sync.

It wasn't until their lips met that Yun Xi realized how soul-stirring and bone-melting Heavenly Demon's kiss was.

Her tongue was more nimble than any woman Yun Xi had ever kissed.

She took him into her hot little mouth, gently sucking, nibbling, swirling, and teasing him, causing his whole body to tremble. Waves of pleasure rushed to his brain, making him breathe heavily.

Her eyes were clear and affectionate. When she opened her small mouth and took Yun Xi's tongue into her tender, rosy lips, there was an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

A thrilling and pleasurable sensation spread to the marrow, causing Yun Xi to suck in a breath of cool air. This small yet skillful, tender, and smooth tongue that sucked on him felt like it was drawing his soul into a state of incredible comfort.

Enchantress started gently, softly moving her tongue, licking and teasing. That fragrant, smooth, and tender little tongue was so gentle and soft...

Enchantress's kisses were on a completely different level compared to any woman Yun Xi had ever encountered before, as if she were naturally adorned with an aura of seduction.

Just the physical contact at the level of kissing alone made Yun Xi's whole body feel like it was on fire, with every pore on his body wide open.

As her fragrant tongue moved, gasping sounds accompanied her swallowing, perfectly matching the rhythm. It stimulated Yun Xi's body, and the two of them emitted cute sounds like "oooh" and "ahh", along with the adorable sound of "PafuPafu."

Gradually, Enchantress also began to enjoy the hot, fiery rhythm. She showed a joyful expression, closing her bright eyes, and her long eyelashes trembled, which was incredibly captivating.

Her adorable little nose started to breathe heavily and urgently, panting gently like an orchid. Her flushed and beautiful pink cheeks were filled with shyness. Her slightly parted cherry blossom-like lips couldn't help but let out a soft, charming moan like waves of electric currents were causing a tingling sensation.

“Ah... Mmm...”

“Yi... Yi... Ya... Ya...”

After their first kiss ended, Enchantress's flushed face was filled with contented joy. Her beautiful eyes were filled with affectionate gaze as she looked at Yun Xi.

After meeting Yun Xi's gaze, she shyly closed her eyes. Her high and exquisite nose had a little sweat on it, and her tempting lips were slightly panting. Her breath was fragrant, emitting a faint scent.

Moving down, her fair and delicate skin had a pink tint due to excitement. Her tender, tender skin was as delicate as a blown flower.

Her breasts stood tall and proud, with a flat stomach devoid of any excess fat. In the middle was a cute, shallow belly button. A pair of slender and elastic jade feet gently closed together.

Although she was slightly taller than Yun Xi, Enchantress gave off an aura of being fragile and dependent, like a little bird.

Her soft and flowing long hair cascaded naturally over her fragrant shoulders. Her delicate eyebrows slightly closed in shyness, while her straight nose supported a beautiful and refined nose. Her pure white cheeks blushed slightly, and her pale red lips gently closed, as if anticipating something.

"Um... What is your name?" Yun Xi's mind went blank; even with the experience of millions of brides, he felt overwhelmed by the presence of the extraordinary Enchantress.

Enchantress, as an incarnation of a Heavenly Demon, is completely different from normal human females.

Every strand of their hair seems to be born to entice males.

Enchantress sweetly smiled, kissed Yun Xi's ear, and then moved downward, continuously kissing, occasionally teasing with her tongue, igniting the blazing flames within Yun Xi's body.

During this process, Enchantress's figure became more and more vivid. Her fair and tender face was flushed, incredibly enchanting. Her cherry-like small mouth was half-open, half-closed, and her white jade orbs pressed against Yun Xi's body, squeezing his vigorous physique.

Under the red dress, her snow-white flawless skin was as smooth and delicate as white jade, tender and delicate to the touch.

As she bit into Yun Xi's chest, her swan-like elegant and fair neck, her round and polished delicately carved shoulders, and her slender waist that could barely be grasped all pressed against Yun Xi.

Those slender and graceful snow-white legs, which stood with elegance, were far from being well-behaved, always quietly pressing against certain parts of Yun Xi.

Yun Xi even had a feeling that the red dress worn by Enchantress seemed to be becoming transparent in his eyes.

Amidst the faintly visible red, two trembling and shy cherry red dots were swaying on top of glistening and snowy, soft and plump peaks.

The delicate and alluring Enchantress, a Heavenly Demon who seemingly emitted the aura of a pure beauty, didn't know why she blushed at the mere gaze of Yun Xi, making her ears turn red and her delicate chin blush.

Her snow-white flawless and stunning jade-like body, shyly beautiful like a blooming red rose, was perfect in every way.

This is going to be a disaster! The temptation mentioned in the Paranirmita Vasavartin Scroll is unexpectedly terrifying!

Yun Xi still retained a portion of his consciousness, but this remaining consciousness was utterly futile in resisting the temptation of the Heavenly Demon at this moment.

"Ah... Oh..."

"Join me in doing joyful things."

"It's extremely pleasurable, let's become one."

"It's wonderfully blissful, making you forget all troubles."

"Just close your eyes, don't think about anything, and you will see a world of bliss."

Enchantress chuckled and her affectionate and captivating gaze almost melted Yun Xi.

Meanwhile, her actions were completely contradictory.

Don't know when the fog appeared on the bed, her slender and delicate body wrapped in red gauze looks so charming, seemingly helpless and anxious as if filled with timidity towards the imminent storm.

The two extreme behaviors, on the contrary, heightened the stimulation. Her pitiful and captivating eyes tightly closed, like a helpless little lamb lying quietly on the spacious, pristine and soft bedding.

However, that snow-white little hand quietly guided Yun Xi's hand, moving towards the alluring and erect snow peaks veiled by gauze, revealing an adorable and enticing blush as it approached the barely clothed body.

When Yun Xi's hand finally touched the holy and plump snowy peaks beneath the thin gauze, it felt like touching a precious porcelain, as if it would break with just a slight carelessness.

"Mmm—", a barely audible soft moan, still so clear in the tense and stifling stillness of the mist-filled air.

Like a virgin being violated for the first time, when the pristine and erect peaks were touched by a male hand, it felt as if an irresistible storm was finally arriving. Enchantress couldn't help but unconsciously moan, a hint of bashful blush swiftly appearing on her delicate cheeks.

As soon as Yun Xi touched the tender and plump jade peaks, the sensation of their supple softness almost turned into a melting touch. It made Yun Xi tremble all over, their trembling and towering purity lingering in a way that made it hard to let go.

Even though there was a layer of red gauze in between, one could still clearly feel the unmatched tenderness of the snowy peaks in their hand. If it felt like this through a mere layer of gauze, how delicate and smooth would it be to directly touch and caress that tender, supple and pure snow-capped peak?

As the fingertips moved upward, they touched the elegantly straight swan-like jade neck, the snow-white, sparkling and smooth jade skin, the seductive and silky collarbone, and the round and delicate fragrant shoulder. Just like crafting a doll, Yun Xi's fingertips traced the stunning curves of Enchantress.

Enchantress's extremely delicate figure emitted an adorable and captivating sound as Yun Xi's fingertips moved, like a musical instrument being played, producing the enchanting melody of the Heavenly Demon.

Quietly, the thin gauze that barely covered her body, as if non-existent, slowly fell off from the snowy, breathtakingly beautiful and tender body.

A blush, irresistible and intoxicating, quickly spread across the bashful and flawless snowy body of the shy Enchantress.

After the gauze was shed, the stunning and heart-stoppingly white jade body appeared before Yun Xi without any concealment.

The melody of the Heavenly Demon instantly reached its climax!

Enchantress's eyes slightly betrayed a hint of anxiety as she looked at Yun Xi. Her snowy delicate body trembled incessantly, as if enduring something.

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