Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Yun Hai's Legacy

"Since you have been chosen by Crane Wings Twin Swords, I allow you to inherit my legacy. Remember, the sea of clouds is shapeless. The secret of my sword skill isn't in the sword but in the heart." (Yun Hai was the man's name, but also meant "the sea of clouds")

Yun Hai stepped on the sea of clouds and started to perform his strongest sword skill.

"This is..." Yun Xi found out that he didn't understand this sword skill at all because he couldn't see any signs that the man named Yun Hai was performing his sword skill. In his eyes, Yun Hai was just casually walking on the clouds without any purpose.

"No matter how many times I have seen your sword skill, it's still so scary," The giant man constricted his pupils as he looked at his best friend, Yun Hai.

Scary? He wasn't even performing his sword skill. Why did the giant man say "scary"?

As Yun Xi looked at them in confusion, Yun Hai had stopped and looked around with a relaxed look. At the next moment, the mountains and the sea of clouds were suddenly torn to rags as if the space itself had become a shredded picture scroll.

Yun Xi finally realized why the giant man had said "scary". Because Yun Hai's sword skill killed nothing but the "world" itself.


"Cough!" After Yun Xi returned his mind to the real world, he saw a mad man.

"Give them back! They're my family's heirloom!" Childe Yun He was as hysterical as a lunatic at this moment.

Fail the Sword Palace's entrance test? If he compared it to losing the family's twin spirit swords, that was just a trivial thing! Childe Yun He refused to believe that the Crane Wings Twin Swords that had protected his family for a thousand years, had now accepted a stranger as their new master. Even though he knew the tale told in his family, he still couldn't accept that!

He inherited the name as the current "Childe Yun He". If he lost the twin swords, he would no longer be the "Childe Yun He", but the sinner of his family!

"I can't lose the Crane Wings Twin Swords! They are mine, my precious! You're just a menial maid! How can it be possible that you have better talent than me and are accepted by my Crane Wings Twin Swords? This isn't true! It's just like the nightmare I had last night... Yes, this is another nightmare! Yes, this is a dream, a dream!"

Maybe it was because Childe Yun He was stimulated too much, he remembered a part of his experience in last night's dream. In the dream, he had also lost the Crane Wings Twin Swords, but after he woke up, the twin swords were still on his back. In the dream, a monster had killed him dozens of times, but after he woke up, he was still unscathed.

Ha ha ha, so it is. This is a dream! I'm still dreaming! I won't die in my own dream. I will get my twin swords back! By fair means or foul!

"Give them back!" Childe Yun He fiercely stared at Yun Xi. He opened his hands, making a posture as if he was playing the game "hawk-and-chicken".

Anyway, this is just a dream. I can revive any time after my death. In this situation, I have nothing to fear! And you! You are just an unknown maid! You should be afraid of me! I will pull you down on the ground and punish you!

"Sigh..." Yun Xi shook his head. He remembered the man named Yun Hai. As Yun Hai's descendant, Childe Yun He's behavior was really scandalous.

After finishing the verification procedures, the Crane Wings Twin Swords made melodious sounds and flew to Yun Xi's hand. Although Yun Xi had seen Yun Hai's Quadrant Sword, but naturally, he couldn't perform it because it was a god-like sword skill just like Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword. They were not sword skills for mortals.

Yun Xi didn't know why Hua Huo could perform the Sky Flying Sword as a 3rd ranked female swordsmaiden. That had broken the rules of the mortal rank. However, Yun Xi's opponent was Childe Yun He, and Childe Yun He didn't deserve to have him use any god-like sword skills.

Flying Swallow Sixfold Attack!

The Crane Wings Twin Swords drew two graceful arcs in the air, cutting through Childe Yun He's body three times. Childe Yun He toppled down to the ground. This claimed the failure of the last member of the noble families' camp.

"This is a dream, a dream! This must be a dream! As long as I use my Crane Wings Twin Swords, no one is match for me! I can kill them all! Ha ha ha ha, I, Childe Yun He, am invincible!"

Childe Yun He sat on the ground and laughed crazily. He couldn't believe that he had lost the Crane Wings Twin Swords, so he regard the real world as a dream.

"Humph. His psychological quality is really bad."

"He is really inferior to Xiao Cao, because Xiao Cao could keep fighting even after her sword was shattered! He doesn't deserve to be called 'genius'!"

"Tut-tut. He looks like a man whose wife had been robbed! What a shame!"

The female swordsmaidens looked at Childe Yun He with disdain. It became the last straw that broke Childe Yun He's self-respect, making him lose his mind completely.

Red Lotus quietly looked at Childe Yun He. After a while, she shook her head and crossed his name out of the admission list.

"His psychological quality is too weak. No admission."

At first, Childe Yun He's name had already been written on the admission list. However, his insane behavior made him lose the opportunity.

Finally, the finals started.

"Mei, I will do my best to challenge you," Hua Yue didn't know the reason why, but when she looked at Mei, she felt her heart suddenly beating faster.

No, I shouldn’t have these feelings! We are both girls! Hua Yue warned herself and repeated the eight virtues of knights in her heart.

Humility, integrity, compassion, bravery, justice, sacrifice, honor, soul, I love you! No, no! I didn't say the last words! There must be something wrong!

Hua Yue blushed.

Humility, integrity, compassion, love, bravery, justice, sacrifice, honor, soul, I love you very much...

Arrghhh! That's not right! What's wrong with me?!

Hua Yue had never felt so nervous. She couldn't even hold her White Gold Crossed Sword steadily in her hand.

"Again... It started growing again..." Yun Xi couldn't stop his sweat from streaming down his face.

The invisible thread between Hua Yue and him was growing and making their relationship closer. Their seeds were rapidly exchanging their experiences about ten times faster than usual. He had seen this scene before, when he and Hua Huo were in the volcano district of the formal trial.

"Shuffle!" Hua Yue drew out her sword. Her thoroughly tempered sword skill was still powerful. The white light on her sword was even brighter than what it showed in the battle between Xiao Cao and herself.

"Big boobs... My enemy..." Xiao Cao whispered. Now, she could only watch Yun Xi and Hua Yue's battle with depression.

"Big boobs... are guilty!" Hua Huo clenched her teeth, staring at Yun Xi and Hua Yue. In her eyes, they were not fighting each other but sending silent messages with their eyes! "Even though you're my elder female cousin... You can't do that! Little Xi is mine, my precious!"

The volcano named jealousy was going to erupt!

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